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    After reading this topic I did some brain storming and Tom needs a woman he can trust, someone he can talk with about his fears.
    Toms love interest doesnt have to lead him or whatever but he needs someone who was his back at all times.

    So lets go back to the only person suggested here, Inethya the Prophetess of Nysegard. This seems unlikely for now but with nothing better to do at work I came up with this:
    Tiernon cant prove that Sentir Fallon did anything wrong. It happened long ago and Sentir Fallon was careful (the little prick). Using the interdiction to justify his orders Sentir Fallon is going to forbid most activity in his localverse and any presence on Nysegard. Tiernon (the idiot) wont interfere (cause he is stupid as always). Inethya wont take this crap anymore, she tries to go higher up because the people of Nysegard need help but she remains unheard. The Stormlords wont take the defeat kindly and are going to terrorize the people for years with guerilla vamps and other nameless horrors. Inethya knows that, she knows that her people need her and she is going to leave the church before she forsakes her people and quite a few Saints follow her. Depleted of Tiernons Mana they help however they can as they work closer and closer together with Doom. Inethya always knew that Doom is honorable but she sees now that Tom and his friends are doing what needs doing. They dont do this for power, to gather followers, dont use the people like the gods do. She is fascinated. Maybe even ready to follow this demon into the Abyss

    Sorry for the bad english, I learned by watch tv and reading books (school sucks)
    finally: I would like to think that Tom finds his ONE lady and that they both support and inspire each other!


    Well, Tizzy, you do have four arms and four legs, and so many things are simple for you. Maybe that’s what they mean?


    Interesting, I believe this just came up in the Amazon forums as well, so it’s clearly a thought going around.

    In principle, yes she can get pregnant, if she wishes, or not if she doesn’t. Like many supernatural beings, she has to work to create life, same as a demon, but yes she could do so if she chose to.


    Speaking of Tartarus, the book only said that the AII’s voice was a woman’s and unsettlingly familiar to Tom. Pheastus said that it was designed to sound like the person most familiar to Tom, but while that would usually mean his mother considering his age and relationship status back on Earth, the book doesn’t say that it is Tom’s mom, leaving me to assume that it’s someone from Orcus’s life. Will we get a confirmation on the owner of this voice in the next books?


    [quote=The Author Guy;7041]I do think that Tom’s libido has been going a bit too low, but that’s probably because he doesn’t have a focus for it, and he’s also very stressed out at the moment. He’s been having existential crises, which for someone trapped in their head, as he often is, such crisis tend to have a libido suppressing effect.[/quote]

    That could be very entertaining later, though. After all, that “libido suppressing effect” is almost like twisting a rubber band. Sure, you can keep twisting it tighter and tighter, but eventually either that rubber band will snap, or all the tension will be released in one huge twisting, twirling, dervish of release! :d/



    Editors Note! You’ve got a huge typo in your last paragraph. Note the incorrect word, [color=red][i]in[/i][/color]sanity.

    You clearly have an extraneous “in” in there! You need to fix that or people will think you are crazy or something!

    I suspect you are right on the attraction business, I personally prefer sexy multilimbed demonettes, I can only imagine that shape shifters going back and forth would get seriously confused as to what they want.

    Maybe that’s why gods change partners so much, they tend to have a large variety of forms, and it’s hard to maintain the attraction as you flip, just look at my bud the Z-man from on top of old Olympus, tons of forms, tons of dalliances. Also doesn’t enjoy sleeping with his wife that much.


    I don’t know myself, but certainly Jacque Sullie seemed to enjoy it with Neytiri…so just wondering. I haven’t had a chance to ask them about it so was trying to understand such a weird thing.


    [love] Golem Sex!

    Albeit, perhaps a bit creepy, even for me….

    However, I could think of a number of people from Westeros who might be interested…and they do have plenty of reanimated types running around.

    Hmm, anyone up to fan fiction about Ser Robert Strong (the Mountain post death) and Lady Stoneheart?


    [quote=Zeravar;6683]Back to the topic of love interests, did anyone else notice something between “Sir Samwell” and Sir Lady Serah?[/quote]

    Ooooh, yeeeeah! That one will be interesting. I also noticed Tamarin and Vaselle getting a little chummy. It was kind of cute, actually.

    As each book goes on, though, I feel more and more sorry for Tom. I’m not even talking romance, here, just a chance to get his pineapple pitted. Or is that apple peeled? What is that thing humans say? Some fruity thing. :-k


    [quote=NS;6447]Trevin is one character that I’m definitely interested to learn more about her back story what race she is etc
    i could see her making a diplomatic visit to doom and getting involved with tom[/quote]

    Disregarding the foreshadowing surname D’Vils, her personality does seem to be a reasonable match for Tom’s.

    Of course, Grove-style open relationships might be a bit advanced for Tom, unless he gets another sleep dose of Orcus’ experiences and attitudes.

    GameGraphix, you could try your hand at fanfic…


    So, you are saying I swept you off your feet?

    Wait? How does a crab fall over? That would be pretty weird.

    I gotta see that again….one sec.



    They also might just be thinking that smoking all that Demon Weed is ruining your brain and that you, therefore, cannot think as well as others who don’t constantly smoke.


    That is….. a lot of stuff I hadn’t thought about. I knew that Salvatore was taking the whole “Fallen Angel/Devil Overlord” image, but I’d thought that is was his normal form and he was just saying that to try and get Sam to reveal himself. And with the bodyguard on the same room? I’d kinda thought that she had him under oath to not do anything to her. Of course, the shield part was mentioned in the last book, wasn’t it?


    Daniel black Series by E William Brown, Portals of Infinity john van stry, Destiny’s Crucible olan thorenson, all great Series. John released a few other books not in Portals of infinity, and they’re usually good.

    Have been trying to read the 1632 series by Eric Flint, but it really drags on at times and the order the author released the books is really confusing.

    The Morcyth Saga by Brian S Pratt is ok, but pratt is nowhere to be found for like a year or 2 now, after a couple of his family members died, bit disappointing to be honest that the series is more or less on permanent hiatus.

    I do agree, the Land is pretty good.

    You May enjoy Good Intentions by Elliot Kay, you may not, but i like it. and
    if you’re interested in free reading, most of their stuff i’ve read and enjoyed it.

    Ilona Andrews’ Inkeeper Series is really good, as well as Morgan Blayde’s Demon Lord series.

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