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    I especially can’t wait to see the archdemons reactions

    I wonder what they will think of Tom now, will they try to make a alliance with him or kill him? Or maybe both lol


    Outliers, could mean almost anything. Swingers, Emos, Nerds, Furries, Sociopaths, Serial Kilers,… and outlier /= skilled in magic. Nope, it is just not.

    Also if there are only a few ouliers, few of these outliers would actually fall to the skilled category. Then from the skilled category, only a few would have the skill of the hidden branch of magic (it is hidden afterall). They are essentially an outlier of an outlier. and since the number of demons (who could use magic) isn’t exacly that big it would not surprise me if the number of demons who know this hidden branch is only of single digits. I especially favor the digit 1.

    And for search for something new, that doesn’t mean that they would delve in magic. How about you? Would you delve in computer programming, or learn to make a bobbin lace, or learn the art of bonsai, or write a novel becuase you have nothing else to do?

    The truth is, the person who delve in this things don’t do it because they bored or have nothing else to do. They do it becuase they love doing it (or sometimes out of necessity). Edison doesn’t constantly invent things for having nothing else to do, he do it becuase he love to invent. Linus Torvalds doesn’t develop the linux kernel becuase he is bored, its because his passio for programming.

    And a, also, as I say, it is Tizzy who says that demons are slothful. If he says it, then it is fact, I guess. You are actually present in that discussion, remember?

    Eccentric doesn’t mean innovative, intelligent or creative. A man who likes to wear pantyhose might be eccentric but I would never expect that man to be an Einstein because of that. Please don’t mistake being different from being a genuis or something.

    You are also misinterpretin life a bit. There are bad people everywhere, from school bullies to serial killers. Did anybody killed them long ago? If you asked me, they lived very very long lives than their victims. And if you are really counting of bad qualities, why Tizzy? Those archedemons and demon princesses should have to be several times badder that Tizzy. Why not ask me why nobody seems to killed them long ago.

    “Ones personality is shaped by their actions, so if a person devoted years or decades to self improvement in matters martial, intellectual, and arcane, they might just continue to do so later.” – While this statement is generaly true, it isn’t in many cases. This especially doesn’t work in what we call world shattering events. For example, do you think the survivors of the Nazi Haulocaust remained the same person after they are freed? Or how about a woman who is raped? A person who is tortured? A man who lost his arms and legs? A man who learned he is sick with brain cancer? etc. Now at the demons, shouldn’t getting enslaved and thrust into a strange alien world not a world shattering event for anybody? Would you really stay the same person as before after being enslaved and tortured for hundreds of years? If it was me, I doupt that I can keep myself from becoming a monster in this situation.

    While our actions is a strong force in the development of our personality, our surroundings also is as strong, if not stronger, force that shapes us. After all, our personality can’t exist vacuum.


    The book doesn’t say anything about any pantheon’s culture…however I think you can sort of assume that the structure that worshipers form often mirrors that of the gods’ structure.

    And on that basis, SMW is probably correct about the Etonians. Tiernon, Torean, Hendel, Krinna, Namora

    However, different pantheons may (and do) have completely different cultures.

    As for me being unreliable.

    There is one person saying that. ONLY ONE, T-A-G, and how reliable is he? Not very if you ask me. So it’s his word against mine!


    Aloneness does have benefits….however some people really hate it…apparently

    And this is weird…I just read about this study done at this university where they put people in room with a chair and an electrical device that would administer a very painful shock.

    They were told they had to sit in the chair (staying still, not fidgeting) and simply reflect on their recent experiences or if they got bored, they could administer a shock to themselves.

    Turns out that 67% of the human males, 12 of 18, gave themselves at least one shock during this period.

    Whereas only 25% of woman were this crazy.

    And people wonder why there is a waiting line to get in the Abyss to be tortured….


    Let me restate my argument, most ancient gods in Earth history were forces of nature. Some where quite human, some were petty, some where noble, but most were seen as the lesser of two evils as they were often opposed to something worse than them and their presence was often seen of as comforting to the people, modern culture however has spawned numerous obscure pantheons based upon the vague concepts of good and evil. Good deities have angels and evil deities have demons. If only gods exist they are often seen as good and opposed to the evil demons. Sometimes the line is blurred, but angels are normally good.

    Powerful demons and most demons in general are quite paranoid. They will observe weaker demons and eliminate if deemed a threat. Demons will however ignore demons who are not a threat to them or in their sphere of influence in favor of those who are in opposition to them. If another demon might bother them in the future they might eliminate them, or they might do it cause they can. However rank 4 demons tend to ignore demons of rank 2 or lower unless they have something that interests them. Most attention is given to those near them in power and those of greater power than them. They will also try to kill those who annoy them, like Lilith with Tizzy. She mentioned it but keeps forgetting to do it.

    To sum it up the Old Gods of our world were not good or evil, but the lesser of two evils and either forces of nature, or extremely powerful supernatural beings. Modern gods in modern pantheons are this and often have a moral alignment with some good, evil, or neutral, and chaotic, orderly, or neutral. Old gods would likely mostly be neutral/neutral, or close to that. Modern gods tend to be rigid in their alignment. Old gods were fluid in their alignments. This is about polytheistic religions and I will choose not to delve into the monotheistic religions as that screams bad idea and a long debate with that one zealot who happens to find that obscure post. Gods with fluid alignments and humanish personalities are old gods and gods with a limited defined and rigid method of interaction with mortals is most likely to be found in modern pantheons.

    I will elaborate more later if needed.


    Well, those chemicals are said to have hell of a smell, demonic, demon’s fart, etc. It might not be quite right to name it after demons… after all Tom still find nasty smells to be nasty, but no one can contest their malodorous powers.


    You may call it trust. I call it fear.

    Fear of the Triumvirate/Quintenal Cabal and the Supreme Septat.

    That’s what basically keeps the peace. However, officially, what you say is what those 13 also say. Some demons believe them, and the rest just obey or die or worse…

    People who don’t particularly agree with the 13 Lords of Dread generally stay away from the Courts in their own palaces or their own smaller cities (where they are the rule of the realm)

    And as for Angels, there are angel like figures in several Native American mythologies, but they are more seen as ‘spirits’ than angels…and some also have gods…

    The Kabalah actually details in great great detail the nature of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic heavenly and infernal structure, over the millenia there have been an inordinate number of religious scholars describing, debating and listing these angels, demons and their relationships.

    Also a lot of the traditions of djinns and early angel/demon stuff came from really old now defunct religions that most of us have never heard of…i.e. the Ancient Hebrews used to borrow supernatural beings almost as fast the Catholic church. They just turned foreign gods in to demons or angels, whereas the Catholic church mainly turned them into Saints…but sometimes Angels and demons.


    You don’t really need a toilet, you know nomadic tribes didn’t have toilets…they squat and drop.

    That’s what most of the 90′ tall demons do. You’ve never seen people truly run until a 90′ tall demon starts squatting over their village…


    The one scene in this book that i want to see starts as follows:

    Lenamare: TOM! i command you to stop! by the bindings that i have on you!

    Tom: piss off human *zaps him*

    That’s how i see it anyway.


    @Lenamare :^o

    I know you are, but what am I?

    Sticks and Stones Can’t Break My Bones, and only My True Name can hurt me!

    I am rubber and you are snotty goo, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!

    At least I have [u][i][b]FRIENDS![/b][/i][/u]

    Have you read the book? Everyone thinks you are a stuck up egotistical jerk!

    Cause you are!


    Yes, I would definitely agree.

    Gods don’t have a lot of patience, they are not subtle, and they generally don’t work in mysterious ways.

    As I’ve mentioned before, a bolt of Blue Lightning is usually the only warning you get, and even then, you’re dead.


    Oh! That is what happens in the second book. Lenamare gathering up his gang. I think you might be giving too much spoilers. =p~


    You do realize that if he admits to knowing this, he could be accused of Necromancy which is a capital offense!

    Thankfully, most actual Necromancers have prepared self-reanimation spells for just such a situation and will come back to life as a Lich and hunt down and torment those that killed them.


    Of course, most professional Necromancer hunters, etc. Like Talarius, realize this and so burn the accused at the stake.

    But then, most experienced Necromancers know this, so they have prepared for this using an especially enchanted piece of valuable jewelry that they’ve given someone, so that when they die, they can possess the body of that person and take over and hunt down and torment those who killed them.

    Now naturally, true professionals, again like Talarius, realize this so they then proceed to hunt down and kill all the friends and family of a suspected Necromancer….

    Of course, I hate to mention this, but…the greatest Necromancers realize this so, instead of giving the jewelry to someone they know or care for they often leave it in a dungeon in a treasure chest for some unwitting Adventurer to find. They often glamour the item or otherwise enchant it to look like some other type of magic item, so the person who finds it will want to put it on, and thus become possessed by the dead necromancer’s spirit.

    So, because of this, Talarius and the Rod often send out specialized expedition to raid tombs and dungeons that they suspect necromancers may have visited.

    And so on.

    Now you can hopefully see why Talarius was glad to get to fighting demons which are pretty simple by comparison.


    Well, it would be inconvenient if the prepared concrete parts keep exploding, that is just wasted.

    Well, Rupert was actually not trying to see through Exador’s illusion. He just happen to notice it.


    That is assuming that demons do study magic extensively and that they share knowledge with each other. If Tizzy is correct that Demons are slothful, then extensive study and experimentation would be something demons is not in the want of doing. Sharing and cooperating is another things that Demons seems to be not much capable of. In such conditions, knowledge and crafts are more in the risk of dying and be forgoten than being upheld and kept. New ideas and innovation is also something that won’t thrive here.

    More likely, as Tizzy is oft to say, the Demons steal these ideas.

    And by the way. Where do you get all these ideas Maou? Are studying the arcane or something?


    [quote=Tizzy;209]…there’s … a spoiler… Screw … Lillith

    Go for it Tizzy!

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