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    Just rereading the book.

    It occurs to me that priests are a kind of celestial piramid scheme. The lower echelon believers pass mana on to the lower priests who take some, but pass the majority up, through their links, to higher priests, who gather it and pass it still to higher priests, who eventually pass it along to their god.

    I can easily see a mid level beurocrat god saying “you cast 10 cure light wounds spell this months, that is 3 over your budget of 7 spells, but over all I saw your gross mana production drop by 3 percent. Will the added cure light wounds that you used increase your overall prayer to follower ratio, or will I have to consider letting you go and replacing you with a graven image?


    Yep…see my long long discussion with Rosver on crap that shows up in the Abyss.

    Problem is the demons, being SLOTHful, steal this stuff, and try and get it to work by twine and bandaids and sort of use it up/go through it pretty fast.

    They don’t really create much (most of them) so everything is jerry-rigged.


    Army angels. Wow that is a sight to behold! (It also seems to be a great fan art project) Would have wowed astlanians.


    To play devil’s advocate (ha ha) for Lenamare…who to be honest I don’t like, and I don’t care that he sometimes reads this forum.

    By the way, he does sometimes read this forum, so you probably want to be careful about angering him. He’s not as bad about indiscriminate “polymorph other” type spells as Exador but…he does know the salt trick….

    But to my point he’s actually not just one man, he’s a School of wizards that works for him (as much as he’d hate to admit it)

    And now that he’s kicked Exador and friends out of town on their ass…he’s got the entire council at his back. Or…ooops…spoilers…can’t telll you what I was just writing.

    Now of course, Exador has allies as well…but to be honest, and I can say this as a demon myself, they aren’t exactly trustworthy allies. Also not clear how they enjoyed having their armies destroyed…of course whether they are more mad at Lenamare for killing them or Exador for loosing them depends solely on Exador’s powers of persuasion.

    Demons, particularly ArchDemons are a fickle lot. One minute your friend, the next your enemy.

    Thank goodness none of the Demon Princes have gotten involved. If Lillith or her boy toys ever found out about what’s going on in Astlan, they’d probably jump right in and then we’d all be screwed.


    That seems to confirm that demons and gods are just the same. It just that they hide in the front of the Good.


    Demons are greedy, they don’t share.

    Actually, many higher up/older demons do all of what you describe, and they probably have labs and secret sanctuaries etc. Hordes of minions building stuff for them. They just don’t tell others, or not many others.

    I can really only speak for 1’s, 2’s and 3’s since that’s most of my friends. Boggy and I have several joint ventures we run to pass the time. A lot of it involves trading between planes, etc. So I speak for the average Joe Demon on the Street, not enslaved or affiliated with one of the Big Guys. Although likely enslaved to a wizard.

    Exador passes the time living in Astlan playing politics, pretending to be a long line of Exadors, sometimes he’s a wizard, sometimes a priest, a noble, a soldier, etc.

    Ramses lived there for a while, he’s also spent quite a bit of time recreating Ancient Greece/Egypt hybrid, creating his own demonic satyrs, minotaurs and centaurs etc. (Why will become clearer in Book 2).

    But what they really do is “play the game”

    All of what you said about infinite unchanging boredom really applies to the gods as well.

    So all the higher ups on both sides of the fence play games upon the Planes of Men.

    The Quest for the Book is one that Exador, Bess, Ramses are involved in.


    Great reference there. Though Tom is quite pretty much a balor. Maybe I should look more into it.


    Different races and different regions have different gods and these differing pantheons will likely have different mindsets. I know that two humans from the same culture will not be able to agree on a clear view of good, evil, or what their god represents. Its doubtful that different races share the same god. So each pantheon will have different views of good and evil. It blurs boundaries, two “good” deities might view the other as evil, or one could view the other as evil and the other could find the other as annoying for viewing them as evil and be offended.

    Angels look attractive and often have a pure look as individuals. People feel safe or secure in their presence. They can form a massive and reduce a continent to ashes and those that died were evil and the survivors were protected by god. Demons do that and everybody has an opposite opinion and view those who died as innocent, survivors have mixed reactions based on circumstance. Some are hellspawn, while others are godsent.

    The biggest difference between demons and gods is the lack of order in demonic ranks and the possibility of advancement. An angel can never grow to overpower a god. Well a few might, but most cannot. Concordenax was the closest things demons had to a central figure, when he left demons made blatant factions. The powerful demons tend to ignore weaker demons that don’t bother them, so they are heavily decentralized and tend to respect those more powerful than them in a fearful sort of manner. Angels are centralized and can’t get away with killing those beneath them.

    In conclusion Angels are extremely social and have a rigid hierarchy with little possibility for advancement. A rigid caste system. Demons have a fluid hierarchy and no clear distinction of power beyond this person is the nearest person who can kill me. Demons are also somewhat anti-social do to wizardly intervention, they do make societies amongst themselves at times, but many can and will enjoy staying by themselves. Trust is somthing Angels have, which demons surely lack.


    Something or someone?

    If they are in human form it seems to come out the otherside, like a human. According to Tom.

    But as a demon, when you eat something it’s pretty much up to you what happens to it. You can get rid of it with or without processing, incinerate it etc.

    In general the preferred method of living creatures is to eat them and suck the mana and animus out of them while in your stomach and then get rid of the inert matter in a typical manner.


    Could the demon just shift to a smaller size to use a toilet if needed. Also does Sin City(demon city) have anything resembling a sewer system?


    Eh? You don’t do that in a city. A toilet (or the low tech chamber pot) is really needed to not disturb the neighbors.

    As for smelly stuff, try thioacetones, ethyl mercaptan and butyl seleno-mercaptan. Or at least try sulfides. Now those are worth running away from.


    Well, the two of us seems to be the one who talks much around here. I visit here about twice a week. You are probably the one I conversed with online.

    By the way do you have any photos of Tom, Boggy and other demons? Also photos of Rupert, Jenn and other humans. I am trying to make a 3d model of them and some reference would be useful. Well, I could still make my models with the use of my imagination but its a fan art so I need to base my work on existing artwork.


    [img=]Tom demon work in progress[/img]

    Yeay! This is a second try my first try got messed up so I scrap it. Still very rough. I’m minding my topologies so as not to messed up again.

    I’m still not that experienced in modeling in 3d really and I messed so many times. Been more like experimenting than doing actual work. I try sculpting over this then retopo rather than completely building it by polygonal modeling. Or should I just do traditional poly modeling then just sculpt the fine details? Hmmm. I’ll try both. As I say I’m experimenting.

    As you can see, it is not exactly the demon in the book’s cover though I took some ideas from there, especially the horns. The book cover demon looks a bit like a minotaur and I took it to that direction further. I also add a frill on the top of his head to the back of his neck. I was also thinking of scaling down the head to make the figure about 9 heads tall.

    Tizzy. You know more about how Tom looks like. Some help? Maybe there should be something I need to change or add? Also what do you think about the wings? Should I make it bigger?


    So obviously you two have hacked the site and found book II! :-$

    Yes, all of that (in various forms) happens; although things are actually a bit more complex and wide spread.

    I refer you back to the battle, what were the Oorstemothians doing during the battle, other than shooting demons out of the sky?

    In sum…there will be lots of freaking out going on by all parties.

    Of cursory interest I should also mention, and the author has mentioned this before elsewhere…

    The “real” book is Demons of Astlan it’s just broken up into multiple volumes…which means that since the last chapter was 79, the next chapter is 80 and that’s where Book II starts. There is no time gap. (or at least nothing more than between normal chapters)


    [quote=Maou;554]Also, I know god’s protect the soul’s of their followers, but why don’t demons ever drag humans to the abyss and force them to endure the binding ritual so that they will become level one demons? No protection and it seems like something fun to do.[/quote]

    There might actually be an top secret project in the Abbys who does that… who would know?
    We do know there are places where humans are able to live (and that most are tortured there)
    The problem from the point of view of demons is, you dont want to create an to powerful Demon. He might be more powerful than you…

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