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    Looking good!

    General form is pretty accurate, just some details like his very large hands and long claws…and his rear tail, the front tail looks about right.


    Horns are good in proportion to head, but head seems a bit small compared to body (so then horns would scale)

    But otherwise I’m very impressed. What tool are you using to model?


    I haven’t really made a hand for this model. I find it more easier to model the hands separately then attach it later. I also haven’t made the tail because I still lacked geometry at the back. I have made a tail in my first attempt as the model was dense at that time but I messed up. The front tail… I was planning on not modeling it (like many other models) but might have been bad.

    This figure is about 8 heads tall. And I’m talking about proportion not height. Cute anime characters are shorter, say about 4 to 5 heads tall. That is, their body is as tall as 4 to 5 times the height of their head. Chibi character are about 2 to 3 heads tall. Hello Kitty for example is two heads tall. Regular dude, 6 to 6 1/2 Ideal heroic proportion is about 7 1/2heads tall. Many comic super heroes is 8 heads tall. Some monster are 9 to 10 heads tall or even taller. The Hulk is one of the character that is often made over 8 heads tall nowdays.

    So for Tom, I opt for 8 heads tall. That is a comic super hero proportion. I planned on making his head smaller puting him to the extremely exagerated proportion but gues not. Dont want to make his head bigger though because that would make him look move regular dude.

    As you are not commenting on the wings, guess I get it right?

    As for the modeling package, I’m using Blender. It is free and quite good in basic polygonal modeling.


    Yes, I was teasing about the hands…I knew why.

    Tails are harder than they look.

    As for head height, consider Darkness in Legend. Darkness is one of the best looking demons in movie history, and his head is huge. The reason demons like darkness and Tom have such big heads is because they’ve got huge horns, which require a very large/stable base. So unless the brain is bird sized, the head has to be really big to fit both brain and hornbase/bone structure.

    Assuming, of course the rules of biology apply to Abyssal demons, because I note that Tom’s brain seems to work, even when he’s insubstantial fire, so maybe he doesn’t require an organic brain in his body.

    Blender is great, it’s one of the better (if not best) free tools for modeling. You could also check out DAZ Studio Pro at it’s not a great modeller, but it does do rigging, morphs and rendering….of course it’s free so they can tempt you into buying their content….



    BTW if you have not seen Legend, then you definitely should

    It’s old school special effects, not CGI and it is absolutely gorgeous….the story is a rather generic story book fantasy good vs evil with a hero and a damsel, and the hero is not a professional actor, he’s played by Tom Cruise….

    However, Darkness is Tim Curry and he is phenomenal….as are the other faerie creatures…


    And to be clear when I say TC is not a professional actor…he’s a “Movie Star”

    the difference between a “Movie Star” and an “Actor” is that:

    Actors play different characters in different movies
    “Movie Stars” play a version of themselves (names changed) in every movie. I.e. movie stars don’t “play characters” they are the character.

    So for example, in Batman and Robin (and the one before that) George Clooney does not play batman, he plays George Clooney in a rubber suit with bat nipples and goes around saying “I’m Batman”

    Similarly, Jack Nicholson was fantastic as the first Joker, incredible even. But it was really still Jack Nicholson in a clown suit, and everyone knew it. Whereas, Heath Ledger was the Joker. When you look at HL’s Joker, you see “The Joker” not HL when you look at JN’s the Joker, you see “Jack Nicholson as The Joker”

    That’s the difference between an actor and a movie star…

    And is this ever off topic…fortunately, being insane, I can do that.


    Is Darkness a reference for demon Tom? I don’t think I seen the film before.

    As for anatomy. Tom is already 12 feet tall, proportionally his head would also be larger, which means a roomier place for the brain. There should be no problem for the brain size in that area.

    As for horns and big head, see this creature for a size:

    [img=]That is a big horn[/img]

    compared to his more normal relatives:

    [img=]Normal doesn’t mean small[/img]

    I’ll take a look at daz3d, though I already heard about it, just doesn’t taken interest in it.

    You also had a great point at “Movie Stars” not acting and playing a character. Some just doesn’t play their characters right and just feels fake.


    Hmmm. Daz 3D seems to lack much in creating original content lacking much in modeling functions. They have a lot of good models though. I’ll look deeper into it.


    I wouldn’t say Darkness is an inspiration for Tom, but definitely an influence.

    Tom had seen Legend (and Labyrinth), and he’d also seen the original ADD Players Handbook with the budha demon on the cover…plus minotaurs, satyrs etc.

    Yes, DAZ’s content creation is a bit weak…they have/ate Carrarera which they drastically reduced the price on…but haven’t done a lot to advance and that does creation better and Hexagon as well I believe.

    They started out selling models and are probably the biggest or second biggest model store, being the major competitor as is And of course ContentParadise for the Poser crowd…


    I still stand by my claim that Tom is a balor.


    ADD MM I actually lists the Type VI as being Balors.


    Been looking into it… and it made me dump my project and build again.


    You mean dump your 3d thing and start building what? A new demon based on a Balor?


    Essentially yes. What I’m trying to redesign my model. I’m still basing some on the cover and my design but I’m going to integrate some aesthetics from various balor design I found.

    I’m also having problems with musculature of my model. Balor designs seem to work so I’m going to get some tips from there.


    Oh! By the way. Do demons have belly buttons?


    That’s a very good question. I don’t.

    I know my demon friend Kylexy doesn’t have one.

    Most born demons do, unless they are hatched from an egg.

    Pretty sure Rupert does. For demonized demons, I’d suspect it was a question of what was in people’s minds as they envisioned the demon.

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