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    I thought people assume you are crazy, mad, insane. Well, conceited seems to be more awesome than mentaly unsound when your a demon. Though if I was a demon, I liked to be a devious one.


    Wizardry requires knowledge and study. Animagics is more about talent and study. Wizardry is closest to a science, while Animagics is a craft. Magic can be progressed most quickly with practice and not being killed by a problem with their magics. As a demon Tom can practice longer with magic than a human could as he would have a greater mana pool and a faster mana recovery time. Also as a demon it is much harder for him to die. Since he can have things blow up in his face and survive, he really can do things that others couldn’t. Magic is also based off of imagination and he will have thoughts that others don’t as he lacks magical knowledge and thus doesn’t know what isn’t impossible.

    Most newly summoned demons would be panicking after being summoned and would learn of magics from other demons and the wizards. The more powerful demons likely thought of new ways to use magic and showed others how to use it ages ago when they were young and had it disseminated by both the abyss and Astlan making them the pinnacle of their respective teachings. Progress comes from more rational thinking built off of whats known to the next most logical step, or it comes from a genius with a radical idea that isn’t the next step and based off of something new. Tom has the power, the imagination, and just enough knowledge to use magic, but it might not be in the way in which others thought to use it.


    Probably not that high.

    I have heard of some very powerful shadows, but I don’t know anything about them.

    But by the time you get to IV+ levels you can generally change shape, so an Arch Demon might have a shadow form, but I doubt they are going to tell anyone, because that would sort of take away the surprise when they drain your soul unexpectedly.

    There are some deities and their avatars like that.


    What spoiler?

    “Later on Talarius…”

    Was talking about when Talarius shows up in book 1. His sword, Ruiden has iron in it, and is very magical. Believe it or not, when Talrius says his sword is hungry, happy, angry, sad etc. He’s not projecting on to it. It’s an intelligent sword (not a person, but a spirit)


    [quote]That’s almost as useful as Lenamare’s book.[/quote]

    Tizzy. How can it be useful when it can’t be opened? Not to mention, the contents is a mystery… or it is not a mystery to you? You writen it or something?


    Would two demons with the same true name look similar to one and other as the secondary demon, might perhaps be forced in an identical or near identical body of the original holder of that true name?


    Well, it is still unopened, so useless. Very much like water in a locked safe is useless for a thirsty man who can’t open it.


    She was the big question in earlier discussion…although to be fair…not sure if that was here or at [url=]Amazon[/url]

    It’s not clear to anyone whether she was in the city at the time….we know that Exador and Ramses were there at various points, but until the shield goes up, they (and Bess) could be teleporting/demonic gatewaying to wherever…


    i dont think we know if she was there or not. There was only one rank 4 deamon and rank 3 can’t pose as human so i dont thing Bass was there


    And most Demons cant shapechange, correct?
    Or could an Lvl. 1 Demon learn to shapechange?


    For more on the Eternal Conflict, turn into Volume II
    I am able to get it now? :-$

    [quote=Maou;535]All the stories say that good always manages to win in the end and that evil is vanquished. [/quote]
    Well the winner write the history…


    Again you are defining scientific method not science itself. Again the two are not the same. If you keep defining scientific method and not science then we can’t make headway.

    Also they are rudiments of science method, as you say, but that does not mean they are scientific methods.


    OK. I was over reacted at that time. Really I was so dismayed by what The Author Guy says. He kinda hit my berserk button and I go all out. Now that I have cooled down (it was so long ago), I kinda almost forgot it.

    Huh? I never said anything in this line. I checked my posts and nope there is none.

    Also, things that doesn’t add up is very important to science. If things don’t add up, then it is worth investigating. The popular example would be the particle-wave nature of light. The facts just don’t add up and has befudled scientist for years. The research into it lead to rather amazing discoveries.


    I concede. I agree with your statement about this site. Never should have made an outburst like that. Sorry for making a rukus.

    As for mana… I can’t really just accept your statements now. The Author Guy warns me so. I have to study what you say and separate the truth from the lies cross referencing it with other sources and make some more studies. Maybe able to make a proper conclusion few weeks hence…. Aargh! Why does everything has to be made complicated.



    So one moment you are bummed because you are getting too much information and it is spoiling the next book for you

    And the next you want to leave because you might not be?

    And they say I’m insane? o:)

    This is life…this is how you find truth…you experience it, you collect information from various sources, not all of which are accurate, some of which might be deceptive, you then have to put the pieces together and figure out which ones you believe and which ones you don’t.

    That’s how science works, that’s also how religion should work…that’s actually how all good stories work. (Of course, DoA being non-fiction, this isn’t applicable here but…)

    That being said…this author guy is the one who’s lying. Remember, I am telling him the story, he lives in your world, not mine, nor Astlan. He’s never actually been to Astlan. So I don’t know how he thinks he knows more than I do. He’s just a guy with a hell of a lot of ego.

    I wouldn’t believe anything he says.

    Trust me. I am the truth, I am the way and the light! I am Tizzy!



    Scienctific method… we are talking about Science! Don’t confuse the two! And don’t confuse it with science theries and science facts either.

    Yeah, I’m quite unnerved.


    No they are not!

    What we are talkin here is book 1. Book 2 doesn’t exist yet. It might not even get published! The author can’t change his mind from what he writen in book 1. Look at the many comic books out there. Thier constant change of mind, create a mess that even the fans can’t make sense of.

    Research “continuity snarl.”

    [quote]What if he wrote himself in an corner in book 2, should he not be allowed to change anything in book 2, because of an forum post?

    Of course he can. I think, there is nothing in my post that tells that he can’t. Where did you get this?

    @The Author Guy:

    So… Tizzy doesn’t know much about Demon anatomy? Or where those cars, elevators, escalators (and probably TV, computers, and gasoline) in The Abyss came from. He seems to be sure. Is he not necessarily lying or is he really lying?

    You must understand. I’m a person of knowledge. I love gathering them. It is really a discomfort to me that what is presented as fact is really not.


    Yep yep yep on pretty much all that.

    The only teachers he would have at the moment would be Maelen and Antefalken possbily Damien (but doubtful) and of course, the greatest instructor of all time. The Mighty Me Demon!

    Oh an Boggy too. We shall teach him how to torture, mutilate and eat Astlanians. How to terrify small children, even more than we do now by default.

    There is a plethora of information to be gleaned about secretly hiding under a child’s bed and terrorizing it. Oddly enough, not seeing the monster under the bed is often worse than seeing it. if you see something, you can try to grasp it/encompass it/understand it. Something can’t see, but only fear is there, is left completely up to one’s imagination, and imagination is often scarier than reality.

    Smaller to medium, usually they just grow bigger, wartier, scarier. At the higher levels, they pretty much stick to their older form and add more of their own choosing (e.g. shape changing–Exador/Ramses/Bess/Lillith/Asmodeus each have quite a few forms they can assume)

    Wow, you’ve got me nostalgic. I haven’t terrorized a child in a long time. I think I’ll journey to an Earth and hide under some beds and be really spooky tonight!

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