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    The Deposed King. I don’t think he was practicing his shielding. From the book, he is most concerned in controlling his living fire form hence the need for a larger room.


    I assumed Rupert was the green, some combination of Exador, Ramses, and Bess was the maybe two dark blues (IIRC he wasn’t really sure how many were in that spot, also he was on a flying horse some distance away), and Tom was the light blue


    We had been discusing about the lights too. To me, Tom was not one of the blue lights.

    There many possible explanation for Rupert. Personaly for me, I just want it not explained.


    I can’t imagine why they would object?

    Nice and warm year round, no problems with shoveling snow or deicing your car, or cold nights.

    But even assuming your statement is true, the guy is running around in an air conditioned tuna can having an adventure that few mortals ever get. He should be grateful for the fantastic opportunity to “get behind enemy lines” “see how the other half lives”

    Some people just don’t appreciate great educational opportunities.


    [quote=Tizzy;1130]oh wait that’s the third chapter of book ii…never mind.[/quote]

    Tizzy, you are truly evil. You keep referencing the next book which is driving me to madness. I recommend saving this method of torture for the souls you really want to punish. ](*,)

    Any word from TAG on when the book (or at least an ARC) will be done?


    Hmm. Just as I suspect, the demon form is permanent and unchanging literaly. And they don’t experience atrophy!

    Well, makes sense. They don’t really have physical bodies. Well, I guess they are pretty stuck with what they have. Makes me feel even more sorry to the first order demons.

    Hmm. Taking it from another angle. Well, it seems mana is influenced by the mind and will. Since demons are mana constructs (or so it seems), will a collective mind be able to influence the demons abilities? Say, if a group of wizards are to focus their will into a demon, could they make that demon less powerful? If, yes, that might be a great way to defeat demons, especially the more powerful ones, right? Though, this could also work the other way. A collective will could make a weak demon strong.

    That kinda reminds me of the Manga Nurarihyon no Mago:

    There they have monster called Yokai. These monsters come to life from human fears. The more people believe in them the stronger they get. If people stop believing in them, they grow weak and even disappear. There is even an arc where a group of monster called The Hundred Tales Clan are spreading scary stories about monsters. When more and more people start believing the stories, the mosnters in the stories become real.


    Puts so-called ascension/enlightenment in a whole different light 😉


    I have seen heroes walk into peoples homes or places of work and randomly root through pots, dressers, garbage cans, and chests. They will then take what they desire all whilst never being persecuted for such actions. If I walked into a strangers home and took their stuff it wouldn’t go half as well. Even my simply knocking on a strangers door is likely worse than a hero taking their stuff. This world is quite unfair at times.


    Which is why SF is so popular in some circles. I think in particular, the best examples force us to examine life from the perspective of someone completely different from ourselves, to see the outsider’s perspective.

    A good writer can do this in any genre/style/literature, but SF/Fantasy provide a great excuse to get outside the box.

    Personally my favorite Science Fiction/Fantasy novels include: A Farewell To Arms, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Grapes of Wrath, Catcher in the Rye, Wuthering Heights, War and Peace, and most of the great classics. These wild flights of fancy allow me to try to recapture what it means to be human, and see things from their limited, dull, mundane and short live perspective.

    On the other hand True Crime novels and similar Non-Fiction novels and even historical fiction bore me. You know like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Wheel of Time, A Song of Ice and Fire. Hell, everybody knows what life is like as a dragon, or a hobbit it’s pretty old hat.

    That being said, there is one truly great Reality Based novelist out there who I love that completely captures the essence of the real world and bring it into it’s full glory: Franz Kafka. His realism is so intense, you feel like it’s happening to you.


    I don’t remember now.

    Maybe I think Tom is so powerful that he registers as Ultraviolet or maybe even X-Ray!

    Or maybe I was voting for the 2D map thing, the place has a heck of a lot of floors, I mean an insane amount.

    Or wait, maybe I was voting for me as a blue one, or an X-Ray colored one

    I do like the glitch and no new demons idea though.


    Well, maybe the wizards can create a variation of the demon binding spell that essentially rebinds a demon to a weaker body. It seems possible based on the magic system here.

    Hmm. Pipes. Like those ‘umbilical cords’ Tom have shunted? If there are more of those pipes them Tom have more to ‘steal’ mana from. Though if Tom needs those arrows to do the trick, it would just become too obvious and be easily averted. He needs a more subtle approach if the trick needs to work long term.


    You tried the mushrooms there? Oh no.

    What? Is poison mana now? Maybe it’s the ‘mana’ in Toms weeds that make him vurnerable to demon binding. Poor Tom.


    Might have been a minor oversight.

    They should do notice the stench. Talarious was able to pick it up on the Astlan side even when the portal has been closed for a long time. This oversight is relatively minor and quite easy to correct.

    And I’m not being picky. Those are valid reasons not to go there.


    How extreme will the theories about who Tom is and how powerful he is get, Before they realise that they sound insane, Or will it keep going and they’ill think he’s a God in disguise?

    How infinte is their paranoia?


    The blue dots are likely to be the three archdemons: Exador, Ramses and Bess. Talarius describe the three blue dots to be close together and Tom and the Archdemons has never been close together. The dots is also not described to be moving. I couldn’t think of a situation given the circumstance where Tom will be close to two Archdemons for sometime (Talarius circle the Palace several times) without any of them moving around.

    Still, where is Tom in the mirror?

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