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    Well, my time estimate is based on the fact that carrots don’t poop, so I assume D’Carrots don’t either. However, they do eat people, I think…


    It’s pretty mundane actually, Borage is also known as the Common Starflower. However that’s not what i have, but the classification name still serves its purpose.


    BTW in some Earth cities, like Chicago, they claim to dye their rivers green in honor of the holiday.

    However, in point of fact, this it is not true, the river turns green due to the incessant drunken vomiting of St Patrick’s illuminaries and worshipers.


    Ah, yes, that makes sense.

    Audrey II lived in a little Shop of Horrors and ate people. It’s a really great musical. Unfortunately, it’s also a tragedy. I did not like the ending. I hate the whole “happily ever after” stuff.


    I resent the assumption that just because someone is my friend, they are a masochist!


    I am a very nice, pleasant, easy going person! [angry]

    I am sick and tired of people telling my friends that they have to be gluttons for punishment to put up with me! [glare]



    I’m afraid not, unfortunately the Starches mutate when combined with bovine DNA and rip free of the carcass. My last try fled through the waste disposal system by transforming into some sort of potato blob creature and squeezing through the pipes, I mean there is most likely Steak matter left in it’s cell structure, but I’m afraid you’ll have to find it as I’m not fiddling with an experiment further that doesn’t bear fruit, metaphorically speaking.


    Difference is that I’m not a multiversal philosopher, that was my minor, my two majors are the Majority (no pun intended) of what my Work is.


    [quote=Tizzy;6641]On multiple occasions I’ve offered him a private office in Doom and a complimentary full membership to the DoomSpa along with a coupon for 1 free Torture session per day (to get the kinks out and motivate him). Unfortunately, he has so far refused to take me up on this more than generous offer.

    [sad] [/quote]

    That is quite generous… is that torture session with Ufthak Skinpeeler? If so, he must be quite foolish as she is quite possibly the best at her job!


    No idea, it’s a big Galaxy out there, anything’s possible, from Universe to Localverse to Multiverse, and finally the Ultimate Ensemble, the heart of Everything.

    Think of a universe as a leaf, a localverse as a Tree, and the multiverse as a forest, naturally the Ultimate ensemble is the congregation of all forests, and this isn’t even including all Dimensions. It’s enough to drive men stark raving Mad or to drink to self destruction.


    Wait a second, THAT’S where Rusty went?! I’ve been looking for his undying ass for a few centuries! Bastard stole my favorite elf head! Granted the head was impaled on a pike and decaying, but it’s the principle of the matter! Also, Tizzy, I’ve had Zelda hide your microphone so you can’t make that damned feedback again! BWAHAHAHA!!! [flapper]


    [quote=EyeDeKay;6673][quote=Tizzy;6670]Sort of, most of the nasty salads I know about are related to Audrey II, and she had tentacles!

    w a t[/quote]

    What’s “w a t” that must be humanspeak or something.


    Well, not sure how familiar you are with swords, I’m not a fan of them, I prefer claws myself…however, last time I checked, swords, or at least the one’s I’ve met, don’t have any “equipment” that can be used for reproduction.

    Just saying, have you ever seen a sword with a forge hanging from its hilt? Or an anvil? Or hammer/mallet. What about a bucket of water? Does that mean there are four genders of swords?


    Anyway, as far as I can tell, swords only reproduce asexually.

    Now, demons can also reproduce asexually (thanks to those damn meddling wizards), however, we (most of us) do have the equipment so that we could reproduce sexually. But I have not seen that on swords. Now, to be fair, I didn’t feel like getting close enough to Ruiden, the “Autonomous Demon Slaying Flying Glaive” to look between his/her blades so I can’t be sure about that form.

    I think it was just the metallic monotone of his/her voice that led people to assume Ruiden is a “he” but, technically, I think he’s an “it.” Also, swords tend to be slightly phallic in nature and poetry, so he…seems to fit.

    I would imagine that any love would be platonic between two swords.

    And this is fine, since being metal artifacts, they live forever, and trust me, any “marriage” that lasts forever is definitely platonic after a certain point in time.


    More likely they’d turn all the lumberjacks into trees!

    If anyone survives, they can slaughter their former colleagues! Justice will be served!


    >5- ROFLMAO.



    Yes, there was that mention in the tavern over drinks.

    He was not particularly amused.

    However, he will be seeing a much bigger world in Book 4 that should expand his horizons and perhaps cause him to climb the corporate ladder.

    Of course, as many will note, that in order to really climb the corporate ladders you sometimes have to leap to a new ladder, climb, leap again and maybe eventually end up back on the same ladder, far further up than you could have ever gotten by climbing the original ladder–in business, this is how you hop above those ahead of you on your ladder. You hop to a higher position somewhere else, climb a bit, and then hop even higher than your current position to the next ladder.

    That’s how you become a CEO.

    Oh, sorry, I forget that many of you living in magic localverses may not know what a “CEO” is: “[b][color=red]C[/color][/b]ompletely [b][color=red]E[/color][/b]vil [b][color=red]O[/color][/b]verlord”

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