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    Got it, thanks for the info.


    Man, demons of Astlan is a good series. Though I wonder if it is possible that there are more books like demons of Astlan.


    He is pretty liberal, he did invite all those demons from Lilith’s army into Doom.

    There was some grumbling, as one might expect, but for having former enemies in one’s living room things have been remarkably smooth.

    I do have to say, the new DoomSpa attendants are quite friendly folk.

    yeah, we’ve always had lots of others wandering around, gods, giants, demons, d’orcs, and others.

    However, if your famous for your giant army of immortal kickass warriors—well people expect to see lots of them, so we do need to get some more d’orcs

    But we’re happy to have others, including the Tin Can of Tiernon….



    so any news when the beta’s will start?

    or if Tizzy can sneak out an advance chapter of any of the books?



    So, we should defer to the desire for demonstratively destructive D’orcs to defile and debase those damned elvish demesnes in a way most diabolical with devices of devastation?[/quote]

    Ack! Lume has been turned! He’s now an Asset of Oorstemoth!

    Or was he all along?



    And I want to take it!

    Things are moving, but slowly. One big difference was that for the last 3 books I took time off (or more precisely had contracts end and didn’t look for a next contract until book was done) and so could dedicate myself to getting the books done. I’m an IT consultant and basically work on contracts for something between 20 to 80 hours per week depending on the job and circumstances. So if I need time off, I just hold off on looking for a new contract when one ends.

    For example it was 18 months between book 1 and 2. For book 1, I took time off, went in debt and released book 1, got money for that to pay debt, then worked full time for 9 months, then took 9 months off to write and release book 2. Still had some money from book sales, worked half time, then took about 6 months off and released book 3.

    Picked up more work after book 3 and that still goes, it’s about 3/4 time so have 1/4 time plus free time to work on book 4 and other books. Trying to avoid the “debt” thing because zero percent loans are disappearing fast. Plus the 3/4 time work just keeps coming and I don’t want to quit it in the middle of work someone is paying me for…

    But that’s doable, however, this time around I am writing 3 books at the same time, which word wise should be about 2x the length of the previous books (i.e. book IV same length, other 2 books half length) and I am doing them with fewer hours in the day.

    Gotta admit, probably shouldn’t have done the spin offs right now, but they do cross over with the main story line so one way or the other, some of the stuff in them would have to be told–which means more POV and storylines and I think I am pushing that about as far as people can follow.



    Tizzy, you’re just so last century….[flapper]

    all the hipster demons are into eating Long Bird pie – a bit like smashed avocado on toast / bagel


    Any update on beta? Still all 3 planned for 1st quarter?


    *gasp* slowly crawling toward the door…. “I must have moooooore….” My money is burning flames in my pocket for the next book. I just re-read 1-3 and now I’m jonesin.

    Just find some magical modified demon weed that you can ground down and sprinkle across the computers, networks and servers of the peons that pull your attention away from what we all care about … your book 😀


    Any updates on timelines for release? I realize that working to transcribe Tizzy’s notes can’t be easy, and he probably makes it harder on purpose.


    Is that a cookie in your fourth arm?


    Hmm, good point, there certainly could be.

    However, I don’t seem to recall seeing any when I’ve gone swimming…

    Hmm, odd, I definitely remember wanting to go swimming there, but don’t actually remember ever doing so…I am sure I must have at some point…that’s weird.


    I used to make it harder on purpose, but I have given up.

    He is so insanely behind that even immortals are getting impatient.

    By which, of course, I mean me.

    He is hoping to get OOA and Book IV our this year yet. But that depends on a lot of external factors, day job and his father’s health.


    Unfortunately not, well at least not “fish” as in creatures in the water. We don’t have a lot of water, except in some very high mountain valleys. And not all of those are water, many are acid or alkalai or other liquids. The mercury pools are pretty cool.

    I mean, maybe there are some in those, I don’t swim so I haven’t checked. I suppose if I got me some of those concrete galoshes people are always talking about, I could go for a stroll in some of them.

    But there are Jelly-Chutes as we call them, they look a lot like a Jelly-Fish but float in the sky and drip a really nasty substance that can dissolve demon flesh pretty easily.

    They aren’t fun and I try to avoid them.


    the book we’ve all been waiting for

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