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    Somebody told me that there was gonna be cookies and glarg?


    T-A-G is behind schedule…hoping for first beta this summer.

    Interestingly, you are the third person in the last week (and ever) to ask about Patreon. He is not there yet, but thinking about it.




    [quote=Tizzy;8162]Vampires don’t depolarize here, but they do generally feel quite sick.[/quote]

    This leads to an interesting thought. What causes them to polarize when they travel from the Abyss to another plane? For example, does a demon become an antimus-based being if they go from Abyss to an antimus-based realm. If demons live in the Abyss are they naturally non-polarized and take on the polarization of the world to which they are summoned?


    Who says I haven’t made my own [i]blood signature[/i], only better? Mine is written on a post-it note in cow blood. Why cow blood you ask? What could be more appropriate for a modern demon happily following this whole “global warming” thing with great interest? [url=]Source[/url]


    Tizzy I’ve been eagerly awaiting the beta for a while as well. I tend to check the forum after my rereads, should I look for a new thread or will you put the sign up in here?


    All of the above. I will personally email everyone who’s out their name on the list. And do it from my normal account, not the website. My normal account doesn’t bounce to anyone.

    I will also post a link in the beta forums, and put a box on front page of site and maybe have T-A-G say something on FB.


    Yes, but we need your blood because we can use it to track you down if you renege. Right?

    As it is, the hell hounds will just end up with a big hamburger instead of a Heeiman-burger.

    They really want a Heeiman-burger!


    Any betas starting soon?


    I would really like to sign up for Beta, please, so I don’t have to read all three books all over again for a fourth time.


    We appreciate the updates tizzy, imagine, if you weren’t here The Author Guy would become one of those jerks that say their releasing books and then not say anything for four years and then do it all over again


    By posting here, you will get an email link to a page on this site with a “beta-nizing” button that will turn you into a beta demon when the time is right.

    I will be going through all the beta forums and collecting emails (and souls) of people who posted in the 3 current beta topic forums and email them when we are about ready to go.

    Once you click the magic button, you will be able to see “Beta Demon Eyes Only” forums on this site where we discuss the beta versions of the book (there are of course, also links to the beta editions of the book(s))


    When will I become a beta demon? I’m eagerly awaiting the transformation.


    I would like to sign up as a beta demon, please. It’s my all-time favorite series and would like to take part in the beta-demonization.


    He’s been slow the last two weeks again, but he has promised me tomorrow and Sunday so I am holding him to that…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 120 total)
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