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    Well that’s because they were overwhelmed by the preposterousness of the Concordenax thing.

    However, I am very fiendish, but only fiendish. And yes, my teeth are a bit long, but maybe some of us just don’t want to learn from our years of experience and want to stay we are.

    The simple thing is, “with great power comes great responsibility” and since I vehemently don’t want any responsibility, I therefore do not want any great power, medium power or small power. Also, absolute power corrupts absolutely, so therefore, in order to stay pure, I must not accept any power.

    I am but a simple observer of the universe, just like my old friend Nathan Brazil, we just like to sit around watching the worlds go by.


    I was, however, lying to Jenn about liking to eat babies.

    I don’t like eating babies.

    They are too mushy for my taste, kind of like a marshmallow with crunchy bits…


    [quote=Tizzy;7723]However, as a Fiend, such things are beyond my powers.[/quote]
    Who is actually still fooled by this lie?
    You are an founding member of the Tartdingsbums (spelling?).
    You can’t be a simple Fiend.
    Maybe Arch-Fiend, Fiendgod, Arch-Fiendgod, or something similiar.


    I notice Tizzy, that you do nothing to say anything about the other accusations against your proclamations of your Demon kind.


    Close? Yes, if you mean close in Gormegast Galactic Units, you are within a GLY.

    Which is pretty close in terms of ӔV travel times….



    Well I was pretty vague. So however close that is, is close enough.
    How long is a standard Gormegast year? Depending on how long it is, a standard GLY ( is that galactic light year or gormegast light year) could be pretty close. Also, depending on the laws of that universe, the speed of light could be very different.
    Light years aren’t a very useful unit in the multiverse. You would have to find some sort of multiverse constant to base your measurements off of.


    Previous generations were mentioned by phaestus in a book, and this non-answer makes me feel like something I said got close.


    Well you have obviously got this all figured out.

    “Fast Ship? You’ve never heard of the Millennium Falcon?”
    “Should I have?”
    “It’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 10.4907975471 Galactic Light Years.”


    So, another question about Shamans. They are able to contact the spirits of their ancestors. From what I can tell, these ancestors are like anyone else who dies without a deity, in that their animus just kind of dissipates into the world. This seems very similar to how dying permanently in the abyss is described. Would a powerful enough shaman be able to summon the spirits of fallen D’orcs from Doom? Obviously they couldn’t be revived, but they could be useful for advice or for their skills, much like any ancestral spirit.


    Yes, and there is quite a bit of detail on this in OOA and in COA, both feature shamans prominently (obviously Trig is a Shaman in Space).

    So there is quite a bit of discussion about dead spirits, and how far back you can go to get them

    It’s very very different because their spirits eventually dissipate on the material plane (unless they are troubled or manage to hop over to the ethereal plane)

    So, for some ancestors you have to figure out how to summon dissipated mana back together to get something out of the spirit–as opposed to a priest reaching out to a spirit in the afterlife (assuming they didn’t reincarnate–in which case you are out of luck)

    But, very explicitly Shamans of Orcus definitely did summon D’Orcs–see discussion on the Isle of Doom about that, this was done for a while after Orcus’ death.

    In particular, D’Orcs on the Isle the very few were killed and went back to Mount Doom and were then summoned back by Shamans on the Isle, both D’Orc shamans and mortal shamans. But eventually, they stopped getting killed and sent back

    That’s how they found out what happened.

    Or that’s the story they’ve given. As some people have noted, there are some holes in their explanations–in all the D’Orcs explanations of the aftermath. And that will start coming out in these next books.

    Regular shamans, like any, would need to know the name to summon them. But, say if it was one of their ancestors, they’d probably know the name and could summon, but that fell out of fashion because so many ancestral D’Orcs disappeared, the summonings came up with nothing and people stopped trying, for mortal (non Isle of Doom shamans) it would be a crapshot as to who was still around.

    Also, even before that, summoning someone you knew was a D’Orc would require a serious need. You really don’t want to piss off one of the greatest warriors your tribe (and race) has ever seen, not frviolously. Futher, Orcs are not great at admitting weakness or asking for help. Not unless they had a personal relationship with the individual.

    Thus summoning recent ancestors you knew, is the most likely thing, but even then, it’s considered a bit disrespectful to disturb the dead. And hard to disturb the long (dissipated) dead.


    Korwin, thats pretty much my thought too. That or instead of different personalities, he is just that insane, and has occasional moments of clarity. Thats why the book and his notes are so important. They help him remember the important stuff so that he doesn’t get distracted for too long.


    [quote=Tizzy;7758]There people go again!

    Why do people keep confusing me with the Concordenax? any time we’re in the same room together, it’s blatantly obvious we look nothing alike.

    I have nice, young, supple, greenish-yellow scales, the Concordenax has a brown leathery hide and unlike super helpful me, is a trouble maker that no one has seen in a very long time! Including me!

    I am forthright and forthcoming, and am always around to be helpful, while the Concordenax likes to play hard to get, and hide and seek and is very, very good at it.

    That’s one reason I call the Concordenax a trouble maker, never around when needed! Makes my life very difficult!


    I just read Tizzys claim that he isn`t the Concordenax and developed a new theory. He describes the Concodenax as smaller than him, with a brown leathery hide and as elusive, the only thing in the story that fits this descibtion is the book Lenamare is trying to open. I think the Concordenax is either Tizzys diary filled with his Plans and his Knowledge or maybe a specialised Knowledge demon in Bookform that Tizzy uses to keep his memories despite not using a Phoenix Cycle


    Funny you should call me a something-god.

    There’s people in COA:ITW that have such a title for me, but it’s not demon-god.

    But you know, for demons, being called any sort of “god” is disrespectful, because we have nothing but contempt for the gods. Narcissistic showboaters is what they are…except for Phaestus, and Orcus (he’s an honorary Demon Prince after all)

    And Loki, who is not so much a god as an adopted god child.

    And my buddy with the stick, he’s a King, not a god, although immortal of course. And he does hang out with and torment a number of gods…


    Ok, Tizzy, you’re not Concordokken. Ajax? Concord Grape? Whatever that thing is. It’s just that our extreme respect for you keeps us from putting you any lower than the Godfather of Demons. You make us an offer we can’t refuse! When Arg-Narcolepsy was talking about your diary that you keep all your girly secrets in, and how things magically worked out after that, it focused our intent toward making you a Demon God. Sorry, not sorry!


    [quote=Tizzy;7816]You do know I am considerably taller than ‘The Big C’, yes?[/Quote]
    Support for the theory, that he is hiding inside of you.

    [Quote]Again, many people have seen me with ‘The Big C'[/Quote]
    Yes you told us so.
    [Quote]Just not lately.[/quote]
    Can we get an confirmation of your side from an second source? :-“

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