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    Although if they are friends with someone who wants to sell their souls…then they probably aren’t very wise…so I guess you don’t have to answer that.

    Well, on Earth we don’t have Mana and True Names, that would indicate we don’t have Gods in the Astlan sense.
    Is this correct?

    So we cant have After-Live-Deals/insurance like the Astlans humans can have.
    Without such an After-Live-Deal your Animus (=soul?) disperse after dead. Correct?

    So for an continued existence the ‘Abbys-Deal’ is an option…
    …the important thing in the ‘Abbys-Deal’ seems to be, you dont want to start at the bottom.


    I would like to be included as Beta reader.


    Hmm, good point.

    I’m not sure I agreed to keep other people’s memories…it’s just that they sort of come along for free when I eat their souls for a snack.

    Oops…hope I’m not giving anything away about what I’m doing with my payment…sure…demon army, that’s it…not turning them into jello pudding snacks…



    Yes I would say you do have secrets. Of course they are even secrets from your self. If you knew all the secrets then you wouldn’t be a very good guardian of them after all. Or maybe they just made you a little crazy. You know you should think twice before making agreements about keeping other peoples memories……


    I know I wouldn’t like it if my pipe kept talking to me…
    No, you wouldn’t like it, if your pipe would know all your secrets :-k


    Well, just because you don’t know your true name doesn’t mean you don’t have one.

    Earth has VERY low mana levels. Almost as if some greedy deity created a huge church and went around sucking up all the mana on the planet so magic wouldn’t work any more.

    Well, I’m pretty sure there a few quasi-monopolistic deities running around with insurance plans. Including one that offers 3 completely different plans!
    I do know of some that offer reincarnation…that’s also popular in Astlan.

    But yes, in Astlan if you don’t have an agreement with a deity, you are pretty much on your own. Of course, if you are a high level necromancer you just turn yourself in to a Lich, and the rest of your family into revenants or similar.

    I also heard stories about wizards that went around trapping the souls of people in swords and other magic items. Hence–Intelligent Swords….

    Never seen one myself though.

    I know I wouldn’t like it if my pipe kept talking to me…


    :-k I have an cat…


    Ooh cool! Demon Dawgz!

    Those guys will be real Hot Dogs!

    Hmm, although if you all sign up under the same email address the three of you may end up as a single demon. Sort of a three headed anthro canine demon.

    Could be interesting. Quite interesting in fact.




    So do you want to be a merged Cat Demon?

    I’m thinking Bess would be happy with you doing that.

    However, you need to know she’s mine, all mine, as soon as I can acid proof my tender regions.


    I was also wondering too where the other ‘intelligent’ species are. There is almost no direct mention in the first book except those two naked satyrs and vampires which are really backgound roles. Looking around this site, there seem to be a large numbers of intillegent species. I especially favor minotaurs and other anthormorpic animals. I wonder if Tom will meet any of them.

    Also, such difference in races tends to result to war. Are there factions of these creatures (including human) who are in war with other speices? Will such a war appear in book two?

    Also, how are succubae and incubae created? Creation of normal demons like Tom and Bog is well explained in book 1, but how succubae and incubae be different from normal demons isn’t really explained.

    Also, would Rupert become stronger? I know he is a type four demon but still he is very young so the possibility of power increase is possible.


    So are the younger draconian demons also immortal and sent to the abyss when they die?
    Also don’t most dragons attack humans and human demons on sight, so how is it that they progressed to being not outright hostile and became I would guess dangerous if approached incorrectly? Sounds like a great story.
    Also wouldn’t dragons be summoned in the same way as demons, and if so how could they be so stupid as to not recognize it, or do whatever the demons come from appear different from demons in the astral plane.


    Yeah, war is a pretty huge fact of life. At the moment, the story just happens to be in a part of the world that’s been largely settled for quite some time and powerful wizards basically create a Mutual Assured Destruction environment, so people have come to peace.

    The core part of Norelon that we see in the book is primarily The Council States and Oorstemoth, thing around the Council States are very well organized by wizards…as you head East towards Lenamare’s School and Turelane there are no large empires immediately, but lots of local lords who skirmish. If you keep going there is another giant mountain range and then The Grove which is a HUGE treasure trove of non-humans as we will see in book 2. Trevin D’Vil you may or may not recall is the Enchantress of the Grove and a member of the Council. East of the Grove, go North and you have a huge primordial forest with Wood Elves, due East is a good sized trading empire, than untamed lands, more antagonistic regions south. (most of this is not on the posted map)

    Same as you go west on Norelon. Going North you run into the dwarves who are pretty well organized and to the South Oorstemoth, which you may not have noticed, but it does have a penchant for Law And Order…

    Those mountain ranges shield this region from a lot.

    South of Oorstemoth you have some pretty lawless regions and planes/wastelands and then some interesting territory.

    On Eton, the region around GizzorDell is pretty open, and there are often conflicts, it’s a lose grouping at best, it’s called “Eastern Free Eton” for a reason, and let’s just say it’s something of a Libertarian Paradise…

    Etonia which is sort of diagonal is basically the remnants of an older empire of the whole continent. It’s generally at a stalemate, if not open hostility with New Etonia which is an empire with a divinely annointed Emperor and this is where the Etonian gods hold the most sway. I.e. this is the seat of the Rod, and Tiernon’s power, along with the other gods in the pantheon.

    Etonia is a council state/semi democracy/oligarchy, in theory guided by the Society of Learned Fellows but well…they are scholars not politicians so…

    Now as to non-humans…yes, the Council of Wizardry is hugely human based. I think the appropriate analogy would be that humans in the Council States are the “old white men” of the US and Europe. By which I mean in this part of Norelon, Humans (of all colors and genders) are the “old white men”

    But this is somewhat do to the fact that humans have the most wizards, or at least the flashiest. A lot of the other races either work more like animages, or have Druids/Shamens or similar traditions. Dwarves and Heartheans have Thaumaturges and some pyromancy for Dwarves. The Aetos just don’t show up in this part of the world, they are mainly in the mountains, and they tend to be Enchanters. Gle’gren live under the sea.

    You do see various Alvar, most of the other Sidhe stay out of sight in the forests. The same with most of the hybrids.

    The one race you do see a lot, but for some reason Tom didn’t notice are the Orcs and the Orks (two different related races) and some of the other Jötnar
    this was more by happenstance.

    Orc(k)s are pretty common. Particularly Orcs (which are smaller than Orks). These guys are usually mercenaries and so they usually show up where there is a lot of fighting going on. You also find them going Viking. There are raider Orc and Ork tribes that do the old rape and pillage thing in the more lawless lands.

    In particular, many regions have had problems with dragon born Orcs and Orks coming in from the sky burning the hell out of a town and then looting it.

    Now this is interesting, you might note, in that dragons are demons.

    Yes, well that’s curious because while we demons know that dragons are alien demons, apparently Astlanians don’t know that, and in fact there are dragons that live all the time in Astlan. I personally am not sure how they got there, but I’m guessing some long time ago, a bunch got summoned to Astlan and decided not to leave, and they’ve subsequently nested and raised generations of dragons outside the Abyss. It’s very curious, if I ever get time, I’ll look into it.

    As to how Incubae and Succubae are created…that’s in book 2!

    Most children have to grow into their full potential, so I assume he’d get stronger or better with his abilities.

    I plan to explore the Orc(k)s, Satyrs and Minotaurs plus others in some short stories on the side.



    You are stepping right into Book 2.

    Yes, there are Succubae and Incubae and in fact one joins Tom’s entourage in book 2. And yes, this demon is a true sex fiend…well…OK…not a fiend as a fiend is a type ii, and this one is a type iii….

    Also Lillith is not technically a Succubae, but she’s extremely gorgeous (usually). She is of course, the First Temptress. She took her breakup with Adam as an excuse to play the field, so to speak. Naturally, she has moved on, but do not EVER mention Adam’s second wife, unless you want her to rip every rib from your body….

    Demons, as a rule aren’t that interested in sex with humans (other than Succubae and Incubae—the whole raison d’etat of which will be provided in Book 2) for the simple facts that humans are too fragile. They break way too easily.

    No, non-humans are about as dumb as humans. Elven wizards in particular. Dwarven wizards are usually a bit brighter, and more likely to be Thaumaturges, the same with the odd gnome wizard (really not a lot of those–they tend to be more “tech” oriented) and Hearthean Wizards.

    Similarly The Aetós tend to be more into Enchantment (Air) and The Gleg’ren like Sorcery (Water). The I’iskatha, haven’t got a lot of wizards, but I’m not that sure about them…


    I know the astlanian people think demons should be horned, evil, and ugly, but do they have any attractive demons like cubi (succubus/incubus), that whisper in the ears of men and try to corrupt them with their beauty? Also why haven’t demon’s ever abducted large numbers of mortal women to rape for numbers, little energy on their part, and a lot of demonic humans and nongreater demons. Also can demons breed with all inhabitants of astlan, or are they limited to humans?
    Also how do nonhumans, view demons and are they smart enough not to summon them? Demons need mages to summon them to reach astlan, but want to corrupt it, thus ignore them and all is good.


    Sorry didn’t see this sooner…that stupid “Active Topics” box stopped working for some reason so it’s harder to see the updates…I need to get that fixed.

    These are all very good questions.

    However, I don’t really know. My only real experience is with the demonic ones. I’ve never actually met one of the Astlanian ones.

    Of course, haven’t really talked to any of the demon ones, they tend to eat first, ask questions later….

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