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    Royal Sorcereres too (but there its more Psionic than Magic).



    Now, of course, I should add, thinking on it.

    Tom is obviously not a virgin. In fact he must have started having sex at age 5 or so.

    How else does one explain that he has a son that’s not much more than 5 years younger than himself, a.k.a. Rupert?


    OK So Arean is self-demonizing it sounds like. =d>

    Taking the soul…should just hurt for a few minutes, after that…you’ll feel nothing…think Dexter (Dreaming Darkly) [or Showtime series]

    Beta readers who send in comments and suggestions get credits and of course a free copy of the “beta” book. (you’ll have to pay with a relative’s soul for a final finished copy)


    Well thankfully, I don’t have any.

    At least I don’t think I do? Hmm, do I have secrets? Have I told myself?

    I can’t think of any secrets I have. Am I keeping them a secret from me even?



    When breeding with humans the mother provides most of the energy required, so the energy provided from by a male demon is minimal, but the power is normally around the average, but it is sometimes less and sometimes more. Also shape changing anything beyond their basic form is somewhat uncomfortable and they always desire to revert to their natural shape.

    Also two demons may look similar and have similar abilities, but they are then normally related and the parent is often quite powerful.


    Sign me up as well.


    Author guy needs to start a real list…by the time he’s ready this will be a long post to read and collect names from.


    id’ sell my soul plus both my dogs to you tizzy if i can sign up for it.


    Yes as an obviously new demon Tom seems to have managed to father a miniature version of himself roughly ten years of age. He was clearly working quite fast. He is likely related to Rupert somehow, but I don’t know how. Their has to be a powerful connection however as demons don’t normally look so much alike. They are balors and they can potentially rule over all lesser demons.

    The whole fourth order half-demon will freak the others out and will once more cause others to grossly overestimate Tom’s abilities. He will do something unusual, amazing, and unique to escape the situation and with his acting skill appear to have done it on genuine talent as opposed to the luck and improvisation that we all know he employs.


    What they want a book? Wasn’t aware of that.

    There is an entire library in that giant wizard fortress in Freehold. Saw it myself.

    It was really a creepy place what with all those wizards all in one spot. The only redeeming thing was that they had pretty much wall papered it with demons, you know, to give that cozy ‘lived-in’ feeling.

    Of course, speaking of books, I probably better go looking for my diary. I left it someplace, now I just gotta remember where. Haven’t seen it in centuries…


    Darn my plan to become a Demon Prince and subjugate the Abyss has been foiled

    Oh well on to the next scheme I suppose


    Well, that’s a very good question!

    If I knew, I would be one. Unfortunately it’s a tightly guarded secret.

    Well, sort of, it’s really more like if you can hold your own against the other princes, they pretty much call you a prince. It’s power, pure power (or brains and a good facade).

    Sammael and Lillith are probably the exceptions, if you believe the story that Antefalken tells about the jilted bride.

    Now, I’ve heard other versions than the one he’s told, but they’re all similar and there are (were) only 4 people that know the truth.

    In that story you had a a primordial quartet, a strand of sentient reality that split into four parts, 2 pairs of male and female.

    Adam and Lillith
    Sammael and Eve

    And they lived contently on a really nice outer plane, nice garden lots of plants and they basically had lots of fun and joy and orgies.

    The problem was there was this tree in the garden that was sort of the focal point, it kept the garden together; it wasn’t really a tree, it just appeared as a tree, but was really the power source for the outer plane and a gateway to the rest of the multiverse.

    Eve somehow got in her head to tinker with the tree and in doing so, she realized that an entire multiverse existed outside their outer plane.

    In fact she discovered the Planes of Man, the material planes. The material planes were a lot more solid, they were in fact real. See, outer planes are rather immaterial and wishy washy, they reflect the thoughts and desires of the residents, or at least the most powerful residents, so they are rather dream like. (Or nightmarish as the case may be)

    Eve shared all this information with the others, and Lillith and Sammael were not particularly moved. For one thing, there was no such thing as true immortality on the Planes of Man. You go there you live and you die. You are ‘mortal’ even the longest lived elves eventually die.

    But what you could do is reincarnate, with some help, some power etc.

    So long story short, Adam and Eve ditched the outer plane and went to the Planes of Man where they incarnated as mortals and had a crap load of babies. Now, because their bloodline was primordial/divine, their initial children and grandchildren etc lived for a very long time, much like elves. Some of them could also plane hop, and basically, or so the story goes, they populated the Planes of Man.

    Now obviously there are some serious logistical questions here, and to be honest it’s seems pretty naive. But that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

    Anyway, Adam and Eve eventually died, went out of the picture. They were mortal.

    Lillith and Sammael were still around, but without the other two, they didn’t have enough energy to maintain the outer plane, and they didn’t want to go to the Planes of Man as previously discussed.

    So they ended up in the Abyss and lived miserably and spitefully ever after.

    The end.

    Yeah, well, that’s the myth. Again, I have no idea if this or similar versions are true, it’s just the basic plot storyline that seems to have gone viral throughout several planes.


    Since a shadow is typically a low-level demon would a Shadow Prince be inferior to the other princes?

    Also on other threads I heard people mention posting Jenn’s diary or something like that, where exactly would that be?


    Already on it, Do you think they would count murder as a skill?


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