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    Not sure which guy in the middle.

    There’s the pilot in the chiar, who’s a guy with a big head, there is a robot dude standing pretty stiff in the middle and there is the main alien with the tentacles. He’s in a space suit uniform that has a cape…

    The big brain is a snack, I guess. Actually, when they feed they first grow the brain massively so it produces more electrical energy and then start sucking it out.


    Below is a different angle with better lighting.


    Well, all of those ideas are certainly worth a shot…

    Not sure how you are going to get any of those spells cast while it’s clawing and munching at you, or breathing acid on you. Distracted spell casting is generally a bad thing; usually worse than distracted driving, but at least as potentially fatal.

    But you are welcome to try. I might suggest bringing some bodyguards. Maybe the Abyssal equivalent of Barbarian Demons, Cleric Demons, Mercenary Demons, Thief Demons etc. A regular adventuring party that can protect the wizard trying to cast all these spells.

    Here’s the real thing…dealing with a dragon is every bit the problem as dealing with a greater demon. Look at all the work the Rod had to go to to have a chance at killing Tom and his mini-demon horde. They used mana absorbing spells and all sorts of things, plus a big nasty knight. Still didn’t work (almost did).

    In either event, in the Planes of Man, to perma-kill a demon, you basically have to keep it from returning to the Abyss. Over the centuries, wizards and clerics have figured out various ways to do this, if they happen to be prepared and get lucky.

    It seems logical that one could do the same for dragons, certainly on the Planes of Men, and probably something in the Abyss (we just don’t know where they are fleeing too in this case, which complicates things).

    The problem is, no one that I know of has ever tried. You’d have to be really committed to it, and prepared to take a lot of casualties.

    I suppose some of the demon princes might know how to actually do this; maybe some have. They just aren’t telling me.




    Well, very hard substances are very important in industrial applications. Polishing, drilling, cutting, grinding, etc. A patch of demon hide would protect you better from bullets than Kevlar, not to mention lighter too! The industrial and military application of the demon hide is astounding! Imagine the possibilities! If humans could unlock the secrets of demon hides, it would be a revolution!

    LOL! I can be creepy if I want too. Well, it is kinda strange that the topic change from interior decoration to skinning demons. Discussions move in mysterious ways. At least it is still related to killing demons which these is all about.

    Joking aside. I think there was these coaches that is pulled by some sort of creature in the Abyss. Are there other living things there aside from demons there? Or are these creatures demons themselves that are just bound in servitude. And there was a mention of excrement. Do demons poop?


    Excellent point! I feel much better now, knowing I’ll dissolve before you skin me.

    Let’s see who lives in the Abyss?


    1) Demons
    2) Dragons
    3) The Damned
    4) Various Demon ‘Animals’
    E.g. Nightmares (used by Hags–these were once human but transformed by a Hag to ride, and often stabled here)
    Cerebus/Hades/Hell Hounds of various sorts.
    5) Talarius =d>

    It’s not uncommon for one of the Damned to be turned into a Demon Animal sort of creature. I suspect that’s where a lot of them come from.

    There are also a number of creatures that “visit” or may be living here, that aren’t exactly native. For example, sphinxes can show up here, but they aren’t native, and they usually aren’t “Dammned” Djinn can exist here, much like ‘mortals’ etc that aren’t Damned. E.g. Jenn, Gastrope’ both visitited.

    I think what you are remembering are the various servants etc at Ramses’ palace, and probably in the Courts. Those were generally demons that he’d shaped changed into variants of creatures found in Astlan and places he’d been (Satyrs, Centaurs, etc) although also a coach or two in the Courts.

    In the courts, you probably would see Nightmares pulling coaches, or maybe a basilisk or wyvern, gargoyle’s have no problem here, large Hell Hound etc.

    Of course, using a basilisk to pull your coach is frowned upon. You think you don’t like oncoming cars with their headlights on bright? Trust me, a basilisk is much worse for oncoming traffic.


    I think he’s a wizard with the cape and other things.

    The robot has a very big head and realistic face.

    What are they doing anyway? They are going to invade a planet?

    (critique to the non cg work: The alien’s pose is off balance would have toppled over or is very uncomfortable)


    Animus dissipates in the realms of men, but is ok in the astral planes correct?

    Does it dissipate in the abyss? If so after a demons body is destroyed in the mortal planes why doesn’t the demons animus dissipate in the abyss?


    I don’t have much knowlege about this so I think I have nothing to comment.


    Who says you haven’t already met them?

    Bwah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah.


    Now, I’m not saying who or from what pantheon may show up, but given the name Heavenly Host, there will definitely be some avatars that have met gods, and it would not be that far out of the blue to have a deific cameo…


    Inevitably Tom is going to need to kill a demon (true death). How does one demon kill another? I know Lilith remarked several times on killing demons (well Tizzy) and it sounded like there are two ways. One where it sounded like the demon is absorbed into the stronger demon and the other where it’s simply dissolved. If it isn’t too much of a spoiler, can you explain it?

    Also, in the fight at the end of volume I, the priests cast a black cloud spell on Tom which severely hurt him and caused him to start bleeding out of his pores (who knew demons had them :p). Were they attempting the CoD? If so why didn’t it instantly kill Tom like with the level 3 demon?


    So in the fight against the Dragon, Tom would have perma-died if he had lost?
    But the Dragon is not perma-dead?


    I wouldn’t mention that to Tom. I’m not sure that’s fully crossed his mind. It might freak him out.

    But yes, if the dragon had been able to keep enough damage coming faster than Tom could regenerate, and exhaust his mana, he’d have died for good.


    [quote=Tizzy;67]I wouldn’t mention that to Tom. I’m not sure that’s fully crossed his mind. It might freak him out.

    But yes, if the dragon had been able to keep enough damage coming faster than Tom could regenerate, and exhaust his mana, he’d have died for good.[/quote]

    But the dragon is comming back in a few centuries?
    If yes, why is the dragon able to do that?

    And how do you perma-kill an Dragon?


    yes, it’s body will take a long time to regenerate.

    I have no idea “where” it is regenerating at; I suppose if I did, I could go and kill it again every few decades to keep it from coming back.

    The only way I can think of, off the top of my head would be a Cloud of Disintegration cast in the Abyss. I “think” that would do it, but I won’t bet my immortality on it.



    Couldn’t the dragon’s animus simply be contained before it has a change to go anywhere? If it was contained correctly then it wouldn’t be able to on feed mana necessary to recreate its body. Also, wasn’t it said that certain beings (animages for example) can manipulate and absorb the animus from another being?

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