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    OK, this should do it. Forgot that I have to restart the app when the email sender breaks and I have to fix it.

    Links should be working now.


    It’s time for my semi-annual reminder that there are actually good forum software packages around, many of which even support users staying logged in.

    A third party was kind enough to package Discourse into a normal Docker image:


    I believe that there have been credible volunteers offering their resources over the years?


    There have been…however…there are lots of creative and content oriented details that I control freak out over…

    Authors are like DM’s, GM’s. They are control freaks and like to micromanage entire worlds…


    I use Joomla3 for work and I’d say… be careful. It’ll nickel & dime on the extensions and themes. It has some power, but it takes a while to get used to things (took me a couple of weeks of 8-5 research and practice before I figured most of it out). Admittedly once it is up and running it looks and works beautifully. That initial setup and learning is a killer though.


    Well in that case…sounds exactly like the sort of project I invariably take on. I have gone through tons of money on add ons and extensions to presumably free or low cost products….all of which take inordinate amounts of time.

    I actually have test Joomla, Drupal and WP sites that I played with for a while. Those I can all get a semblance of the theme (or color variants if I wish), it’s just the content…all the content and then what extensions work best…

    Incredible amounts of playing around and experimenting–which is stuff I love to do–but which is generally not particularly productive when trying to get something out the door.

    Hence my whole point of–I need to buckle down and focus on writing.

    I was too tied up with day job and those other sites I got distracted on, to get much (anything other than edits) this spring and am finally back to story telling so trying to stay focused…

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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