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    Took me a while to understand what you were showing.

    Yes, I have on occasion noticed this in the last month or so. A refresh of the page seems to fix it.

    Not at all sure what it is. The DB is local to the machine.

    I would think there would be more of an error message for db connection.

    If you can note the UTC time when this happens, I can try and check various log files.

    I am wondering it is more of db performance problem and too short of a timeout on the website’s side.

    One thing that is new/recently repaired is the full text indexing of the db. I wish I’d paid more attention to exactly when it started, but it seems like only in the last few months.


    I’ve disabled automatic synchronizer, pretty sure that’s the issue be we are also maxing out RAM at the moment for some reason, cpu rather high as well.


    If you’re using a DB connection pool, is the pool checking the connection with a query before proceeding?

    This started only yesterday for me, so maybe it might well be a function of how many comments you’ve made on the boards… perhaps an index issue combined with the timeouts you mentioned?


    I could do it too it’s just time and such

    And right now I’m scrambling that freaking EM forum because I moved a bunch of stuff to the wrong topic via typo


    Yeah, but I’d have to port the history and then integrate it with the rest of the website content or port that somewhere as well.

    I just wasted a couple months of non-work time completely rebuilding a couple of other hobby sites of mine and thus got no writing done on the other three books.

    So right now I am having my routine morning anxiety attacks about how far behind I am on the three books I have promised….

    At some point, I will need to redo this site and forums, the main site is a CMS and I am stuck on a very old version because the new version uses a very different technology (MVC vs webforms) and the theme generator I use doesn’t work well with MVC (works great for php/bootstrap and lots of other stuff, but not MVC) So porting my theme(s) would be enough of a pain that I’d want to migrate everything to new platform—

    I actually want to get it to something like joomla, drupal or worst case WordPress, but the content migration is something I don’t want to spend the time on yet, I’d rather be writing…so I don’t have readers with pitchforks chasing me around the web…


    A picture is worth a thousand words:

    First it’s borken, but after a reload, it’s worken’.

    Looks like some sort of an intermittent database connection problem, maybe?





    It just did both!

    Lost the forums and my Display Name flipped back again!

    Something is wacky as heck!


    Logging into a relational database…


    DNN logs bajillions of crap into the database that’s unneaded/don’t care about.

    And it’s gotten really bad the last year for some reason. That’s why I had to go to a larger version of SQL Server, the db exceeded 10 Gb a few months back and now it’s at 21 Gb already with only 7% free. I just pushed it to 25, I need to go in and clear out those stupid logging tables, or find out why they are so huge and then delete them.

    That should give us some growth room for the next month or so. Let me know ASAP if you see it again, because then it’s not autogrowth.


    That is what I’m thinking. Haven’t had the chance to actually in and look.

    Could possibly be growth related to. I probably should also add some IOPS to the disk. I’ve got a default 200 which is fine for a typical slow webserver or fileserver, but if you are doing any db activity, it needs to be higher. The vast majority of the year you don’t need much and so it’s rather wasted, I only have so many IOPS per hypervisor to move around, OK, it’s 45,000 but….every 100 IOPS counts….


    As I’ve just observed, some of this code is glitchy too.

    There is something that happens every now and then, I think associated with synchronizing users in the forum and site where my DisplayName in the forum suddenly becomes my username.

    No idea why, can’t find any procedure that will do that. So I have a proc that changes it back.

    I did a refresh, thought I saw no “Active Topics”, refreshed again, they came back and “The Author Guy” for the latest posts were all “Jerry”

    It’s not that I mind it, but I use “The Author Guy” to be more unique than my username, as in someone else might have a preferred Display Name of Jerry something and I want no real ambiguity when posting ex-cathedra


    It’s the tachyons, they are converging on this date.

    … and I lost a post to the bug.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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