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    The Demons of the Book / The People of the Book

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    Heaven’s Doom is fantastic.

    I like Heaven’s Wrath, but I don’t know that it fits for the book.

    Thinking of plot points I suppose I could also do “Revenge of Big Sis” Although I’m not sure anyone knows if she’s a big sis or a little sis. “Revenge of Little Sis” [biggrin]


    And that is what is freaking Tom out.

    Even if he is Orcus reborn, it’s rather questionable to have memories just surfacing as if out of a coma or something.

    Shirley Maclaine needed years of hypnosis and therapy to recall her past lives.

    More seriously, the Nyjyr Ennead spend lots of time and effort on pulling back past lives for their mortal followers on Uropia.


    Added them (The Lord of Oaths was already there without the “The”

    I really like The Forgotten God!

    “The Legions of the Forsaken One” is probably going to be a bit hard to fit on the cover and still be visible, or not blocking the picture.

    The Patron of the Lost is a good epithet for Tommus/Orcus think I will have someone use that in the next book.


    As for book V or VI, should’nt that be Restoration of Doom?

    Btw. I would really not choose ‘Orcus ex Machina’. With this title I would search for Deus ex Machina and find them where before there where none [-x

    In the next book is the Freehold Situation planned to resolve, right?
    Or the traveling Apostels and more activated Doomalogues, with complications from the Alvar?

    Depending on what the focus is, it should be an different name…


    Divinity’s March

    Edit: and we’re not saying which one is the divinity that’s marching. Tiernon or Orcus?


    I’ve created a poll with the most serious names so far.

    Feel free to vote for multiple titles. I don’t think it will let you vote for the same one multiple times.

    Post Replies to add new titles.


    [quote=The Author Guy;5993]
    That’s the real problem with all of these titles in advance and why they are a bit off, and don’t end up meaning what most people think.
    [/quote]So, why do you fix the names in advance?
    Shure begin the name finding/searching, but only fix it right before it goes live.

    We could use Apostles of Doom for the next book and something other for the third…

    Hmm Revelations of Doom? I feel like we get much Information in this one.


    I’ve bookmarked that one.

    I can think of all sorts of uses for Jesus ads.


    [quote=Korwin;5989]Orcus ex Machina[/quote]

    How about Tizzy ex Machina?

    That might be more apropos. :d/


    I am trying/hoping to cover both Freehold and the Apostles march, but not sure what will make it in yet.

    That’s the real problem with all of these titles in advance and why they are a bit off, and don’t end up meaning what most people think.

    For example, the Heavenly Host is supposed to be about the host of angels descending on Freehold, but that’s aborted, and the Heavenly Host ends up being Hilda who has a penchant for hosting parties!

    You might think that the Apostles of Doom would be all about their adventures, but instead it’s about defining who they are, most notable Talarius and contrasting them with the Apostles of Tiernon and Torean.

    So the idea is we pick a title based on where we think it’s going and that’s what we will shoot for that, but I may get side tracked.

    That’s the problem with giving characters free will, they can deviate from their destiny if one is not careful.


    The Demon Prince has Machiavellian undertones, and I like it.



    Now for the hard part. What to call Volume IV?

    Gotta tell you, things are a bit up in the air what with Dysnomia showing up. As you know, did not see that coming. But she really adds a kick to the Forces of Chaos.

    You guys know what still needs to be resolved, what thoughts do you have for the title of Book IV?

    We will do a poll and vote once we have some suggestions.

    Going to start by throwing some out there

    *) Going to rule out Restoration of Glory, since we aren’t going to get there in book IV, it’s probably book V or VI.

    In alphabetical order (with no great preference) and some more tongue-in-cheek than others.

    [list][*]Abyssal Providence
    [*]All in the Family
    [*]Divine Providence
    [*]Doom’s Providence (or Providence of Doom)
    [*]Exador Strikes Back
    [*]Family Business
    [*]Lord of Oaths
    [*]Orcus Ex Machina
    [*]Prisoners of Doom
    [*]Quest for Justice
    [*]The Apostles’ Pilgrimage
    [*]The Demon Lord’s Providence
    [*]The Demon Prince
    [*]The Prince’s Providence
    [*]The Return of the D’Orcs
    [*]The Temples of Doom
    [*]The Oath Breakers
    [*]To Reign in the Abyss[/list]

    Please comment on what you like or don’t like and definitely suggest others or variations!


    The big problem I have is that for presales, I have to lock the final version down about 2 or 3 weeks in advance and can’t change it until after it’s released.

    So, I’m not in a emergency rush to decide, but I want people thinking about it and percolating on it so we come up with the best one.

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