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    [quote=The Author Guy;5786]

    Not sure he’s banging Lilith, he’s gone over the Dark Side, but not quite that dark….[laugh]


    “Good evening, Sentir.” A deep, throaty, and oh-so-very-female voice came from the shadows behind him. Sentir felt his stomach drop at the sound. He slowly closed his eyes to gather his composure and turned to look his guest sternly in the eyes. “You know it is not safe for either of us for you to be here,” Sentir stated. “Yes,” Lilith said slowly and with great import from the low-backed chair in which she reclined, her long,midnight-black feathered wings wrapping around the back of the chair. As she stood, she briefly stretched her giant wings, blocking light from the parlor door. [i][b]Her low-cut, red-trimmed black gown seemed to thrust her cleavage at the archon. He remembered the feel of them quite well.[/b][/i] He brought his eyes back to hers.

    Langland, J.. The Heavenly Host (Demons of Astlan Book 2) (p. 289). Council of Wizardry. Kindle Edition.


    [quote=fallen_one_84;5814]That’s the part that made me think he was banging Lilith.

    I cannot argue with that! =d>


    Like I mentioned in another post, I am going to have to go back and read everything again from a “story” point of view and not in choppy bits and pieces that you do when editing. In particular Book 2. While Book 1 is much older, I’ve read that thing start to finish so many times that it’s only the age of the memories. With Book 2, the beta process twirled stuff around so much that I don’t remember what ended up being there and what did not.

    Also going to read on my kindle instead of PC to get a better reader experience to see if there are things that could be done better in processing.



    I suspect there could be very big Trumpexit from the US.

    Rumors have it that both Canada and Mexico are looking into building border walls to keep Americans from overflowing the borders. :d/

    The problem really is that the sort of turmoil Trump could cause is not going to be limited to just the US, there’s Russia and the middle east, there’s China; he’s already ticked off half the planet’s leaders. Only people that like him are Putin and Netanyahu.

    People are still in shock. I don’t even think the people that voted for Trump thought he would actually win. For most, it was a protest vote against HRC. It is very much like people in Britain googling “what is brexit” the day after they voted for it. OK, maybe not that bad, but from reading a lot of anti-HRC sites, progressive sites, Green Party sites, left wing sites, for all their hatred of HRC, they assumed she was going to win and that it was her they would be fighting with of the coming years. None of them seriously thought Trump would win.

    And I know there are a lot of mainstream/old school Republicans, including ones in office, who are now scared because “they own this crazy” and are going to have to govern and come through on promises that are just not realistic.


    You people are seriously going to elect him.


    well i guess i read too much in to knowing where each others private rooms are.

    they were sneaking into the others rooms through out book 2.


    Lilith smiled mischievously. “ I suppose they are the same. But I am actually referring to something more
    specific.” She turned to look around the room, providing her voluptuous profile for his review.
    “ And that is what?” Sentir asked, starting to lose patience for her games. Tempting as it may be, her presence here was too dangerous.

    TEMPTING dun dun dun.


    [quote=Giwdul;5818]There is something that isn’t quite clear: why does Sentir care about loosing Avatars? I can’t see him being worried about their lives. Does it just look bad on his resume or something?[/quote]

    He’s not completely inhuman (well, actually, he is, he’s an archon, but…) he knows these people, he works with them. If he can do something to assist the Storm Lords with no costs to people he knows, he will. In particular, you don’t want the ones you actually like to perish permanently.

    Plus, the more avatar losses there are, the more people upstairs notice and the greater the likelihood that Tiernon etal will move to investigate and perhaps intercede on a larger scale, which, as we have now seen, is not good for the Storm Lords.


    See perception is everything discussion in the Beta forums.

    He’s actually only a fiend, he has simply convinced everyone that he’s an archdemon and he gets away with it!


    The reaction from the previous US ambassador to our country:


    Oh fuck.

    Posted by Bruce J. Oreck on Tuesday, November 8, 2016


    It’s a rather complicated story, and the real tie in is Aodh and Net.

    He was working with Aodh, Aodh basically drags the others in. Or more precisely, Aodh and Sentir Fallon go looking for a way to kill Orcus. And Danu is out there as well…

    The patsy master is Sutakh, aka Set, the Baron(ess) and some other Chaos Gods . Set in particular wanted to take down the Nyjyr Ennead and Orcus.

    So they got themselves a solution, but such solutions require some compromises, some one might be aware of and some one might not be.


    That’s what I’ve been saying as well.

    However, my argument started falling apart (for my conservative friends) when Weld, the Libertarian VP said he was voting for Hillary…
    And Johnson has flubbed quite a few questions, none of which would matter if his name was Trump.

    And Jill did not do herself any credibility favors with her choice of VP, a man who thinks Bernie and Cornell West are right wing enablers and sympathizers.


    “It reminds me,” Tom said slowly, “of a rather twisted and stunted version of the Manhattan skyline. Is that supposed to be the Freedom Tower?”

    He pointed to the Enslavement Services building. “The Empire State building?” He pointed out the Evil State building.

    Interesting, Antefalken thought. He knew similar names, but not the correct ones. Was he really a novice? Or had he not been here in so long that the names had changed?

    The buildings did change fairly rapidly, the names not quite so fast. They had been the same for at least the last three hundred years.

    “Trump Tower?” Tom asked incredulously.

    Well, at least he got that one right, thought Antefalken, shuddering at the thought of its namesake Archdemon. “Almost,” he said. “Let’s head on in. I’m going to need to go to the Notorious Dame Cathedral.” Tom looked at him cock-eyed. “That I probably should do on my own. I can take you to a bar where we can meet later. In the meantime you guys can just wander around.”



    [quote=The Author Guy;5786]the scaling back of Avatars on Nyseguard was Sentir Fallon in a combination of trying to save avatars and also help the the SL (we assume)[/quote]

    No need to assume anything, he stated his reasons:

    [quote]Sentir Fallon said. “I have been working diligently to withdraw Tiernon’s forces from the plane[h] in order to both assist them and to cover my own—our own—dealings with them[/h]; I don’t want to lose too many avatars and saints…it’s a long story, tangled web issues you might say.”[/quote]

    There is something that isn’t quite clear: why does Sentir care about loosing Avatars? I can’t see him being worried about their lives. Does it just look bad on his resume or something?


    I think i’ve purged the hide it in a temple thing with Beta 2 Going back to book 2 where it was not lost. Idea being that Tiernon never examined it himself, he’d had others do it.

    Not sure he’s banging Lilith, he’s gone over the Dark Side, but not quite that dark….[laugh]

    We really aren’t sure exactly how it got made yet, we have conflicting stories, and that’s on purpose.

    We are going to explore the whole Exador/Sentir Fallon thing more in the next book. I see Sentir Fallon getting quite a bit of make up time and background motivation, he is clearly a conflicted character which always makes great drama.

    the scaling back of Avatars on Nyseguard was Sentir Fallon in a combination of trying to save avatars and also help the the SL (we assume)

    When he was attending archon of Etterdam and then Astlan, he could only recommend caution, once he took over as Elder Archon he had more power to influence Nysegard, and yeah, that’s the right time frame.

    Not clear that Sentir Fallon ever lost track of it, he had just been telling conflicting stories on it.


    The patsy thing also would lead to some of Tiernon’s difficulties in pinning the corruption on him.

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