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    Might have been a time issue. Relogged after 30 mins or so and it showed up.


    Also can we preorder Or pay when we start the beta?


    [color=red]I’d like to join the Heavenly Host beta demons if they’re still recruiting.[/color]


    Thanks for the heads up.

    Tizzy posted the wrong link. He posted the link for Beta Demon Sandwich, which put people in a queue to be added to one of his sandwiches.

    Here is the correct link

    [url=http://www.astlan.net/Default.aspx?rsvp=DoAHHBetaDemon&portalid=9]Heavenly Host Beta Demons[/url]

    In all seriousness, I had first created a Beta Demon group, but then went and added a Heavenly Host Bets Demon group. Thinking maybe I wanted separate groups for each book.

    Tizzy posted the first link for just beta demons not HH beta demons, and the new forum is set for HH Beta Demons.

    I will go and correct the membership of people who clicked the old link.


    The beta is independent of any bookstore so that’s not easy to do.

    But keep in mind, there is no supply or availability issue with the ebook.

    And unless demand suddenly goes through the ceiling like crazy (pray to Tiernon!) there should be no availability issue for the dead tree. It’s print on demand.

    I ordered a galley copy of the Book 1 second edition on Thursday, paid through the nose for priority shipping and had it the next day from Create Space. Even the slowest method (which they told me would be 8+ days, took 3 days from the day I ordered it.

    In fact I will figure out someway to give beta testers away to get a good discount on the Dead Tree one. The ebook version I have no way to technically discount to a group. So I am still thinking about that…the big thing is to get it to people in their kindle libraries. It would be nice if they had promo copies of ebooks…


    Any one that signs up to be a beta demon before the actually beta-release of the books is e-printed.

    Lots of people have put their names in various topics.

    I will search through the forums and grab the emails of everyone that wants to be a beta demon.

    I will then send them a confirmation email with a link to become a betademon. If they have changed their mind or are two busy, then they simply don’t follow the link. Nothing worse will happen to them than a case of boils that won’t ever go away.


    I’ll be a beta reader if you are still looking.


    Needs to be in red font, like signing in e-blood! o:)

    I will be posting a link that will give people access to the beta demon role on the site.

    Just click it (once it’s here) and poof…you start shape changing into a beta demon. You may want to click in the privacy of your own room, btw. Could be awkward if you do it on your phone while at the dinner table or on a bus and you start popping out of your clothes!


    [color=red]I would like to be a Beta Demon[/color]



    [i][size=6][color=crimson][font=comicsansms]I would like to be a beta reader.[/font][/color][/size][/i]



    Let’s Beta the Beta Demon Forum

    “Toto: There’s no place like the Abyss, There’s no place like the Abyss, There’s no place like the Abyss”

    [url=http://www.astlan.net/Default.aspx?rsvp=DoAHHBetaDemon&portalid=9]Corrected link[/url]

    If you follow this link while logged in, and clicking your heals together three times, that “should” register you as a Beta Demon, which should make another forum visible under For Beta Demons only.

    It will unlock it for you and your little dog too…not clear what will happen to your house and if it will land on a witch. But you won’t be in Kansas any more…

    You know it’s odd, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a munchkin of the non-donut variety…oompa loompas…dozens but no munchkins…


    No additional forum, tried logging/unlogging and clicking the link.


    You may need to log out and log back on. I am not 100% sure, I’ve never done this group registration thing before.

    I see you in the group, so I am thinking it’s just log off and back on.


    [size=5][color=crimson]Any chance I could also become a Beta Demon? :D. I clicked the link(s), but no Heavenly Host section has appeared :(. Thanks! Very much looking forward to reading book 2, whether I’m able to read the possible alternate reality version that is the Beta or not :).[/color][/size]

    [size=2][color=crimson][i]… Just practicing here. Must be ready.[/i][/color][/size]

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