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    When in the book you stopped singing ACDC and it switched to instrumental that’s what i perceived it switched to.

    If you enjoy that i Recommend checking out Frank Klepacki’s Work. that song was based off of his work from the Command & Conquer Video Game Series, and there are more Remixes of his songs by fans on



    Going to have to download these recordings for the D’Orcs, they will really like them!


    Personally I was thinking about Amon Amarths Varyags Of Miklagaard. Viking Metal I believe has a good overtone of warrior mentality and harsh vocals to bring out the demon in all of us.


    [quote=Derek;7889]What I imagine a the music of orcs sounds like.


    Hmm, good thing that orcs and D’Orcs don’t like lawyers because pretty sure they stole their song from Orcish lore. The lyrics are pretty much spot on with their “standards” Particularly the part about if humans come by, how they’ll kill them.




    I am sure many would enjoy it, however, thinking of their teeth and tusks, it might be a bit tongue twisting for them

    Their mouths aren’t quite as dexterous as a humans.

    But it’s worth a shot. I will see if I can’t get a balling of some for them to listen to and try out.



    Very good, such a musical language too!

    I’m going to see if they have any tour dates coming up in the Abyss. Maybe we can book them at Doom!


    Of course electrocuted wizard would be preferable


    I’ll back up what i said about the meshuggah songs by posting their lyrics, that’ll help make my thoughts understood better:

    We are origin
    We are increate
    You will see our coming for a thousand years
    Every violent element incarnate
    Made flesh and fused to one
    You may call us remnant, as we are all that will be left
    Brought forth by ancient whisper
    Deployed by inverse suns
    To capture the essence of creation
    And render it undone
    We come to make all things collide
    Those joules define what we are
    An energy born in dissonance
    Long before first ever star
    Baptized in the river you call time
    We know that we are sacred
    In human tongue we’re apocalypse
    For we bring with us obliteration
    Through spectacles tuned to infinity,
    You will see our coming for a thousand years
    You will know us then for what we truly are
    The realization of every fear.

    2nd song:

    Cry if you need to, disguise, evade, hide
    Run ’til you hit water, then swim
    Murder in your wake, plan, commit, exact
    You have earned our rage, now fly
    Beg if you have to, trade away your pride
    Run ’til you hit ground, then dig
    Death in your wake, those fantasies enacted
    You will learn that our rage won’t die
    You will surely pay the ultimate price
    There is no way you will escape our retribution
    It will not matter how long it takes
    You took them from us so we will take you
    Do you believe that luck will somehow stand you by?
    Do you really think our resolve will wane?
    Do you really think that it will dissipate?
    We will haunt you, we will come for you
    To collect on what you owe to us
    Eye for eye, life for life
    Only payment in full can end this strife.

    I mean come on? that’s pretty unlifey/chaotic.



    Took me forever to get to it, was stuck in the Wilds of Eton…again…Internet not great there. Albeit better than home. I wish we had satellite Internet in the Abyss, but, while most tech works, satellites aren’t that reliable…takes them forever to orbit an infinite plane…for some reason.

    Loved the first pass of these, going to have to do again once I get home, although without dialup, I am stuck with my damn dialup AOL connection, it’s going to be most of the night or more to download…

    But first pass tells me this is more than worth the wait.

    Thinking to loop them about 100,000 times so I get a good night’s sleep for once!


    Whatcha listen to when doom happens?


    Hey all, just reread the series again and got to the Nysegard Battle Scene, and when talarius blows the horn of Doom and exador exclaims about the music being played. Do any of you end up playing some music during this scene? I ask because i do and was wondering what people played, aside from ACDC.

    What i usually play on repeat is this song [url=]OC ReMix #1884: Command & Conquer: Red Alert ‘Hell March to the Apocalypse’ [Hell March, HM2] by PuD[/url]

    Have a good Doom!


    Ooh, that will be very relaxing bedtime music for me!

    So nice and ominous….


    Okay, this reply is gonna be dedicated to Character themes, wanna guess who this might fit?

    Here’s another


    Found some more good battle songs, i’ll just keep updating this reply Manowar – Warriors of the world


    Sounds pretty much identical in style to the Doom Metal the guys in our band play!

    Love it! 4 Thumbs up and a 1 Big Toe. I’d give it more big toes, but then I might fall over, currently I’m in a corridor in Doom and don’t have the ceiling height to fly, cause then I could give it 4 Big Toes.

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