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    complement / compliment

    94B.1 “Chef Jerod, you are a true genius!” Trisfelt [b]compliment[/b] the chef. “Never have I had such a delicious preparation of jahiva fish, the citrus marmalade was an incredible touch that perfectly [b]complimented[/b] the fish’s spiciness. And the soup, as I said after eating it was heavenly.”

    The first “compliment” should be “complimented”. The second “compliment” should be “complement”.

    fair/fare no errors found

    To be continued…


    [quote]fair/fare no errors found[/quote]

    Not following that one. :-k


    All uses of fair / fare were correct, no errors found. Just a reminder where I stopped with the homonym check.


    This one was sent in by Rod Member Richard “Tip” Wang:

    affect / effect

    80.1: “Among other affects, it was quite intoxicating to demons.”

    106B: “It had to be some sort of magical affect, such as the ones swords were, in fact, known for under various conditions.”

    106B.4: “Thus against foreign demons, most wizards were forced to use traditional non-demon spells which had varying affects.”

    The last two are a bit marginal. Could go either way.


    80.1 noun thus effect

    106B: magical is adjective so affect is noun so effect

    106B.4 varying nouns so effect again.

    While the rules are clear that effect is the only one of the two that can be a noun, the fact it can also be a verb always causes me to thin affect is the noun.

    I pretty much assume when I write that I am writing the wrong one. So I suppose I should just use the opposite of what I try to write.



    All of your effects were correct, only a few affects were problematic.

    Don’t beat yourself up harder than it takes to regenerate while watching a single episode of The West Wing.



    It’s just that I have typed so many words over the years (there are several half finished books sitting in my queue, plus proposals etc) you would think I’d eventually learn the language.



    Aaron Sorkin knows the language quite well.

    I am not sure I remember “brackets” and “braces” as a punctuation symbol though. I am going to have to their usage up. I only know them from math and programming.


    Your Etonians were what brought that clip, and its nickname “Princeton”, to mind.


    Yes it is very reminiscent of that.

    I no longer remember for sure, but there is a good bet I chose the name Eton for that continent based on the school’s name. At the time I would have come up with it, my friends I were watching lots of Monty Python and similar British shows of the time period.

    The Etonians as a pantheon came a bit later based on the continent and it was all tied out, I remember wanting something aristocratic sounding for this group but again so long long long ago that I don’t remember for sure.

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