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    B Ellis

    Hello again…

    Loved the book and am now on the second download & read through.

    I’ve had a look inside the Kindle file (don’t ask how) and can confirm that the font problem on the Paperwhite is due to incorrect formatting in the file not a device issue. The ‘font_colour’ in the stylesheet is set to #808080 (medium gray) not #000 (black) if that helps track down how the error crept in.



    Page flip really only works well on my Kindle PW…and even then it ends up confusing me since its working differently than on my iphone/ipad and memopad. Although I think it did magically start working on ipad, not yet working on memo pad (android) just checked.

    I think you have an original version.

    Do you see the ToC on the navigation bar? I.e. you can easily flip to the ToC?

    That was there on first version, but subsequent ones that fix the fonts has it disappear. It’s all part of what is driving me nuts. Amazon staff are all on vacation since they aren’t responding withing 24 hours as they are supposed to.

    There are just so many wacky issues. A simple word upload doesn’t even work and I’ve gone over the docx with every tool I can find and there is nothing wrong with the file. So I have to do epubs or html, both of which, now end up with indexing problems. However, the first epub, which I think you have, did have an ToC (which is why I am asking you to see if you do—all have ToC at the start, but you can’t jump to it by nav bar.


    So the font is supposed to be black, but for some reason the epub version sends it to gray. I found and option to strip all colors and that seems to work.

    Still having various wacky issues to work through but getting there.


    Tell me how the fonts look in the first chapter.

    Had reports of it being too light/too dark background.

    I’ve uploaded a new version to fix this, but it will be a couple hours before it gets propogated.


    Fair enough, It certainly makes me cant wait for the next one, so i wont deny that your strategy isn’t working.


    AoD just Kindle synced!


    AoD just synced to my Kindle app! Gonna start reading now!

    B Ellis

    I’ve just forced an upgrade to the latest version of the file. The version on my tablet is OK, but the Kindle version is almost unreadable.

    Can we just stick with black text on a white background please?

    I’m in the UK and reading via Kindle Unlimited if that makes a difference.


    That’s what it is!

    There is nothing funky about it at all. It’s white background, black text, other than for the headings. It’s exactly the same as the last two.

    I have no idea what is up with the kindle versions. For one thing my kindle refuses to hop on the wifi.


    It looks perfectly okay for Kindle on Mac.

    However, that pale gray text w/ italics? Appears only for the scene headers like “Murgatroy: Several hours earlier, DOA + 1, Shortly After Lunch”

    It is possible Amazon is somehow missing the close tag from the first header and so it is converting the whole book.


    There are quite a few wacky issues going on.

    It really is not liking the DOCX file in any format that Word does, e.g. DOC, RTF even HTML

    With DOCX, DOC, RTF the front matter up through prelude repeats and then you can’t page to the first chapter, you have to go to index.

    So went to EPUB, looked good in software viewers, but T-A-G couldn’t get a real one for his KPW until this morning. But got reports. That’s where the text color goes grey. However, the POV change stuff, while gray, does not bleed italic, it bleeds color

    Did an HTML version, but that had a ToC in front, but not on the menubar to quick skip. But it reads fine.

    So back to EPUB, found an option to strip out any color in the fonts. That cleared that up. Found that from a link in Amazon forums from a reader who’d seen it in other books. Apparently the PW has some wacky ideas of how to present text in some cases, trying to make it more readible….NOT.

    But now for some reason the “beginning” point from the menu goes to the page before the “Prelude” the second page of Beta Credits. At least in the preview software.

    He published that and will look at it to see if that’s a software glitch on the viewer.

    Waiting on Amazon staff to get back on ticket, but holiday so….


    YES! New years happened, i got back to my computer and BAM the book! started reading immediately, passed out halfway through, and then continued reading once i woke up. I gotta say it was everything i was hoping for, and somehow even more than that! the way everything ties together PERFECTLY is amazing! everything made sense and had me going “I can’t believe i didn’t realise this!”. only issues i had were that i cannot read it on Kindle cloud reader for some reason, and only saw a single Typo m; instead of me in page……like 80% into the book.

    Anyways oh my god as a phrase just doesn’t do this justice, let’s just say i would sell my soul for Book 4 right now.


    Speaking in hidden text:

    One should think so.

    Of course, one also notes that Bess and the Nyjyr Ennead laughed at Ramses for not recognizing her as a goddess from when he was mortal.

    It would also seem odd that she doesn’t recognize Exador as the Vicar General of the Rod who ordered her people slaughtered. Talk about irony. It’s not like he even changed his name.

    It would also, in reverse, seem odd that Exador doesn’t recognize her (as Ramses doesn’t) as a goddess of a pantheon he ordered wiped out.

    So one must assume that there is more afoot than all parties are revealing.

    Now to be fair to Exador and Ramses, what the Nyjyr Ennead is doing in the Abyss is pretty much unthinkable, no gods would ever do this (except Orcus, but then people don’t know/realize he’s a god) and it certainly would break the Balance and cause all sort of issues with the Tribunal if deities, sworn to stay out of the Abyss, actually had a base of operations in the Abyss.



    Amazon finally got back to me at 4:45 am CST, “Sorry for the delay”

    They are going to investigate the “quality control issue” and updates and decide by Jan 7 whether or not they will push it out to everyone.

    I write back. Read the reviews on the book’s page. People are giving 1 and 3 stars because the thing is unreadable on a Paper White and you don’t know if this is an issue that should be sent out?

    On the Kindle Cloud Reader they said they looked at my account settings (sent me some xml stuff) and said it wasn’t enabled so wouldn’t work. And I’m like “OK, how am I supposed to enable it? It works on the other books?”

    And they were mum on the other issues with the DOCX that forced me to do epub.

    These guys are annoying. They know they are the only game in town and they just don’t care.

    Argh. I wish I had enough mana to summon Tizzy and Boggy to go talk to these guys. I’m sure they would get things straightened out ASAP.

    Wouldn’t send Tom, don’t want them to give them heart attacks. Maybe just loosen their bowels a bit.


    Actually, while you are online (not TAG), tell them you have multiple books that need to be updated. Their systems knows which are out of sync on your content vs. their system and they can just push all of the ones for which you are out-of-date.

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