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    Well, it’s only one word. Doomstar and in the case of Gormegast, it’s a very large moon/dwarf planet very close to the size of Pluto, however, the volcano is huge and sort of makes the Doomstar look like one of [url=]Robert Heinlein’s torchships. [/url]

    At last contact it was orbiting a gas giant, however, thanks to the elemental portals it can also move like a torchship. And, there is an aethereal drive as well, as well as large weapon batteries and defensive shields.


    Maybe the doomalogue could be called The Doom Star. Or Doom Killer Base xD


    Yes, but it is one word, The Doomstar, and in the case of Gormegast is is on a large moon/dwarf planet about the same size as Pluto in your star system.

    However, the volcano is huge, and there is no audience chamber in it, rather it is the propulsion device. Because of its size, it looks like one of Robert Heinlein’s [url=]torchships[/url], only made out of rocks.

    When fully powered with elemental portals, it moves very much like a torchship as well. It is heavily armed and has shields. And of course, an aethereal drive for FTL travel.

    At last contact it was orbiting a large gas giant.


    Planet isn’t big enough with out force fields etc to keep the atmosphere in. It would bleed off before too long. There are sealed regions inside though, but again after 4,000 years, best to grab an escape pod and get somewhere with air, if you have to breath.


    visiting high tech worlds


    Tom mentioned that when he mastered fantasy he will start sci-fi, But will that actually happen in this series?


    No, yes, sort of.

    Oak Orks of the Antilles, which will be launching sometime plus or minus book 4 will involve Trig Bioblast, and while a “standalone series”, he will be interacting with people from Doom, since he is one of Tom’s shamans. I would expect Tom to show up in that series, but more like a guest starring role. There will be some Doomites that join that series.


    I wanna see a drawing of that >.> So is the volcano so tall that it breaks through the atmosphere? because the thought of a volcanic propulsion device shooting through the atmosphere to reach space sounds like a bad idea.


    Who needs an atmosphere? Only weaklings who have to breath.

    But, yes, there is an atmosphere, but we have to keep resupplying it from the Air Portal. Oooh. I hope they were able to get all the mortals off it when the links went down. D’Orcs won’t mind the vacuum but many others will.


    If the links went down that means the VPD also went off right? so the atmosphere should be stable.


    they didn’t bother to increase the internal mass of the moon in order to hold an atmosphere?


    You don’t need to do that if you have an elemental gateway to Earth, it provides all the gravity you could want. Plus they have (when active) a magnetosphere which is also important to keep an atmosphere it comes from the Fire plane.


    Fair enough, I’ll agree that they solved the issues, and i’m sure the only reason this solution would fail is because Orcus was killed, which i mean who could’ve predicted that? but still i find relying entirely on portals to elemental planes that can be closed to be a little foolish.

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