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    Clearly losing weight like that really is Magic.

    But I guess there are some limits to my ability to believe in fantasy.

    I mean, can you imagine being able to:

    1) Eat anything and everything you want and as much of it as you want.
    2) Be able to lose the weight you build up within a matter of hours and be svelte
    3) Be a very powerful wizard able to cast magic spells.

    I mean, isn’t that just too good to be true?

    that would be like my ultimate fantasy…


    Yes, definitely.

    Although I would say a majority of them are from Astlan like worlds, meaning the laws of magic are the same or similar. or at least this is true of the ones that are in the Courts and the vicinity. The Abyss is technically infinite, so who knows who or what is on the far side of the plane.

    This also all ties out to the fact that those are the only worlds Astlanian’s themselves can easily get to via the Astral plane. Worlds too far removed from them are too “skewed” if you will for them to enter with their magic.

    that being said, The Abyss and people from the Abyss (meaning demons) are not so limited.

    For quite a number of planes, the Abyss appears to function more like a normal plane. As far as we can tell. There is regular trade with the Denubian worlds for example. The Denubians have no exact belief system that corresponds to demonology. Actually, they don’t really have much in what we would call belief systems, or at least they never talk about religion. The seem to be Atheists, but it’s really hard to say. They are pretty closed mouthed across all their mouths on such issues.

    For Earth, or rather, the Earths, the connection seems to be very very similar to Astlan, in that those on an Earth that know of the Abyss, consider it pretty much the same way the Astlanian’s do. However, this is complicated by the fact that the Earths are relatively mana poor and getting back and forth between them is very difficult.

    In practice, this is where the Incubae and Succubae become handy. If a demon lord can get enough children on an Earth like world, they can potentially open up portals to let their parent through.

    For other worlds that have different rules of magic for example, we can and they can, get there, but a lot of them have belief systems such that rather than the abyss, their equivalent to demons live in an outer plane controlled by some dark god or similar.




    You are very much correct in that Astlanians (humans, elves, etc) all have very strong Elemental Affiliations based on their Astrological sign.
    And in fact this actually plays a role in their ability to cast spells. For example someone born under the sign of [url=]Hydros[/url] has a natural talent for Sorcery and would, all other things being equal, be a better Sorcerer than one born under Infernos. Although, obviously training/experience can overcome this, but the influences do hold throughout life.

    So therefore you’d expect other signs to matter as well.

    The problem of course is that the demons are all from distant planes with different elemental signs and affiliations. And on many of those worlds, the elemental affiliations aren’t as strong.

    I’m not sure that anyone has every sought to measure this or understand this. If demons had scientists, it would be a great thing to measure and test. However, we don’t have any.

    Scientists who become demons seem to sort of go overboard in a world of magic and go with: “scientific principles be damned, I can do magic!”

    A lot of the fire affinity is because fire represents energy, all the elements have energy, it’s just much more loosely bound with fire. It’s raw energy and you need that raw energy to open portals etc. Fire provides the gateway for summoning, and fire represents the rage that demons harbor.

    So in that sense fire gets most associated with demons.

    The second most associated element is Cold, and Ice. Cold of course is anti-fire, and Cold+Water=Ice. There are Ice Demons. A bunch of ice demons have been wreaking havoc in the northern part of this other plane I’ve visited. At the moment they are trapped north of a giant wall, but I hear they are coming south fast. Well, not that fast, apparently their author guy is even slower than my author guy….

    And, I should add, there are rumors of parts of the Abyss that are icy cold in counter point to the hotness we are familiar with.

    Note, for example, all the elements have positive and negative aspects, thus it would make sense for there to be a “Cold Abyss” and a “Hot Abyss”

    However, I don’t know much about that, just what you hear on the street.


    I know that the abyss and demons are often described as having a natural affinity to fire in most instances, but shouldn’t their be some that are aligned to other elements. Humans would naturally have an affinity to different things, so does being a demon simply increase/add an affinity to fire alongside their natural affinities, or does it warp their natural affinities in their binding as their soul is warped.


    I think you are missing some words.

    Are you asking if history section will get filled out in more depth after Tom’s story?

    If so, yes, and during.

    It grew a little bit today in fact. There are a few related additions to the timeline, and some related cartography information updated.

    As we get closer to Book II, there will most likely be more history released/posted to give background for various characters and events.


    Will a more thorough analysis of the events which transpired within the course of history in Astlan after the completion of Tom’s story?


    What about Demon Princes? How exactly are they created?:-k


    [quote=Ba’al-Abaddon;2912]What about Demon Princes? How exactly are they created?:-k [/quote]If I got it right, they are not created.
    But are Type 4 Demons, with enough experience (and magic) to get enough minions, to call themself Demon Princes.


    Well, I sort of think that’s exactly what Ramses and Exador are planning to do.

    Bess, of course, is just using them to get the book for her buddies on the moon. And then kick Tiernon’s butt.

    So, should Exador and Ramses ever figure this out, they might need a new partner.

    Maybe you should polish your resume and have it ready?


    Well, presumably they could start out as an Imp or Shadow and spend thousands of years “leveling up”

    Of course, that has not been working out for me. But then for some reason, I don’t have a lot of initiative. If I were to be honest, I think I just enjoy chillin with my pipe a bit too much.

    If you can have a Greater Shadow maybe a Shadow Prince?

    Very cool title at the least. Ooh, maybe the shadows are ruled by The Prince of Shadows?


    Probably not.

    Shadows are the same power level/range as imps. But they are bodiless dark regions. (which is odd because in the Abyss, there is no Fierd and thus no shadows? Except in the Court and in caves of course.) On the Planes of Men, shadows can move freely at night, but there is no night in the Abyss. That would sort of suck. You’d need to get to a cave and you’d be stuck there. Although that Morthador fellow seems to show up at Exador’s tower in broad daylight somehow.

    Really should start paying more attention to those things.

    I would assume if something is a Greater Shadow, it would have roughly the same strength as a Greater Demon (again there are lots of variations among all demon levels) but if presumably an ‘average’ shadow would be able to deadlock or have a 50/50 chance of beating an ‘average’ greater demon.

    So presumably a Shadow Prince would be somewhere on the same range as the other princes.

    But again, once you get up into that stratosphere, it’s not all about “power” it’s also about “clever/intelligent/resourceful” use of power.
    The ability to out maneuver your opponent.

    I have not seen Jenn’s diary online, or offline. She doesn’t have interdimensional access so not sure how she would have posted it. Plus being private not sure she would want to post it.

    However, maybe what you read was about an alternate version of the first summoning written from Jenn’s perspective. T-A-G was going to put that online, not sure if he did. It would be in the Library, either in the wizardry section near Conjurors, or maybe, but doubtful demon section.

    Taking a quick look, not seeing it there, he may not have posted it…I’ll bug him.


    Speaking of Books, what about that book Lenamare and Jehenna are going coo-coo for coco puff for?
    My theory is that its a cook book.


    Oh Freehold sounds dreadful….. my kind of city


    Also did you lock this diary of yours by any chance?



    Knew I forgot something.

    However, as Argh-nargoloth mentioned, it’s very hard to open!

    I like my thoughts private, which is why I am so close-mouthed and non-communicative.

    A lot of people have trouble telling what I’m thinking because I am so tight lipped! At least that’s what I’ve self-diagnosed as the reason for my difficulties in communicating with people.

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