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    How to report problems/issues/comments/corrections to the book.

    The book has chapters 80 through 111.

    Inside of each chapter are ~ which are shifts of scene or character point of view

    For the purpose of BETA editing, each ~ has a (Chapter#.Scene) notation

    E.g. 83.3 is Chapter 83 Scene 3.

    You will note that there is actually a 0 Scene in every chapter. This is the first scene in each chapter before the break.

    So if there is something to report in Chapter 83 before Scene 1 use 83.0

    So, what I want people to do is this.

    First person with an issue with a scene, create a topic in this forum called (Chapter#.Scene) Issues

    E.g. (83.0) Issues

    People with comments on the issue, or MORE issues with the same Chapter/Section, add to the topic. I.e. let’s keep all issues with a given scene in one place.

    Any other issues that are multiscene or over all, just post with a descriptive topic name.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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