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    Jus some bored wikipedia reading, but…
    – Horkos = son of Eris. Horkos punished broken oaths and perjury.
    – Orcus = does the same and has a similar name.
    – Eris, step mother to the Five Siblings

    So… Orcus is a half brother to Tiernon and a step-nephew to Hephaestus? #-o ](*,) ](*,)


    [SPOILER][quote=Iume;4589]Jus some bored wikipedia reading, but…
    – Horkos = son of Eris. Horkos punished broken oaths and perjury.
    – Orcus = does the same and has a similar name.
    – Eris, step mother to the Five Siblings

    So… Orcus is a half brother to Tiernon and a step-nephew to Hephaestus? #-o ](*,) ](*,)[/quote]

    Need to dig a little bit further at Wikipedia. Orcus is the roman god of the underworld, punisher of broken oaths. Later he was often confused with Dis Pater.

    If you follow the mythology north, you have the orcnae (various spellings) that Tolkien used for orcs and it all ties out rather interestingly. Therefore you go to “orc” in Wikipedia to look of the old english versions.

    Eris, aka Discordia the sower of Discord, talk about an evil step mother. Depending on which greek tradition you choose, Hephaestus is either the son of Zeus and Hera, or Hera alone (asexual birth as revenge for Zeus’ single parenting of Athena)

    There are two Eris (supposedly) One daughter of Nyx (night) asexually the other of Zeus and Hera. They each represent different types of Discord/Strife.

    So Hephaestus and Eris are either half siblings (if Hera birthed him asexually), not siblings (if from Nyx) or full siblings (both from Z&H)

    So Orcus would be somewhere between loose family to full nephew of Hephaestus and step-brother of Tiernon.

    You probably should have put spoiler around that.

    So one might see the Greek tragedy in:

    Step brothers (and sisters) conspire to lock their mother/step mother–father/step father in Tartarus and later, several years later, in an effort to keep the peace between his step brother and another god and keep a world from being destroys, accidentally has his step brother, the warden of Tartarus killed by one of his servants.



    Huh if you Google “roman god of the underworld” Pluto’s name pops up. And it says he was originally the physical god of the underworld see: wealth gold etc. And that essentially became the spiritual god as well through association. Being hades, the Greek god of the underworlds, roman counterpart.

    Orcus on the other hand had no cult in the main cities and therefore survived after the other cults died out. And because he was associated with punishing evil doers his name was used for demons and other underworld monsters. Particularly the Orco a Italian fairy tail that were evil monsters who ate humans. This is apparently Tolkien’s inspiration for orcs. Also orco inspired a fairytale for ogres in France.

    So says the mighty Wikipedia. Knowledgeable about all.



    No contradiction other than all the contradictions of Wikipedia. Which are, in effect, the contradictions of mythology that we have today which is different ancient Greek authors giving their spin.

    There were two underworld gods, Hades and Orcus ( the major ones ) We have not seen Hades, because there is no need so far. We are mixing a lot of religions to create a “compromise” reality that is slightly/barely reconcilable.

    Hades was sort of in charge of normal dead souls, Orcus was in charge of punishing oath breakers and such. Failures of Honor.

    I would argue that Orcus was in charge of the criminals, the oathbreakers and such. Hades just handled the Olympian afterlife. If you had an Olympian contract, he was the guy that handled your afterlife. Unless you did something “bad” like breaking and oath, in which case you were handed off to Orcus.

    One might presume that the Titans (and others) were deserving of oath breaking punishment (“I swear not to deliver fire”) and so locked up in Tartarus. Of course, they took more than just that. Perhaps that is the “sin” of Orcus that led to his downfall.

    Again, I am arguing here, this topic, based on Wikipedia. It’s crowdsourced. I am actually going on my “visions” [unsure] and so reserve the right to say “Wikipedia screwed up/is wrong” But…to be fair…it is not so much wrong as incomplete.

    I actually go back to “original sources” o:) Meaning Edith Hamilton, the ADD Monster Manual, and similar RPG books and fantasy books from various sources.


    Would a God and a demon be able to have a kid together, I mean I know that when demons have kids they share some of there animus to make it and I assume the gods do the same so is it possible? And what would it be a God or demon, demigod, or a hybrid demon god :-k


    Actually, we will be discussing this, as the story goes on, probably more in later books. Here are scattered and varied notes.

    These are all similar energy beings, whatever they are called, so the certainly could. And in fact, we know from Greek mythology that they can procreate asexually as well.

    For example Athena was borne of Zeus, and Zeus alone, similarly, the alternate Eris was supposedly birth asexually from Nyx (Night).

    In the case of Orcus, we will learn that he really did not like the gods, he thought they were rigging the game against mortals. Technically, he was of divine descent, one of the “elite” but he chose to be a populist rabblerouser (according to many gods). He chose not to live in the outer planes, he did not join a pantheon, he did not harvest mana from mortals as if they were cattle, or fruit trees.

    Doom was his answer to this problem. Yes, it needs animus present to work, but it’s not harvesting mana from people, it’s generating new mana using their associated animus as a catalyst. Now, in saying this we have to be clear that the reason people have to sleep at Doom is not because their mana is being harvested, but rather that they are in competition with Doom for the ambient mana that is being generated by Doom’s generators. By sleeping, people (demons) can accumulate a greater share of mana since they aren’t expending as much (demons absorb mana to regenerate, power their unnatural selves etc).

    Anyway: All of the Rituals of Immortality create very similar beings

    Demonization: Creates demons
    D”Orcanization: Creates D’Orcs
    Canonization: Creates Saints (maybe archons too, or??)
    Divine Ascension: Creates demi-gods who may become gods.

    All of these are Immortals and as such they share common characteristics, most specifically the ability to transcend the material planes and operate on the outer planes, material planes, the Abyss in various forms.

    They are immaterial/energy beings who can exist without degrading on the material plane when not material. Most of them have the ability to either create material semi-bodies (like demons do when summoned) or fully incarnate as Beragamos did in order to get into Freehold which means his body is very real, and subject to aging and is anatomically correct inside. It also does not shapeshift (unless he gets bitten by some sort of therianthrope)

    Tom, for example was worried about his internal plumbing (could he eat etc) his demon form can fake it.

    Now actually this is very interesting because Rupert could always shapeshift, which means his body has always been a demon form, not a true incarnated body, apparently.

    Finally, ghosts and spirits are like pale shadows of these beings, perhaps eventually achieving full immortality.

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