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    (May have series spoilers)


    There are people and things in Book II that are setups for later books.

    Some are obvious, some may not be. So I thought I’d talk about those in this topic.

    These are just details that influence why stuff is. However, the more important point is how their inclusion in this book affected your impression of the storyline.


    The Asmeth Plotline:

    In case it wasn’t obvious, the 3 passengers on Captain Asmeth’s boat are 3 of the inter-dimensional brigands described by Trisfelt, and they are fleeing Oorstemoth.

    They are three of the people hired by Lenamare to steal the book from Oorstemoth and who Lenamare left out to dry in prison.

    They are escaped prisoners of Oorstemoth. Hunted by Oorstemoth. They are pissed at Lenamare. So they are antagonistic to Oorstemoth and Lenamare.

    They are traveling down to the southern continents to meet up with two other culprits, one is a very odd wizard called the Mobius Magi (who is not your normal mage) and the other is Asfrid and she’s been dead for many centuries now, but is still going strong.


    The Djinn

    The Djinn are allies of Turelane and enemies of Exador. They were also allies of Orcus and don’t like Lilith. They also don’t like the Etonians and refer to them as false gods (technically though, all gods but their god are false gods)

    They will be allies of Tom against Exador and Tiernon.

    This gets interesting because Randolf is trying to capture/imprison/kill Exador, even though he technically is Exador’s sycophant. He does this to keep his people safe, avoiding the fate of Abancia that Exador basically obliterated.

    Turelane has a very long history with the Djinn and each ruler since its founding (and before) has been an anchor for a djinn in the material world.

    Phaestus/Hephaestus/Vulcan & Völund

    Actually, Tamarin calling Phaestus Vulcan was not supposed to be a reveal.

    He introduced himself to Reggie as Hephaestus, which is the Greek Nname for Vulcan. Reggie just didn’t know that, and he still doesn’t get the Vulcan reference.

    Also, recall that Hephaestus was mentioned in the Grove by Duranor, the dwarven Geomancer Elder of the Grove.

    Hephaestus is also known as pêTah a member of the Nyjyr Ennead. He is one of the few of that pantheon with worshipers in the localverse

    So Phaestus=Hephastus=Vulcan=pêTah is an ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian god. He helped build both Tartarus and Mount Doom.

    He is a very interesting character in that he is on good terms with Mount Doom and the djinn, and is a god of the dwarves, which means he doesn’t get along with Elves. He is also a member of the Nyyer Ennead so that means he works with Bess and the rest.

    Völund is the nordic name for Wayland the Smith, a quasi-nordic deity/jotunn. Known to sleep with valkyries. Mythic-ally, he plays a role very similar to Hephaestus in European mythology. Here, they are two people that are friends.

    Völund is more a smith an engineer, Hephaestus is a craftsman/smith/artisan/engineer.

    Völund is who is believed to have forged Excalibur along with many other blades and weapons.

    He ties out to the jotun’s and the norse deities

    He also helped build Mount Doom. He has lived there for several thousand years, but does on occasion leave



    The Nyjyr Ennead (Bess and friends)


    Bess, if not obvious by now, is the Egyptian goddess [url=]Bastet[/url]

    The Nyjyr Ennead are basically the old gods of Egypt. They are down on their luck, first the demiurge began kicking their butts under the rule of the Pharoah Ramses and then by Christianity and Islam on Earth. On other planes it was the Etonians that came after them.

    They were basically driven out of the localverse and pretty much everywhere.

    They stopped wasting mana on having a set of Outer Planes and moved to Uropia the closer moon of Astlan. They are tryig to stage a comeback.

    They are running several games trying to get their revenge on the Etonians and reclaim their rightful glory.

    Ramses the Damned (the guy who’s army was swallowed in the Red Sea) moved to the Abyss upon death. He did an Exador thing with the Anilords pretending to be human for sometime. All the Ramses are him, and he is an archdemon.

    Ramses never really believed in the Egyptian gods and so has no clue that Bess is Bastet, although she knows who he is.

    She teamed with Ramses and Exador to get the book, which she then intended to steal from them, because gods outrank archdemons (in theory)


    More in a later post.

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