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    I dig it, and will be donating.


    Egomaniacal Gods trying to kill each other!


    Remember Populous?

    It was like God training for the gods.

    Now there is a new Kickstarter out there:


    Create your own religion as a tribal god in Godhood: the new PC god game by the creators of Reus.


    Of course, I am sure you have no idea why I would be interested in this, and that will just have to be one of mysteries!


    Those greedy machinators forced me to really pay up so I could get an Evil Temple Site!

    I am sorry, but people of an evil persuasion are horribly persecuted on your world! Actually, on most worlds.

    Not to be confused with Unlife who are not so much evil as icky, smelly, putrid, ravenous, rampaging and seriously antisocial!

    I mean, sure, demons do sometimes eat people, or more likely, force people to eat themselves and relatives…see Boggy’s Accursed Master.

    But Unlife just go around willy-nilly eating others for no good reason–like revenge, torture, sadism–just random eating of people without purpose.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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