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    Mad I drove to work I had an idle thought. I wonder if Damien has balled / recorded any of his time in the abyss. I’m sure the Wizard Conciliation would be interested, but even more importantly I’m sure he would love to see Lenimar’s reaction.


    He did not, and I am thinking he would be burnt at the stake as a heretic if he showed them that one!


    I mean that is really the trauma he and Gastrope’ are facing; they are basically being driven into an alliance with the FOE (Forces Of Evil); after priding yourself as being a “good guy” and in theory, at least tacitly aligned with the FOG (Forces Of Good) what do you do when you realize that some of your best friends, who you want to help, are legendarily Evil?

    I am pretty sure you don’t want to admit it to others. You will want to stay in the COE (Closet Of Evil)

    Even if it would freak the living daylights out of Lenamare. I fear it would be one of those Pyrrhic victories….

    But it does give one warm fuzzies to think about.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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