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    Clearly Tom has some grand scheme in place as no demons in the abyss no of his existence, and it is quite difficult to hide a IV from an immortal populace for so long. He has a son who is also a IV that looks just like him, but smaller. This shows that he is clearly a being of great power and foresight:-k . He must be purposefully trying to deceive other into thinking him a newcomer, but he shows an aptitude for making physical gates into Astlan, and stole mana from a God[-o< . At least that is what others will think. Tom's overwhelming lack of any real plan or ideas of what to do other than study to be a better animage, survive, screw Lenamore, and alleviate boredom](*,) will leave everybody trying to counter a large butterfly of chaos without any direction what so ever:d/ . Remember it is very hard to predict the actions of somebody without any real definitive foundation or goal:-s . No will be able to stop him from reaching his destination beyond the next hill.=d>


    Beyond the next hill was just a way of saying he just keeps moving with no end in sight.
    I’m not an expert, but the Abyss lacks food for humans, and gods in general, so how will Talarius survive?
    I also think it will be nice to see his view of black and white broken. Nothing is ever black & white, but it is always various shades of grey.



    Vile maleficent miscreants! Both of you suspicious suspects of superfluous self-effacing supplication are attempting to obdurately obfuscate the issue!

    Evil most vile has been perpetrated and must be adjudicated!

    There is no such thing as omniscience! This is pervasively and patently prevaricated upon in Oorstemothian Philisophical Code 1100.99.34.2 Subsection 29.3 Sub-Subsection B123.934

    Field Protectator Wylan at your service!


    Well I suppose the author wouldn’t appreciate that. Lol oh well. I guess I’ll just wait for a little less than a year for the next book.

    Lol I thought insanity bread omniscience? Or is that reversed? Lol actually now that I think about it, if someone became omniscient I think they would probably go insane from to much info.


    All generally true…except he has no idea what his destination is.

    Fortunately, plenty of others have their own destinations in mind. You know, of course ,about Lenamare’s plans (sort of), and Exador’s that’s two groups.
    Plus there are the reactionary plans of Oorstemoth and the Rod. However, there are also OTHER players who, so far have either not shown up or have only made cameo appearances.

    And in fact it’s these other players that make that author guy nervous about the books spinning out in a Jordanesque manner. To capture their perspective accurately requires a lot of ground. The author guy needs to try to rein that in and strike a balance between completeness and comprehensibility.


    Where will Tom go?


    Is Tom going to go back to his home realm? His mother could go to a psychic asking about her son, the psychic would say something like ‘Thomas Edward Perkinjay! I summon thee! Spirit come forth!’ Or something like that. But it would mean he would hear his name and could follow the summons from the abyss… I think.

    Anyway just a funny idea. Give his mom and the psychic (could be fake or real doesn’t matter since all Tom needs is his name said) a heart attack seeing a demon pop out of thin air. Hilarious! Anyway since there is only one abyss it might connect to every human realm above in roughly the same way. I’m just wondering if he goes back home eventually.


    (scratching my chin with the stem of my pipe)

    Curious, isn’t it. Obviously a coincidence! :-k

    Why would I want to share my demon weed? I know Maelen was sniffiing around trying to get his hands on mine. Or at least I see the way he looks at me when I’m smoking. Them Seers…they get addicted pretty easily for some reason.


    An here I thought Tizzy has already made it to Tom’s Earth as a seller of drugs to Reggie. They both have that pipe thing going.


    Somehow I missed seeing this…don’t know how…

    Yes, the low mana level of earth would be a huge problem.

    I would have to think some demons have tried to figure out a way back over the last few millenia….



    I wouldn’t mind Tom dropping back home, its likely he’ll be able to go seeing as how The Abyss is built like New York City so therefore there still must be a connection to it. However, Tom’s world is Astlan now, if he went back it’d only be I’d imagine to say bye to his mother.

    Actually I wonder if Demons would be trapped and what would happen if they went to earth. From what I gather, earth is an extremely low in mana, perhaps non-existant realm, making magic nearly impossible as well as making it difficult for any ‘magical’ species to survive there. Since Tom no longer has a physical body, only a magical construct of a sort, I imagine it wouldn’t survive long on earth… or perhaps he’d be trapped there unless he had enough energy to cross back.


    OH….puh lease….

    I hope you aren’t buying this “I’m really omniscient cause I’m crazy” crap from Tizzy?

    This demon is a known faker. A fraud! A scoundrel! No one seriously thinks he’s sentient let alone omniscient!



    =d> OK, now I know you have skipped to book IV

    What does the book say about me? Tizzy?

    I am obviously the only sane, normal, grounded individual in the book! Which is why I am not omniscient!

    You are good, aren’t you? =p~


    OK…let’s see, the poor woman:

    1) Lost her first husband in a giant ball of fire at a physics lab a decade ago
    2) Her second husband dumped her and moved to California
    3) Her son is the first known death from a pot overdose

    And now you want her to know that her son is damned for all Eternity as a demon?

    You’ve been hanging out with Exador and Ramses too much my friend…you’ve certainly got their sense of humor! o:)

    You’d fit in pretty well here in the Abyss. I can guarantee you that! Maybe you and me could go terrorize some humans together.

    Heh heh.

    Anyway, i can’t tell you if he gets back home, cause if you knew that you wouldn’t buy any more books, since you’d know the ending!

    Plus, I’m not omniscient, I’m just a run of the mill octopodal demon!

    Besides, I haven’t told the author yet what happens, and he’s sold his soul to me in exchange for Earthly publishing rights.


    Very observant point…and there are some other interesting points about how the abyss works that Talarius will find out about in Book II.

    Humans do come to the Abyss, and they can be tortured there for centuries, and they can suffer…and you are correct there is not much for human food or water and this is often used as part of the torture….

    His reaction to the upcoming events will be to say the least…complex and probably mercurial. It’s going to be a wild ride for the guy.

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