Final Book 3 Name!

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    I am supposed to get Book II back from the editor at the end of the week. We therefore need to have a name for Book III at the end.

    I have narrowed down the list; eliminating a few that I just didn’t think would work.

    Please vote, for one and one thing only.

    If you don’t like any of them, choose “None of the above” and I’ll go back to the drawing board and just pick something else not on the list. No idea what, but I’ll figure it out.



    Where are all the others? Nobody but me votes?


    I vote: None of the above. Seems like a good name… joke.

    By the way. You can view in Statistics (the very bottom of the forum) when the last post was made and who made it, even if it is in the Beta forums. Most of the time it just says The Author Guy.

    I observed that the frequency of visits spiked in beta 1, then drop in beta 2. The visits virtualy ceased near the end of beta 3 where the last post where some discussion whether to incluce Tom’s fight with the Chaotic Knights in book 2 or not. Then comes Beta 4, post includes a few appreciating the inclusion of the fight… and then silence.


    Time to name Book 3


    I’ve noticed that post beta 4 (or about beta 4) people sort of vanished from the site. I.e. very little activity in the forum sort of causes people to check less often; so not a lot of people have been logging in to see this.

    I think that’s actually a problem of the beta forums being for the beta demons only. You have to login to see activity in the beta forums and you have to log in to see the shout box.

    So what is happening is people come by, but don’t log in and don’t see anything happening (because they aren’t logged in) and they go away.

    Pre-beta we had more activity because all the forums could be read by anyone and you didn’t have to hassle with logging in to see if there was a discussion.

    I think I am going to post in a public forum asking beta readers to vote. Actually I will move your please Vote post to a public forum, if it’s not there already.


    Saw the mention of the voting on Amazon and jumped over to vote. b4 is ending, B2 is coming, and B3 writing has started. Whoo!


    You are write on the stats, that’s what I watch. But you have to be logged in to see the stats on the beta forums because they aren’t public.

    So for example, what we say during heavy beta testing was a ton of activity, exactly as you note. However someone cruising by, even a beta reader, if they don’t log in so the system knows they are a beta reader, they will not see any of the activity in the beta forums.

    So to non-beta readers and non-logged in people it looked as if nothing was happening in the forums; even though there was a lot of activity.


    Eh, I have put my vote in. I check the boards fairly freequently, but dont post much unless I have something to add, or for the beta revisions.

    My vote was for ‘Children of Doom’ but maybe for the wrong reason… It immediatly reminded me of ‘Childred of Dune’, and I though it went well with some of nods to other tropes and series through the books 😛

    My second favorite is ‘Heir of Orcus’.


    Yes, there was a lot of play on Doom and Dune in that list.

    Children of Doom/Children of Dune was an intentional conflabulation.

    And the book will be about the Heir(s) of Orcus/Children of Doom/Apostles of Doom.

    The variance is because you’ve got multiple characters that are carrying the story of Doom but aren’t necessarily children.

    Rupert, Fer-Rog, and yes Tom at (16 now about 17) are technically minors; thus Children of Doom. Tal Gor is young also; but probably not a child by Orc custom.

    Vaselle, Damien, Gastrope’ and (Jenn) and the other shamans are not children but are in some ways apostles. Ooh, that makes me think of a new one…

    Legacy of Doom.


    Ooo! I like that one, change my vote from ‘Children of Doom’ to ‘Legacy of Doom’!


    Will do! Or try. Not sure I can unvote the Children of doom on the “poll” but given the few responses in this topic, I will do it mentally. and we have this written record.


    Tentatively going with Apostles of Doom since that has the most votes. It is, however close with Legacy of Doom. Since None of the one None of the Above was before Legacy of Doom and LoD was what I came up with later.

    I am Apostles of Doom for the first galley and kindle format testing. I can still change it up until maybe Thursday (unless I sacrifice presale) if people would like something else.


    Is there a preorder button somewhere for book 3


    Nope, too far out.

    T-A-G goes into some of the preorder details over in his Amazon discussion forums, but basically there are too many variables out there to do a pre-order at this time because that requires setting a date. Things that are out of his control (aside from the story itself) include the length of the beta program and how long it takes to edit it, and get the cover done. He will probably set the pre-order around the time it goes to the editor.

    The first hint of a date will come with the beta demon program. When that will be? Not sure, a lot depends on how much gets done with the holidays coming up and his projected day job schedule for the new year.

    You have to understand that T-A-G is a human, and as such is weak and whiny.

    He wants food, shelter (apparently a cave is too good for him! Can you imagine?) [i][b]and he sleeps!![/b][/i] He wastes like 7 to 8 hours a day sleeping! (Sometimes even 9 hours!!) Think of all the writing he could be doing.

    But NO. Mr Whiny human….It just goes to prove my point that if you want something done, ask a demon to do it!

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