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    You do know that books were invented in the Abyss by demons to torture mortals.

    We use a process called Fiction Addiction to torture people.

    We get you hooked on a book, then make you wait and wait and wait for a sequel.

    When you eventually get the sequel, you get it, you start reading it avidly to fix your addiction, and then a few days later (or less) you are done with it and desperately wanting the next book in the series…and so the torture begins again.

    We were really successful with this torture strategy for books, and then Movies and TV Shows.

    Unfortunately, things like Netflix that allow one to binge watch are putting a real hit out on us. Fortunately, once you are done binge-ing a series/season, we do get to torture you waiting for the next series/season.

    Obviously GRRM has taken this torture to new heights. Perhaps he is the Concordenax?


    Why is Antefalken an exception to the general dislike of human women to the idea of sex with a demon?


    While an incubus or male cubi as I call them would be better for breeding, people rarely think of breeding demons. It seems to be frowned upon. It needs to be consensual for two demons to merge animus and this is typically quite costly, so trying to breed half demons would be better using a male demon and female mortals. For best results a large demon is best, but demons fear spells have the greatest effect on children and women, and for some reason most women start panicking when they see something as big or bigger than their thigh going in. They can get smaller but most demons are an S to mortals.

    Moving beyond that looking at past myths from a patriarchal society will likely result in many stories used to show that women with power is bad and must be oppressed by men. It is justification of them being unable to resist temptation on their own. Realistically uneducated women would likely have very little ability to do anything of a demonic nature and males would likely be able to do more damage to more people. Female killers are often times more efficient as they go for the kill and then don’t take trophies in most cases. I do not however believe this to be a case such as that. If our culture was a matriarchy we would likely have stories to justify not giving power to men, and a mixed society would likely lean more towards the dominant culture. Western society is a patriarchy. Men tend to do better in life, are names a passed on, and we are often viewed as more responsible for our actions.

    Wizards would however likely be hunted down quickly for capturing mortal women to breed half demons. Not sure if a demon hasn’t done it yet though. Some half-demons are close to their mortal parent in most aspects, and could in theory pass as another race if they built up sufficient numbers. Half-demons however have a short life expectancy if left alone do to angry villagers and priests. Nice plan though.


    Yes, I am trapped by crazy and unreasonable people all around me.



    Having never done either, I can’t say for sure.

    I suppose if you shape changed and had a good enough form and control, it would come built in/natural.

    There are, however, some demons that can cry/exude tears. Pretty sure Antefalken can as it’s most likely something he has to fake to get all those house maids in bed.


    [quote]If demons and wizzards could just go ‘anywhere’ they could almost just get anything. Why is it not happening here?[/quote]

    Sheesh, give us some time, we’ve got at least 99 more books…we’ll get there…we’ll do this…although he’s going to need to crank up the writing speed so he doesn’t go all “Robert Jordan” on people and die before the series is complete.


    Now why would want to mess with a robot, when astlan has plenty of good golem factories (shops/boutiques)

    Seems like golems are much more useful in Astlan since they don’t need electricity (at least not most of the ones I’ve seen)


    Wow thats a lot. I read a lot of fiction but I prefer non fiction so have more of those non fiction books in my arsenal.

    Jane Austen I quite like her books. Not really a fan, but hers is more preferable that the junks we have now.

    Frank Baum: Read all of his Wiz of Oz books and a few of his other writings. It was fun to read.

    JRR Tolkein and Terry Brooks: Oh! The copycat issue. Lol.

    I read many books when I was a child and I never really get interested in identifying the author, even now. Being lazy I guess. Could have searched and have tried many times but I just tend not to do that.

    Some books that I really like are:

    Around the world in Eighty Days – Jules Verne: It might be one of my favorite adventure story I ever read. Almost none could compare.

    A Little Princess – Frances Hudgson Burnett: Read it when I was little and read it occasionaly now. Still a favorite book of mine.

    The Call of the Wild & White Fang – Jack London: Incredible animal stories. Just love that wolf/dog.

    The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Fairy tales – Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith: Talking about ridiculous. This one have topped many.

    Piers Anthony, continously disappoint me. His books kinda become more incredulous after some time. You are right, the first books of his series is great, the rest of the canon not so much. I kinda hate him for ruining his many series. Kinda stop reading his books after I read a handful of them.


    You are cherry picking. Of course there are examples of immoral people who aren’t wealthy and good people who are wealthy. Your question is quite loaded too you devil.


    If demons and wizzards could just go ‘anywhere’ they could almost just get anything. Why is it not happening here?[/quote]At least for wizards, there could be the problem of being able to get back…


    Various points:

    1) No one in Astlan would be making demons out of humans, they KNOW it doesn’t work that way. Demons are primordial beings who are innately evil. You can’t make one.
    2) Demon princes often reshape lesser demons in to other forms, other types of demons for their own purposes…this is generally a very Chalkeresque experience and not something one wants to happen.
    3) Women often summon Incubae. But remember, Incubae carry the seed of other demons, by default without another demon, they shoot blanks so the woman doesn’t get pregnant…and incubae have other characteristics (long prehensile tongues, funky tails, multiple sets of arms, etc) that make them super lovers. So they make incredible secret lovers behind a husband’s back.

    Spoiler: this is basically what’s going on with that shifty, untrustworthy, lying incubus in Book II.


    Actually, I should clarify and simplify

    If I am saying something:

    You should understand that I am interpreting what I say in the most positive way for me and mine, and the most negative way for thee and thine.

    If you are telling me something (instruction, order, etc)

    I will always interpret it in the most positive way for me and mine, and the most negative way for thee and thine.

    If I am replying to my accursed master, I will always phrase it as if I mean:

    The most positive way for thee and thine, and the most humble/subservient way for me and mine. But in reality, it’s just the opposite.

    I should point out, this works the same way for djinn’s and wishes etc.


    Little Princess…I’d completely forgotten that one. That was good.

    jack London’s book were/are a major inspiration for another partially finished novel I am working on (currently about 400 pages) it’s Science Fiction/post minor apocalypse

    Have to look into Stinky Cheese etc.

    Actually, what you might find interesting in Piers Anthony’s books is–in some series/a few books, I think the ones that started with On A Pale Horse, he had these extra “from the author” pre-blog things. Basically he’d talk about stuff in his life and and his writing process.

    I found those very interesting back in the 80’s. They were basically blog entries a decade or more before the web was invented, they were just tacked on to the end of the book(s) like an appendix.


    2 Thumbs up I really enjoyed the book. Although I think some of your reviewers might be slightly retarded. One person gave 1 star because he only wanted to read about Tom. He must be easily confused and can’t follow multiple characters.


    That royal ‘We’ though. While I will freely admit I loved Toms scenes most, followed by Hilda (took awhile) I did appreciate the other points of view. T.A.G goes a ways to develop his world. Here on the forums and in the book. I believe those points of view were very important to develop characterization and expound on the personalities. For example, Orcs and D’orcs were proven to be quite similar to other races. Its one thing to be told this another to see it. I also like how the little points connected ^^.

    I suppose I just have to respectfully disagree. Would I be overly upset if their weren’t as many? No. But I don’t think they detracted from the book any.


    In regards to the tridents, it wouldn’t surprise me that it has something to do with capturing and transporting souls. Isn’t it a fisherman’s weapon? I certainly remember seeing sketches of devils throwing bound souls on wagons and the like with the pitchforks.

    Mind you, for all I know, the first one to depict demons with tridents was thinking of Poseidon…

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