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    Yeah I felt, even if there wasn’t more tom in book 3 then HH, that he was still around more.


    Me too, however I vaguely remember someone (can’t find) saying he was her husband in disguise.


    Leave it as is. I’ve become used to it. My problem was book 1 was ~95% Tom and book 2 was ~50%.


    So we’ve talked about the scene headings in terms of the table of contents.

    Are they helpful in switching context between scenes? Remembering what is happening/where?

    I do know they are very helpful for me in locating prior events to check/revise them. In particular as I go back to the HH to see what was said there, I have to check every single ~ and read a few lines to know where I am.

    Having the location and time is proving very useful to this. Not sure though it it helps on basic reading.

    One of the biggest complaints about HH (and AoD) is that frequent POV switching, the “realtime TV show editing’ my hope was that by using these headers people would be able to get their bearings faster as we swapped scenes. Much like scene settings in a script.

    In particular, I am thinking that after this book goes to editor and prior to the release of this book I release a revised version of the HH with headings like these. (Free upgrade for people that delete it from their device and then re-download it from Amazon–you can do this in the manage kindle content) I might even do this for Book 1, although it is not so critical there.

    Thoughts? Would that be worthwhile, or should I leave it as is and getting typing on the next book(s)?


    Is the Tom balance better in Book 3? A lot of people were ticked about that.


    I didn’t feel that Tom was underrepresented at any point.


    I think “spreading him out” helps.

    We shall see what people think of Jenn and Gastrope’. They are busy at the beginning and then at the end (which you have not read yet–that’s Alpha 2).


    Actually only the Freeholders aren’t busy at the end of the book…

    But they’ve got another big day coming in late book 4 (ish)

    Well, the Inferno won’t be super busy but it will be awkward there….


    Did you confirm that melissance’s bodyguard was the demon in disguise and that’s why Sam had a weird response when he said he was an “enlightened” avatar? I remember reading something like that on the forums but can’t confirm. (Demon being her husband)


    I thought Sammael was ticked because he is a elightened avatar and that other one stole his shtick.


    Yes and yes.

    He’s ticked because he likes to go by Lucifer aka the Morning Star (Mercury–btw this is a pet peeve of mine. There was a mistranslation from the Greek. It was an analogy saying that Satan had fallen from Heaven even as Lucifer (Mercury), the Morning Star, falls to Earth from the Heavens. It was not naming him it was comparing him )

    He’s annoyed because a) it’s Hesseforthalus and b) Hesseforthalus knows who Sam is and is purposefully stealing his “fallen angel” schtick. In particular he is annoyed because Denubian’s should respect trademarks and copyrights.

    As a side note, the reason Salvatore has such a “harmonic voice” is because as a Denubian Demon(TM) he has multiple mouths and can harmonize with himself (which is why pronouncing the true name of a Denubian is tricky if you don’t have multiple mouths to harmonize)


    I did wonder about Mellissance marrying Hesseforthalus with him being a multi-moutged/limbed Danubian Demon but as he transform in to a gorgeous angel-like form that makes it much less gross lol



    We are going to learn a bit more about that. Turns out he’s got mouths in all sorts of places, or rather he can have (where ever he needs them). Plus tentacles (as needed). He’s extremely metamorphic, meaning more than just shape changing, his true form morphs and mutates at will.

    Let’s just say she got tired of being a chaste high priestess (no celibacy but Talarius is into courtly love) and discovered Hentai Heaven.

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