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    I am the Eternal and Immutable Tisdale!

    Tizzy 4 Evah!!!!!


    :d/ =d> =p~ o:) :d/ =d> =p~ o:)


    um a bug maybe?


    So.. when a user register, there is a “username” required to login
    then there is a “Display name”
    one could think that the Display name is the one that will be seen in the forum :(… but Not, so why do we need it?

    btw, i would love to change my username 😛


    Well, it’s kind of like your True Name and your Calling Name in the Abyss….my true name isn’t Tizzy, or even Tisdale for that matter.

    Actually, my “username” is Tisdale and my Display Name is Tizzy…and OK…I really don’t have a clue, I’m just babbling.

    It is not however a bug. It’s a “feature” and in this case, I think it really is a feature.

    The software for this site is DNN which is used by lots of different people for different reasons.

    I suspect that people want to log in with a username that they remember or is based on a name, like first initial lastname tperkinje for example.

    However, he might want is display name to be Tom, or maybe “Demon Boy” or something like that.

    It seems you should be able to change your username, as long as your email stays constant…or maybe they make username the constant so you can update your email address.

    So, if you can’t do it, let me know what you want it to be and I’ll see if I can update it.



    Well, that´s the logic, so..

    My username is “t1nch09”
    My display Name is “Zutrak”

    but my showed name is “t1nch09″…

    and about the change.. the username is the constant, you could change your display name or email.



    So the problem was actually YAF.

    Yet Another Forum, which is the Forum module that plugs into DNN.

    By default it displays “Username” for posts. By checking a box to enable alternate “Display Name” use, it uses that instead.

    Of course this is a site wide setting so it will probably confuse some people when their names seem to change.


    Lol! its kinda funny, my post change the names of almost everyone in the forum! xD

    the good side is that Tizzy survive this change too.

    Heil Tizzy.


    I just thought some people changed their name as I had no problem as I was initially quite slothful.

    But since the problem concerned others it was worth little more to me than a trifling curiosity.

    I sold my soul for pleasure, so if anybody is shocked by my lack of interest in others I must question for what reason did any of you choose to relinquish your souls?

    How many more souls do you still get to collect by the way Tizzy?



    That’s a good question.

    You see the site was attacked by an evil trojan thing that kept signing people up and creating fake profiles for them.

    They had some way to bypass the Captcha! control (the type the squiggly words thing) so a whole bunch of people signed up against their will!

    Of the hundred plus fake accounts (which had real email addresses) one person did write me asking to be removed…which I actually had already done.

    None of the fake accounts could logon, of course because the trojan couldn’t answer the email verification, so it was just registration spam.

    I deleted a tone of them, but there may still be some fake addresses, and it’s against demon ethics to accept souls on false principles (at least false principles not of the demon’s devising).

    So, technically we passed the quota, but had to delete those users and I’ve left the last round in the system, in case any were real people.

    Once they go so long without actually being verified I’ll remove them and have a better count. Actually, we patched the captcha thing a week or more ago, so I should be able to clean up now and get a count.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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