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    It’s a trope that appears multiple times, but most of them are called to as monkey’s paws. They give you exactly what you wish for at first. Each successive wish is twisted and normally ends poorly. It can also be used to convey of meaning that what you want is not what you need.


    This Monkey Paw guy sounds like a great Dungeon Master, or maybe a Djinn.

    Either way, I’d like to meet him. Sounds like my sort of fellow.

    Which book do you think is owned by Mr Monkey Paw? The book in the book, or the book this forum is about.

    Of course, what if they are the same thing?

    What if Lenamare’s book is actually: Demons of Astlan (The Complete Works, all 83 volumes)?

    And thus by opening it, they will be able to read their own future and the future of their world, and that of the Abyss etc etc.


    It is a short story. I made a goggle search and here is a Wikipedia entry:

    It was published in 1902 and has been parodied and adapted many times. I was wrong about the award winning thing but it is popular. I remembered that xxxHolic (anime) has a “monkey’s paw” episode:


    A short story?

    You mean like less than 100,000 words right?


    The Author Guy says he remembers the story. I of course, have never read it. I don’t even speak British, let alone read it. Boggy does though, maybe I should get him to read the story to me.

    I thought monkey’s had little hands though? Not paws? Perhaps a wish gone wrong for the monkey turned his hands into paws?




    So what other branches of animastery is Tom likely to learn? He’s experimented with some things he’s viewed as useful. Also some Mystic Martial Arts thats been briefly experimented with but just a fist projection so far and no body strengthening or enhancement.](*,)

    Will he also learn other forms of magic?

    Wizardry takes awhile to learn and he doesn’t seem to have any desire to study it in the present beyond how he can break it.#-o
    Bardic wizardry? probably not:-({|=
    Conjuring: without protection which makes it much simpler=d>
    Necromancy? know idea, could help him better grasp how demons are formed and acquire knowledge about himself as this is what occurs to demons, but without religious connotations other than it being wrong to drag souls back to the world of the living and forcing them to be subservient to you is bad. But it is would detail how demons are made.:-k

    Divine magic, just no.o:)

    Druidic? He can already see the energy around plants and animals, which are scared of him, but draining the life force out of the surroundings for energy sounds both extremely demonic and pragmatic.
    Also Animistic druidic magic sounds like something an animage could both learn, manipulate, and appreciate.:d/

    These are all just theories but animistic druicic magic, more animagic masteries, and mystic martial arts seem like the most probable things for Tom to learn in the near future. Necromancy seem like something demonic and could possibly allow a demon to further understand how their body works and possibly how to modify it.

    I am pro-soul-altering transformations that lead to incomparable pain and increased power. As true strength can only be obtained after hardship, pain, or suffering. It brings out the best in all of us.
    I also think of tom as a balor at most times.


    Wizardry is ‘easier’ than Animagic, but needs time.
    So he will learn it after the books 😀

    Conjuring and Necromancy are a subspecies of Wizardry (and maybe Animagic).
    So depending if its doable with Animagic it might happen in the books-timeframe.

    Necromancy would be interesting for him, because he [i]may[/i] get around the Demon Wards if an body is enough to shield him from them (demonic lich!). And it would allow him to get more powerfull, if he could bring himself to consume Animus from people.

    Druidic is an good idea, he allready did something more difficult by stealing God power. Getting nature power should be more easier.


    Knowledge is power, but then Tom is terribly lacking in knowledge about magics though he seems to get lucky with some of them. Where would he get the knowledge though. If he teach himself and through trial and error, he might produce some quite unique and interesting magics that might never been seen before.


    One thing that really hooked me was the vast possiblity ingerent in the magic structure that is lacking in most books. Tom seems to be in an adventure of discovery and invention. As a lovers of crafts and knowledge, this kinds of adventure is what I root for and desire most. The similar adventure of discovery that Einstien, Tesla, Newton, Edison, etc. have ventured.

    Tom had already tinkered with magic and had some success already with stealing mana from a God, which it seems to have not been possible, or so thought. He might gather similar infamy as Ramses and his Time Warriors.

    I really looked forward in what Tom would do with his magic abilities and the discovery he will find therein.


    Also I was curious as to what happens when a demon progresses enough down their continuum of power to achieve new rank as it were. A really strong 1st could maybe take on a weak to middling 2nd, but would lose to a strong 2nd. However demon ranks can be noted to some extent by their appearance, so they might on occasion rank up as some of the more powerful did in the past. If so do the demons then go through a metamorphosis into a new form with hints to their prior form, take on a new form, or remain bound to their original form?


    So if a lot of demons choose to worship another demon, would it ascend to become some form of demonic god.


    Sure it will be.

    In book 36!



    How many of the people who knew Tom’s true name are still alive? It started at about 20 and rose to maybe 26 tops, but I can only confirm about less than half of those people as still being alive.

    Also what would happen if a demon where to learn a human’s true name, and is their a way to force a human to relinquish their true name in Astlan.

    You know apart from forcible removing them from their body, severing from their silver cord, and then placing them inside a circle that compels them to name themselves.


    Well, the only people that would know his true name would be the people in the room that heard him say it. Plus anyone summoning him.

    So, Jehenna, Lenamare, Trisfelt, Elrose, Jenn and the other students. Of which one is known dead (cindered). A few students have not specifically been mentioned as having gotten to Freehold so they are still MIA. That would be the half you can’t confirm.

    After that, it would only be people who have had to be able to summon him: Rupert and me.

    At least I think. However, if I am wrong, I am sure someone will remind me. o:)

    If a demon got a human’s true name, that depends on the demon and the person. Most demons would not be able to do much with it, since most demons are not spell users/direct mana manipulators. E.g. most demons just have intrinsic magic. So the best they could do is sell it to a higher demon, if there was value in it.

    As a rule the demons that could do something with it are:

    Greater Demons (the ones that are spell users)
    Arch Demons
    Demon Prince

    Incubae and Succubae (and a few others we will get to at a later date)

    Now here is the thing. If an ArchDemon or Demon Prince even knows you [b]exist[/b], let alone knows your true name, you should probably start crapping bricks at that point. They really don’t need your true name to make you very very miserable.


    Isn’t the name writen in your birth certificate your true name? Or is it something different entirely?


    One might think.

    Of course, if you are born to illiterate parents, and delivered by an illiterate midwife, this could be a problem.

    Also, not completely sure what happens if you have two non related persons that somehow have the same full name. In that case I think some extra stuff gets added and you really would have to scry for it.

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