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    The Author Guy do seem to no frequent here. Maybe he is busy writing.

    Yes we are friends.

    Why haven’t you make that much friends in that many years?


    I don’t know, I try, but for some reason people just start making annoyed faces at me and then cover their ears and walk away.

    Maybe I have bad breath? It smells fine to me?


    Tizzy – “OK!

    Figured it out d’oh!

    For whatever reason, this particular Forum i.e. “This Website Forum” was set with “no count” on. Meaning don’t count posts in this forum in the totals.

    I think this was set because I may have renamed an existing/predefined “Help with the Forum” Topic and by default since the Forum is supposed to be about the forum, and not about “real” discussions it was marked to not count. Or maybe I just created the forum and was thinking that way and forgot.

    That happens a lot. Your short term memory starts to go as you get older, I know after my first millenia I had trouble remembering what I’d done as recently as three or four decades prior…sheesh…talk about awkward!

    Anyway, since NocandlE had only posted in this forum, he never got counted.

    I’f changed that so from now on posts in this forum will get counted.

    Unfortunately I have no way to restore those post counts (although maybe it will do it automatically)

    I wish I could manually adjust post counts, because I’d be able to turn myself into a Demon Prince then…”

    There, lets see if it works now….

    In regards to the topic of this thread. It would be interesting to get a perspective on “power up/ evolution” of a demon that started out as a minor shade/ shadow, and over the x number of years/milenia moved up the spectrum of power. If such a demon exists and is….. of sound mental function.


    Success! It works….



    Woo Hoo! You are now a Shadow+

    At 5 posts you become a Sprite!

    Of course, to get to be an all powerful Imp you need 50 posts!

    Now, I don’t think we’ll ever see them because by definition, there are Astral Onlooker’s who are guests and have never posted. Users, i.e. registered users are all Shadows until 5 posts when they become Sprites.

    Imps need 50 posts
    Fiends are 100+ posts
    Demons are 200+ posts
    Major Demons are 300 posts (but this may go up as time goes by.)
    Greater Demons are 400 currently.
    Arch Demons are 500
    Demon Princes are ??? not set in the ladder.

    What do people think of these levels? After a while they may be too low. It is probably better to set them higher sooner so as to not reduce one’s rank later.


    Guest is Guest
    Astral Onlooker is registered but no posts.
    Shadow is 1 to 10 posts
    Sprite is 11 to 24 posts
    Imps are 25 to 99 posts
    Fiends are 100 to 249 posts
    Demons are 250 499 posts
    Major Demons are 500 to 1499 posts
    Greater Demons are 1500+ posts
    Arch Demons are 2500+ posts
    Demon Princes are 5000+ posts
    Dark God is 10,000+ post

    (Dark God is not an official Abyss term–technically it would be Concordenax, but there is only one of those)


    Dark god sounds a bit hollow. True, gods are powerful, but they need those pesky worshippers while demons appear to be able to fine without 😉

    Anyway, since my post count on forums, even the ones I have posted on for more than a decade, have hardly reached 5,000, let alone 10,000, I suspect that might be my bitterness speaking. I will never achief the rank of god on this world 😉


    Is it not the aspiration, rather than the realization and perfection that is important?

    My experience with dreams is that when you achieve them, they end up feeling hollow.

    That’s why I like to squash people’s dreams before they can be disappointed by them.

    I think it’s just one of the many friendly services that I, as a demon, can provide.



    Hmmm? From what I can gather, gods doesn’t need anybody to worship them.


    Huh? 1,500 posts? If you make a post once everyday, it will take you more than 4 years to reach that. 10,000 posts takes more than a quarter of a century! I really doubt anybody will be able to reach the 1,500 here. The topics to be discussed is very limited you know. And 10,000 that is impossible unless you troll or something.



    Hmmm? From what I can gather, gods doesn’t need anybody to worship them.[/quote]

    I got that feeling based on the whole god-pool discussion. Those are filled with the mana from worshippers, aren’t? Seems to be the thing they need to be a god instead of a powerful creature like a demon lord…


    A century sounds reasonable to me, it’s not that long a time. I think I played a game of chess once that lasted around 40 years.

    However I probably average 3-4 a day…not sure, should take count/forum time to find out.

    So maybe a little high, the time scale I was working on was “when will GRRM finish A Song of Ice and Fire” and I figured whatever that time is, that’s the time it takes to become a ‘Dark God’.

    Again, a century doesn’t seem that unreasonable in that context.

    Actually, Gods do need/want worshipers. That is where they get their mana (above and beyond what they can collect on their own). That’s the key difference between a gods, demons, avatars,djinn and other mana rich beings. Everyone not a god is pretty much limited to what they can collect on their own and store. Gods can store a tremendous about more, have the means to harvest it from worshipers and distribute it to their underlings, including priests.

    Naturally, I must add the disclaimer that this is a gross over simplification relevant to this issue only. Gods are actually transcendent creatures of divine wisdom, judgement and holy power, deserving of all reverence and worship!


    I wish I’m immortal like you that way I could accomplish the task of making 10,000 post… wait… of course! I could just make a script or program that posts for me. Using that method, 10,000 posts or more is a piece of cake. *evil laugh*

    Need is something that you can’t do without. It is something essential. Humans needs water, food and air, without any of them humans tends to die. Well, in a way, need and wants have become interchangable nowdays but I take a strickier vew of things.

    From what I can see, gods don’t need worshipers for survival and function. They are powerful being by themselves. Having worshipers do have an added advantage that makes them rather desirable to acquire.



    As I’ve mentioned before when discussing gods…can’t say what I know…but this topic is highly relevant to future events….


    >Sprite is 11 to 24 posts

    Will Coca-Cola not sue you guys for infringement for that?

    [edit: oh, crap! They might sue me too…]


    You do know why they call it Sprite, right?

    The Abyss is a very dry place, there are very few demons with much moisture content (Sprites are it), and torturing, raping and ravaging is thirsty work, so when a Greater Demon finishes it’s chores for the day, he/she reaches for the first Sprite they see, opens their mouth and squeezes pure refreshment out.

    Hmm, if you guys lick your underarms, do you get a sweet lemon and lime taste?


    If tom is only 16 he has not yet reached his full human growth will he continue to grow as a human and if so will this also means he grows as a demon getting bigger stronger and smarter till he is a full adult demon or is he already an adult?
    also when he stole Mana from a god no other demon has ever done this so will this make people believe he is more powerful and will this belief of all the people who have seen him do this make him more powerful?
    also Tizzy is in fact the Concordenax in disguise just thought i should mention that all hail the great and powerful Tizzy

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