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    Sure…I will fix any that are reported.

    You don’t have to go out of your way, but if you see some egregious ones…

    I just got the 2nd Edition pushed to people this week, and this morning I got a reader asking why some mistakes he’d flagged in his notes were still there.

    Turns out in one case the editor had commented on a wrong word as used by Oorstemothian’s they meant forestal violations (or similar) but said forestall which is a different word, but I missed her question about what I meant.

    Then we both missed “Did you get a good luck at them?”

    So every error counts!


    Alright! Time to see what the shifts are.


    Not yet, working on it. Today is a huge battle scene that I started yesterday.

    Hope to have it out sometime this coming week.


    Beta 2 Status Update

    So I said this week, but it will be next week for Beta 2.

    I’ve got what I hope is some major adrenaline coming.

    I’ve been going through, trimming, tightening, editing, injecting more detail that should make things later clearer. Added some more Tom, Rupert, Talarius earlier and will be continuing to work on that. I’ve introduced a few sort of new characters, in that they’ve been mentioned or you have seen/heard of them but now they are active sooner than planned, and one of them in particular is pushing things on the ground in Freehold and will play a big role in the hook at the end.

    The other one is a longer term major player that has been missing from the scene so far. He/She is no longer missing, but may not be obvious to all immediately (or maybe will be)

    I am also lining up some battles of very large proportion that I think make good sense for the story and the plot and help fix issues that people have brought about. The difficulty has been making them fit into the existing plot and overall story and not be gratuitous. I think I’ve got that taken care of. I hope.

    In particular, I think some of these battles will showcase characters that have been under served in both books and particularly in book 2.


    Status of Beta 2



    To make sure everyone knows, I am working on Beta 2 which will incorporate changes and things discussed here.

    In particular, some cutting, some adding, some reworking. The goals are to both liven things up, and make things that weren’t clear, clearer. E.g. make certain character and plotlines more obvious as to why certain things are there (or eliminate them)

    I expect it sometime next week (last full week in June)

    As a reminder the beta will be going through at least mid July, and later if necessary. Meaning there could very well be a beta 3.

    As I’ve said, very few novels are done on a single pass. Most require at least 3 passes and lots of tweaks.

    Into the Abyss had 666 passes…or so it seemed to me. Often done years apart to add perspective…something we don’t have time for with Book 2



    Thanks and thanks for the advice!


    Well, would take a rest now. Need to get ready and prepare.

    Good luck by the way.


    No, you created it!



    That is awesome! Waiting for version 2. Hope we didn’t ruin it or something.




    Quick question. If i find some typos were should i report them?

    For example on page 150, when using the epub, it says “Such a bargain was obviously uh-holy….”


    [quote=The Author Guy;2401]
    I just got the 2nd Edition pushed to people this week, and this morning I got a reader asking why some mistakes he’d flagged in his notes were still there.[/quote]

    Beta 2 is live?


    Oh, I see. I got Beta 2 mixed up with Release 2. I just saw you mention Release 2 in the Beta 2 Status thread and was rather perplexed.


    Yeah got too many things floating around at the same time!

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