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    For some reason i cant cut and paste out of either pdf, 1a about half the words wont highlight or copy over.

    Page 276 Talarius and Stainsberry discussing how to make a demon, last line of the conversation/section Stainsberry switches with Hilda. Imagine Hilda passing a joint along with the wine at the next metting. [biggrin]

    Clarification: When Vaselle notices it getting darker because of the storm clouds moving in that are darker than the normal rain clouds, wouldnt it just be the normal Doom clouds getting amped up in place rather than new ones cominig in? Throw gas on a fire, its not a new hotter, brighter fire moving in.


    Odd on the 1a cut and paste, I tested it before, sorry, will be releasing a new update beta 1.5 tonight or tomorrow.

    Not sure how I managed to say Hilda there, maybe I was on demon weed….

    These were new, lower lying clouds, but will work to make things clearer.


    OK, Found the hilda thing in PDF, I thought I’d fixed that before beta 1, but I have fixed in current one. that was a cut and paste error.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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