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    So, naturally, when really bored and short on cookies, who hasn’t (I mean everyone right?) resorted to sniffing bat guano?

    And by sniffing I mean seriously heavy line snorting, of course…

    So if you want to do that without the risk of those pesky diseases that unfortunately (for mortals) come along with sniffing bat dung, I recommend “The Order” on Netflix.

    This thing is so insanely fun, you’d think I was dictating it to the writing team, instead of just doing craft services, which, of course, I am….


    The later parts of trailer start to give you clue…but no…it’s doesn’t, not really, you really don’t know how crazy messed up/convoluted this thing is.

    I mean, sure, who doesn’t dream of eating their Ethics Professor, but how many of us do it? Although it does help if your grandpapa is Max Headroom and your ethics professor is Sam Merlotte. (True Blood) I mean, I’d eat him any day! So chewy delicious, like wolf jerky!

    So, it’s a cute boy (with ominous revenge plot motivation) meets girl (member of super secret society of sociopathic wizards—but come on!–are there any other kind?) and is caught in a love-vengeance/justice/salvation–four way? With a Holy Order of Werewolves?

    OK, so yes, it does sound pretty been there done that, but…it’s still really worth the binge. I just watched the entire VHS collection from Netflix Extra Classic.



    The Ordre

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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