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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but T-A-G is still very slow. It’s still going to be a bit. These topics have been here for a while and T-A-G just generally avoids them like he avoids my dictation of recent events “a.k.a. the story”

    Last end of summer/fall were really bad for his writing, he had a crap load of excuses for his laziness, “father has cancer and in hospital spent weeks with him, work servers got ransomwared and lost 6 months of work for that client and had to have it reconstructed by Jan 1…” Yada yada yada….

    So he’s only now getting back to writing.

    He is hoping to have OOA beta this spring, it is likely that Book 4 beta won’t happen until fall, assuming he doesn’t come up with more excuses like “father got worse”

    This guy is so lazy, did you know he just sort of “turns off” for like 8 to 9 hours [u][i][b]every[/b][/i][/u] night for no obvious reason? This has been an ongoing complaint of mine from the beginning.

    Of course, when he turns off, you know he’s turned off because there’s this weird buzzing and sputtering noise that comes from his nose, I’ve spent countless hours staring at him lying there on his water bubble making these buzzing noises. Very very strange.


    To sign up for the Apostles of Doom Beta Demon Program click on the following link

    [url=http://www.astlan.net/Default.aspx?rsvp=Apostolic&portalid=9]Beta Demonize Me![/url]

    1) If you have posted in the Countdown to Beta topic, you have (or should have been) demonized already.
    2) After clicking the link you should see a notice on the home page.
    3) It will take several minutes to a few hours for forum access to become available due to the site to forum synchronization schedule.

    To determine if you are “synchronized:” If you can see and have access to read the AoD Beta Demon Forum, you are good to go.

    First ALPHA copy will be Friday September 2, 2016 in the evening.

    First BETA copy (or 2nd Alpha copy) will be Monday September 5, 2016 in the evening.

    Please read CountDown to Beta (or at least the end) to understand what is going on with the ALPHA version.



    I highly recommend people read the other FAQ topics in the Beta Demon only forum.

    Obviously some things change, links in particular, however all the more general an philosophical things are still true.

    In particular, it is very important to understand how being a beta demon can alter your view of the story and possibly ruin the “pure reading enjoyment” of the finished book.

    You will read things that no one else will know about, you will be privy to alternate timelines and events that may never end up transpiring.

    Last time, there were some radical changes that drastically improved the quality of the story. If a beta demon only read the first version, and not the final version, they would have read a very different book, and possibly a more disappointing one.


    Thank you for allowing to watch the process of writing these awesome books! I can’t seem to find the link to the last book, though. I’ve looked all over the forum and couldn’t find it. Any pointer appreciated!



    It’s in the shoutbox if you expand that but on screen if you go to the top menu you can find it under “The Books” | “Apostles of Doom Beta Book”



    I was trying to sign up, but I did not see any notification….
    Could you tell me if it was successful?



    Until we actually get close to the sign up, this is just an informal list. About a week or so before a beta begins, I will go through this list and email everyone who posts in it so they can come in and click on the actual sign up link.

    Although, to be fair, even when the sign up starts, the best way to tell is if you can see the Beta Forums for the book being beta’d, as the actual sign up just adds a group membership to your profile and gives you permissions on otherwise invisible forum topics and pages.



    *runs around like a headless chicken*

    It’s almost time! Yes, I will start the series over. I mean, I have books 1-3 digitally already, but I also have my paperback of book 3. So now I’ll plan out getting all caught up and ready!


    This guy is so lazy, did you know he just sort of “turns off” for like 8 to 9 hours [u][i][b]every[/b][/i][/u] night for no obvious reason? This has been an ongoing complaint of mine from the beginning.[/quote]Hmm, I heard in the Abyss he would not need to sleep (outside of Mount Doom).
    There is the problem of, how to get the book back, which is the reason you got him in the first place…. nvm…


    Yeah, it’s a real problem.

    Remember, I only have AOL dialup here. (Long distance charges are huge!)

    But, if he used a laptop I could pop him back and forth.

    Unfortunately, there are really only two places in the Abyss with electricity and a cooling system to keep his computer from overheating and melting down. (OK, a few more, but they have even worse problems–that’s for the sequels to DoA)

    Obviously, Mount Doom has electricity, now, it did not when we started with book 1. But then he’s going to want to turn off again for 8 to 9 hours as you say.

    So the next place is the Courts, which has a decent grid, but we’re all kind of persona non grata there and to protect him, I’d need to send D’Ork guards and well, that would sort of escalate things.

    However, it would give him plenty of material for yet another spin-off series!

    So, I’m stuck with him there. I pop by now and then, generally about an hour after he falls asleep so I can wake him up and tell him more of what’s happened for the next 6 or 7 hours. I like to leave him with maybe another hour to sleep before he has to get up to go to work.


    Actually, the popping back and forth isn’t that easy since like Rede, he doesn’t have wings and it’s a pretty long flight from the World Gate on Earth to his house. So I’d have to carry him the entire way.

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