Antimus vs. Animus – Why is only unlife affected by the Abyss?

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    In Beta 2 we now know that unlife needed to prepare and be careful of bring unlife to the Abyss. Their antimus is made neutral. In the Abyss the polarization is lost. Side-effects ensue if they stay too long.

    However, animus is positively polarized N-mus (PN-mus is my term for neutral animus/antimus) and antimus is negatively polarized. If the negative polarization is lost why isn’t the positive? The whole designation of positive vs. negative is arbitrary. In a negatively-aligned localverse the standard is antimus and animus would be “negatively” polarized from their perspective.

    If the unlife are affected by their transition why aren’t animus beings also affected?

    If the unlife leave the Abyss why would their N-mus revert back to antimus?


    Pure antimus beings from the antimus side of the multiverse are unaffected.

    It’s the hybrid animus-antimus creatures bound together with Necromancy or infection (which was possibly created with necromancy) that’s affected. It’s the magical bindings that are designed to tie antimus and animus together that get screwed up because suddenly there is no more polarization.

    So it’s the bindings that hold the antimus in the animus created bodies is what causes the problems.

    This is why ghouls are unaffected. They are alive and have an antimus infection, they go to the Abyss, the infection is neutralized (at least while they are there–not clear what happens when they come back–although we will soon find out)

    Vampires? Not clear what happens with them, but they’ll probably be sick. Liches will be severe distress as will zombies and other animated undead.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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