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    Hey TAG, was just perusing the forum and had a thought, so there’s the site here, the amazon page, and a Facebook page. However i’ve noticed many authors i’ve been watching starting up Discord servers for Fan discussions and an easy platform to throw down status updates and book releases and such.

    Would you be interested in doing such a thing?

    – Dirk


    Another person mentioned that.

    There are only two fears I have

    1) Fragmenting users more; you’d be amazed at how many users on FB don’t know about this site.
    2) Another thing to monitor 🙂

    Right now I monitor

    This site


    GoodReads (GR has crappy notifications–I have to go to each book to see if there are questions on them)

    Amazon (although they discontinued the author discussion forums–those were really good, they want people to use GoodReads instead, but the old author forums were much better)

    And used to do tumblr before censorship (Actually the COW tumblr never did much–but my art blog took a lot of time–to the point that not doing it saves me a couple hours a day)

    I will check it out though.


    That’s Fair, was just thinking since lots of people are hopping on the discord bandwagon it would mean you could just link to it and the website and not have to worry to much about peripherals. I’ve found that if people really want to know more about authors and books they like they’ll search for the easier place, and discord has a very smooth ease of use.


    Yeah, one needs to go where the people are, and a spirited discussion can spark interest in people who haven’t read the books.

    Will definitely check it out.


    I really don’t care too much about discord. To me, it’s not as easy to follow the discussions. I’ve always had that problem with chat programs. For me, it’s much easier to follow forum and bulletin board posts. Maybe I’m just old, or something.


    *One of those demons that didn’t know about FB* >_>;



    Seeing a problem with Discord.

    It is obviously named after Orcus’ mother, Eris, a.k.a. Discordia of the Roman Gods.

    As you may be aware, Orcus and his mother were not on the best of terms last time they met. And haven’t spoken since. Although that is probably Orcus’ fault since he locked her in Tartarus. But it has caused a lot of family Strife. Which is funny because, Strife is another one of her names.

    In any event, I’ve heard rumors that his sister, Dysnomia, is really pissed at him. And she thinks Tom is him.

    So, I am wondering if a Discord server would hit a nerve with anyone in that family.

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