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    Quick question.

    The gods throw things into Taurtaurus, and they get processed At Mt Doom. Should there not be a backlog of allthe Titans that could not get processed while Mt. Doom wasn’t powered. I know the prison itself had a different power source, but were Dorks continuously filling this prison during their dark age? Or were titans just being thrown down and ignored.

    If they were being imprisoned by the D’ Orcs then would not this duty have been enough to keep them from being depressed, or could they not have used some of the excess prison power for their own needs?

    If the D’Orcs were not processing prisoners, would there not have been a whole bunch of titans, cast into the pit after Orcus, waiting at the door for tom to open it and let them out.

    Just wondering since they needed a key to get in.


    For the gods, money is definitely a question that is not clear to Tom.

    Doom needs no gold or gems. It has more than enough.

    So what are they gods paying with? We do know that materials and access to advanced technologies/magic plaid a lot to do with the “payment” as the downpayment and then initial payments (providing for the construction of Doom). So presumably a lot of that was upfront and then a maintenance fee after that.

    I think you may have hit upon something I need to improve. Tom hasn’t really stopped to think too much or enough about what it is they are supposedly getting.

    What I can tell you now, is that an important, but indirect part is supposed to have been leverage. By holding these prisoners, there is the threat that they can be released in a very ticked off state if the clients don’t play ball with Orcus.

    This is, in fact, what Tiernon and Torean are really worried about. Quite frankly, they don’t so much care about the good or evil of Tom, it’s more that in playing politics, they tried to give Orcus a small slap on the wrist and he ended up “dead” or “missing” for 4,000 years. They are very much concerned that Tom might release their folks.

    And then there would be hell to pay.

    So back to another comment in another thread about plot advancement, the revelation of Tartarus as a huge leveraging chip should be a big plot point. But that may not be clear.

    Lilith, Aodh, Sentir have no clue what they did in killing Orcus, or at what risk they put the multiverse. What if some had escaped? They also don’t appreciate how the other gods are going to react to having been caught with their pants down when their jailor got killed.


    That doesn’t explain that part:
    [quote=The Author Guy;3902]
    they tried to give Orcus a small slap on the wrist and he ended up “dead” or “missing” for 4,000 years.
    Why would he try to play such games with Orcus in the first place?



    Also thinking that more of this will be explained with the discussion between Tiernon and Torean. Demonstrate their frustration with Sentir Fallon, explain their logic.


    Never mind


    Excellent, yes!


    《Murgatroy:DOA + 3, Late Third Period》

    Page 64 on the PDF, 8th line from the bottom: …,” [Teragdor] told the priest.
    Stevos should be the one speaking, not Teragdor.

    Edit: Is this in a presentable format?


    Quick Note on reporting

    I said excellent before, I was wrong.

    Error reporting should be Chapter Number and then Section name (assuming it’s not ~)


    And yes, they need to sign a contract before tossing people in.

    This is a “money” making business so to speak.

    So there may be a backlog of baddies running around the multiverse.

    This may explain why both the DC and Marvel Universes have an excess of Galactic Bad Guys. They are all pretty recent and so have not had access to tartarus.


    Then a more important question. What is money? Gold and Gems seems banal. Mana & Animus? Is this where Orcus’s mana pool comes from? Is there a way to siphon mana off the sleepers?


    I thought Sentir and co. came up with the idea to kill Orcus and Tiernon was in no way involved, but it makes sense considering that Sentir is still alive. That arises the question why Tiernon would want to give Orcus a slap on the wrist. It seems particularly stupid to antagonize somebody, who has power over you.


    So… why did no one get angry at Sentir for causing trouble with Tartarus and potentially releasing its prisoners? Why did Vulcan make no mention of anyone trying to approach him nor did he make mention of attempts to collect payment.

    It’s like “Oh, Orcus is dead. Let’s wait and see.” Business partners (aka the 9) should have been trying to do more than just keep the prisoners. They should have been trying to run a business. What problem did they face simply because there was no Orcus? Did they feel guilty that they couldn’t actually “run” it? It’s like the business died w/ Orcus.


    Tiernon did not give Sentir Fallon permission; however, he does not yet suspect, or at least have proof that Sentir Fallon is guilty.

    The key comes from the discussion with Tiernon and Torean. Nét the elven god of war was provoking Orcus in Etterdam by attacking orcs/breaking the treaty. It was this provocation that led to Orcus raising a huge army in Etterdam to squash Nét and the elves.

    Please note that Orcus is the Enforcer of Oaths in ancient mythology. He is the Punisher of Oathbreakers. (see Edith Hamilton or your local wikipedia page). [Also note that Tom gets hot and bothered by cheaters/people that don’t keep their word/oath]

    Orcus believed (rightly) that Nét and the alvar had broken their oaths that they had sworn at the end of Ragnarok. He was pissed and was determined to teach them a lesson they would not soon forget.

    Thus leading to the events contained in the Balladae Orcusae that Antefalken talks about in book 2.

    Orcus was not actually the instigator of the events in Balladae Orcusae; he was defending and striking back, but the alvar won (thanks to Sentir Fallon, Lillith and Aodh)

    Note Aodh is the right hand of Nét.

    There are actually multiple things going on

    1) Sentir Fallon has been working with the Storm Lords for some time. He got the blade to kill Orcus from them.
    a) Excrathadorus Mortis was corrupting people around it. It (and perhaps others) is/was the source of the problems that Tiernon and Torean are having with local churches not following the rules. They have been investigating this for some time; but have not been able to get proof that it was Sentir Fallon.
    b) Exador is also working with the Storm Lords
    c) It was this corrupting influence, plus “Exador” as the Arch-Vicar General that led the forces of the 5 Siblings to invade Natoor/Najaar/etc.
    Please Note: Exador was Arch-Vicar general right around the time that Tiernon and Torean’s forces started slaughtering the followers of the Nyjyr Ennead.
    2) Sentir Fallon/Lillith/Aodh for their own machinations are playing Nét and the other elven gods against the 5 Siblings.
    3) In the interest of not burning Etterdam to the ground, Tiernon sent Sentir Fallon to intercede, presumably by persuading Orcus to cease and desist or expel him from the plane. We don’t know details yet, only that Sentir did far more than what was expected. It was not clear that Sentir could even get Orcus gone, no one expected him to slay him permanently. (Except, of course for Nét who knew what Aodh was up to with Lilith and Sentir Fallon)

    Anyway, that’s a start on what’s going on there.[/SPOILER]


    Agreed, but why didn’t Tiernon punish Sentir for killing Orcus and making Tartarus vulnerable? Sentir overstepped his authority and placed the multiverse in jeopardy.

    Edit: Why did no other gods get upset with Tiernon for his subordinate placing the multiverse at risk? Why no paranoid gods wonder what Tiernon was up by presumably ordering his subordinate to kill Orcus?

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