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    When I read Thrinarv’s comment about Talarius making a good candidate, I kinda thought of a few guys sitting around watching a game of pro basketball and one of them telling the other “hey man, I’ve seen you down on the court, you could totally make that team”. Not necessarily suggesting that he should go and do it, just commenting that he would be good enough to make the cut.
    Talarius then wigs out because he suddenly realizes that there is an actual way that he could end up as a real live DEMON.

    Speaking of links being cut, how did nobody notice when Sentir fallon went to the abyss to visit Lilith? His links would have all been temporarily cut off right?


    “Given that as a mortal, you were able to stand side by side a demon prince and a goddess to slay Knights of Chaos, you would probably be a worthy candidate someday for D’Orcing, or demonizing, I guess.” Thrinarv said.[/quote]

    As amusing as this scene was it doesn’t make sense. They know Talarius is Knight Rampart of Tiernon. Even if he is fighting alongside Tommus wouldn’t they believe that Talarius is still sworn to Tiernon?

    If Talarius is sworn to Tiernon why would they think that Tommus would consider D’Orcing him?

    Sentir Fallon was enjoying a glass of wine while reading reports from the local archons and prophets when something suddenly seemed off. He could not place it. He set his wine down and began searching among his links and Illumination streams. Dashgar and Inethya! They were gone, gone along with all of Nysegard.[/quote]

    Did Tiernon immediately notice that his RIGHT HAND AVATAR suddenly went dark? It seemed strange that we didn’t get anything from Tiernon and instead got Sentir Fallon.

    I was thinking that of the scenes we have when the links are cut we’ve got: The Saints, then Beragamos, then Sentir Fallon. To up the pressure consider:
    – Dropping the Beragamos scene and replacing with Tiernon noticing that his right-hand guy is gone. Then Tiernon traces it and finds the team is gone, but he can still reach Sentir Fallon.
    – Have Tiernon — like a good boss — demand a status report from Sentir and a plan on his desk to resolve the situation ASAP.
    – Rewrite the Sentir scene as he realizes that he’s now caught between a rock and hard place. Results for Tiernon vs. revelation. Sort of accelerating snarl the problems his plots have created.


    Rewriting some scenes


    Please reply to this so I get back to it.

    Need to think about first part. As we will see in stuff you haven’t read. Tiernon is very aware of crap happening.

    However, Beragamos doesn’t have that many illumination streams at this point, he’s pretty autonomous of the system and Tiernon has a LOT of links.

    So we can delay that a bit…the first thing we know is when all the Siblings are in Heaven’s Home about midday. We don’t know what freakout is going on, other than SF crapping his pants.


    Hmm, yes, good point, however he’s not there for that long and he is not as in a direct line as the attending archon and prophetess.

    They are the primary links for to the god pools; Sentir Fallon would not be able to contain all the illumination streams for everyone in the localverse, or if he did, he wouldn’t get much done.

    So while he has links they aren’t illumination streams, but yes if someone was paying attention they’d have seen him disappear.

    I am going to think on that one, may want to add details to explain this.


    It was, btw, more of a game watching remark, particularly because it is rather far fetched; however, they don’t know the details about why Talarius is ‘on loan’ to

    Remember, in Nysegard, Tiernon and Orcus were allies, up until Sentir Fallon screwed things over in Etterdam.

    On the Beragamos disappearing, let’s revisit this after Beta 1 release when we know how much space we have left.

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