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    As far as the Tal Gor riding to battle story goes, does it make a huge difference to the story if one of Tal Gors sibling is replaced by a parent character? Its fine as it is but there are

    1. tal did promise to take his parents on the next hunt

    2. Tal already has shown his siblings that he is a much different person than the one they have come to know as the crippled tal gor, he participated in the hunt, his sibling saw him cover himself in hunt glory. However as far as his parents are concerned they have nothing to separate talgor the shaman and warrior from tal gor the crippled apprentice shaman, he has had no opportunity to prove himself in their presence and raise his stature in their eyes. By including atleast one parent in the tal gor battle party/arc would give tal an excellent opportunity to excel in front of his parent and just absolutely cover himself in glory in their presence, this would give a lot more meaning to the defeat of the alvar wizard for tal instead of just proving himself infront of his siblings with whom his relationship has already improved considerably beyond what it once was, such an inclusion would give him some additional motivation in the fireball scene and make his parents visibly proud of him.

    Anyway, just food for thought


    It is a good point but…

    1) this is not a hunt, technically, but a mission, a job.
    2) When you were Tal Gor’s age, would you have wanted one of your folks to go on your first job with you?

    But it is worth considering.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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