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    I can’t see the use in that sections either. Maybe introducing the council of the Grove?


    Introduction to the Grove, establish age of Trevyn, Dwarf-vs-Elf animosity, introduction to the Prince and less important Elraith.

    Also back discussion on Orcus and the Nyjyr Ennead.


    Sometimes you wrote Trevyn and sometimes Trevin. They are the same, right?

    Trevin’s age comes up later in the book again and is given with over 800.
    In that scene we learn that she’s over 1000 years and that the Nyjyr were driven out at that time. I think the second part is more important, but could easily included at other occasions.

    Concerning the Alvaran-Modgriensofarthgonosefren animosity: Is it important to introduce it yet? Wouldn’t it be better to introduce it when you need it. Maybe in book 3? Do i get it right, when i say the Alvaran are Elves? Because in that case you change terminology at the end of the book.

    For introducing the Prince and lesser Elraith lot: I can’t remember any of them. They didn’t do anything important (as far as i can tell). Again wouldn’t it be better to introduce them at a point, in which they do something or are involved in an event that’s in some way important/remarkable, so that it’s more likely to remember them? Maybe other readers see that differently.


    Trevyn is a wrong spelling.

    Elves=Alvar. One is closer to the pronunciation in the local alvaran tongues.

    Tom calls them elves, ‘N’ considers himself an elf. Dwarves tend to call them elves It’s mainly an inter-planar thing as to which the call.

    Same with dwarves and the modgro……. the name of the people is the modgr…..but very few outsiders have the patience to say it so they use dwarves, which is someone pejorative, mainly because the elves like to say ‘dwarf’ with contempt.


    search *space*elf. It’s not Tom who refers to them as elves in an inner monologue. e.g. page 304 last line (viewpoint: Jenn or Gas…)

    same goes for dwarfs e.g. page 270 last line. (viewpoint: Jenn or Gastropé)


    Yes you a right he doesn’t call them that so much as wonder if they exist etc.

    Basically though, in my mind, elves and alvar are used interchangeably by people, just different language interpretation.

    Alvar is the more common term in Astlan and among the people we have met (not sure who would say it differently but)

    Dwarves/Dwarf is used (in world build up) much more commonly than elves vs alvar


    Then you should mention that they describe the same race, i don’t think you did, but i may be wrong. The thing is we get a translation from universal. Thus shouldn’t we get the already existing terms instead of some new ones? For some reader it may improve the world, for some not, i personally think it’s not worth the effort.



    Excellent consistency point. It seems like when people are in Universal, you should probably just get elves since that’s how Tom would hear it…

    Of course, not sure what the D’Orcs would hear…”Traitorous, S*#t Eating, sons of whores.” or something similar.

    The Grove stuff, that can be Alvar etc. since that’s ‘Trade’ or Turelanese or who knows what…never really said.

    The Council and everyone around there speaks Common or Trade. Presumably the Grove might speak something different. Turelane would mainly speak Trade as well. Although I am sure there are many that may speak in Turelanese.

    No one speaks Abancian any more. So sad. Evil Exador.

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