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[img=]Tom demon work in progress[/img]

Yeay! This is a second try my first try got messed up so I scrap it. Still very rough. I’m minding my topologies so as not to messed up again.

I’m still not that experienced in modeling in 3d really and I messed so many times. Been more like experimenting than doing actual work. I try sculpting over this then retopo rather than completely building it by polygonal modeling. Or should I just do traditional poly modeling then just sculpt the fine details? Hmmm. I’ll try both. As I say I’m experimenting.

As you can see, it is not exactly the demon in the book’s cover though I took some ideas from there, especially the horns. The book cover demon looks a bit like a minotaur and I took it to that direction further. I also add a frill on the top of his head to the back of his neck. I was also thinking of scaling down the head to make the figure about 9 heads tall.

Tizzy. You know more about how Tom looks like. Some help? Maybe there should be something I need to change or add? Also what do you think about the wings? Should I make it bigger?