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    Yes, I don’t disagree, you do have to remember that demons were all people at one point, they have been tortured and live in a hell hole, but really it’s not any different than living in NYC.

    Demons live in the city and trade there because it is convenient for them. One can say what one will, but the vast majority of demons recognize that having the city is in their own best interests on a lot of levels. And yes, there are those who will try to cheat and not play by the rules, and for that, there is the Fear that I talk of.

    When I say fear, I don’t mean fear like Kim Jung-* I mean obey the rules or there will be consequences fear. The leadership is, by and large rather laisez-faire but if you screw up the good thing others have going, you will be punished. Severely.

    That being said, a rapscallion can get by with quite a bit, but eventually someone will notice and either take them out, or report them on up the scale. The parallels to western frontier town and in fact all human towns where there isn’t a centralized or responsive government are there. It’s not any different that.

    Perhaps the example would be pirate towns in the Caribbean. There is some honor among thieves and demons, or things just don’t work.

    Also elevator breakdowns aren’t that big of a deal since most demons have wings. Those that don’t usually get garden apartments…

    A lot of the buildings don’t have working elevators in fact.

    As for garbage…well we don’t eat, urinate, vomit or poop except for pleasure so on that front it’s better than NYC. And there are plenty of people around to incinerate trash.

    Not surprisingly there are no bans on open fires or incinerators in the city.


    When demons eat something where does the food go?


    My point. There is a lot of trust going on.

    Fear is fear. You can’t get an emotion as primitive as that. Whether of death or pain, the dynamic would not change. A city ruled by fear is a short lived one.

    Also a town has a very different dynamic compared to a city so your example might not actually apply. Sure such codes will work in a town where almost everyone knows everyone, but not in a city. Such a code is bound to break.

    So there is really a lot of trust or things should have flushed down the toilet.

    Speaking of toilet. High level demons would need a large one.


    How would the animus of a half-elf half-human act on death? Would it act human and linger, act elven and return to nature, or would it do something else?


    You don’t need a sewer system for a toilet to exist. A septic would hold the waste.

    Though, a sewer system is very important in a city, if it needs to keep sanitary. Though in a demon city, sanitary issues from lack of working sewer might not be a problem.


    You don’t so much do it in a city, as you do it over a city, but really more like a village if you are only 90′ tall. if you are 900′ tall you can do it over a city.

    Those sound tasty!


    True…and by the way…you seem to have turned me into a Greater Demon!


    I’m going to go see if I can rend some more powerful wizards now…



    That image of Tom falling into the pit for the last countdown sale is the best image of him as a human. Edwyrd looks similar, check out the who’s who section for some photos.

    Jenn is on the cover of the book and shows up in some photos on the site on various pages as does Gastrope’. Rupert is also on the cover, but his back is to us…

    I will look around the site and add more links to the images. Maelen shows up a lot of places with a staff and looking like a jedi master as does Lenamare and Jehenna. Elrose is the guy with the dreadlocks, Hortwell is the bald skinny guy, Trisfelt is the guy that looks like Friar Tuck.

    The best banner of a lot of people is at

    the guy in the purple armor is exador. The blond woman in white is Hilda who you haven’t met yet.



    This is the full version of the strip image from drawcrowd, forgot it was posted on FB by T-A-G.


    Please, no more 3D art! It is incredibly bad. Comparatively it makes drugged out crazy Amanda Bynes look low key and classy.

    I completely agree with the sentiment expressed here:



    :d/ However, the purpose of a book’s cover art is to attract attention, and it certainly attracted theirs…so it did it’s job!

    Hah! It’s a fun discussion though. I like the cartoon!

    T-A-G says he’s going to pay for a traditionally illustrated cover for next book, and probably for 2nd Edition of Book 1


    Well, I kinda agree that the cover was a bit ugly but it is not exactly the ugliest I’ve seen. There are quite a lot of technical errors in the image that should have been addressed. At least some overpainting in photoshop should have been made.

    Still I’m going to make a 3D art, had started already… and they are not neccisarily bad! Do you think just because you work in 2D your work would be beautiful? Both 3Dand 2D have their shares of ugly, traditional media have them too. It is really up to the artist how their work comes out.

    By the way if you want to look for more great digital artworks try this site, it is one of the site I go often. It constantly inspires me:

    And great 3D works find them here:


    I think there really is a lot of prejudice against 3D art.

    And it’s for a lot of reasons, but a lot because really good 3D is super over used in tv and movies (special effects not the glasses type 3D), so people become to blase. And also there is the uncanny valley effect where if things you know are fake look too real, it turns people off.

    A similar thing is seen with high def TV and 3D TV/Movies (glasses) hyper realism can turn people off very quick.

    Plus there is some bias in that people don’t really know how much effort goes into any particular piece of art. In many cases traditional paint/sketch (non computer) art can be much much faster to do than 2D or 3D computer art. But it is almost always seen as “better” or “real art”


    Well, there is this capability of 3D. You can reuse the models. Get one, pose it, render. Pose it again, render. You can use such model again and again and again. Now, nothing is wrong with this, I will also make use of reusing models one day, but often times people are sloppy at reusing the models. Often they don’t correct, alter, or do post work. Often the results are stiff and bizzare or outright freakish.

    I also think it is not the over exposure but ignorance. When it comes to traditional work, people are very well acquainted to it. They know about Mona Lisa, Girl with the Pearl Earing, The Starry Night, Creation of Adam, etc. They even know the master artists who make them. There a lot of documentaries about them too. the general people just know a lot of these.

    Contrast with 3D works. Being a new one on the feild, many people fail to recognize great 3d works as great examples of 3D works. They see them and fail to recognize what it is. Those gigantic dinosaurs? Godzilla? King Kong? Iron man suit? The Hulk? These are popular 3d works out there in the movies but many would fail to point them out when they think of 3D works.

    When people talk about 3D most would think of those sloppy 3d works instead of those the often seen ones like movie posters (the Hulk, Transformers, Iron Man, Avatar), animated films (like Pixar and Dreamwoorks, love How to Train Your Dragon), IKEA catalogue (those pictures you see there are 3D renders), comercials (how about those talking toothbrushes?) or even Video games. Great 3D work abound they just fail to label them as 3D works.

    On the other hand no one would pick their sisters drawing Sailor Moon, their own attemps of drawing human figure, or their school art project as traditional artwork examples but insist on exquisite ones like Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, and The Girl with the Pearl Earing as examples. They pick the best for traditional but choose the worst for 3D, so unfair.


    All true, and of course, one can also “buy” more quality by using higher powered tools, better renderers and server farms.

    Of course, even so, the modeling work needs to be a lot better for the super res images, but chances are they have really good tools for that if they’ve made the other investments.

    I will admit, you really have to know more about the “how” with 3D to truly appreciate the mona lisa’s That was one nice thing about cghub when it was still alive, people would/could list what tools they used. Then you could better appreciate the effort if you knew the toolset they were using…some programs are much easier or harder for different types of images.

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