When are we going to see You-Know-Who in the books?

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    Not sure how far I’ll take them here in this series, let’s be honest, they are second, if not third string players for this story.

    That being said, I have another (porn) novel called The Incubus that is about 70K words so far. It’s about the son of a TV/Megachurch minister who becomes an Incubus (completely different mythology than DoA) and has some very serious good vs evil (and lots of sex of every perversion) that I will probably release under a pseudonym some day.

    I also have been thinking very seriously (for several years) about a first person novel that is basically the Adversary, in modern terms, talking to himself (ala transcribed magical diary). The idea being to take the reader into the mind of the devil. It’s actually a serious book, more along the metaphysical/religious fiction model than fantasy. I mean, yes, its fantasy, but it would be much more grounded in modern concepts of good vs evil. I.e. philosophical, the musing of the Satan etc.

    It’s a topic that sort of drives me to distraction.


    Yes, particularly the Scotch.



    JC Denton? [img=https://wallpaperscraft.com/image/deus_ex_jc_cyberpunk_jc_denton_2046_1440x900.jpg]JC?[/img]


    [quote=Puck;7046]Does anyone know who Mellisandre’s angel man at arms is? [/quote]


    It’s pretty obvious who the Demiurge is, are we going to see him and his avatars like JC and He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named appear?

    It’d be a pretty bold move by TAG.




    You should read C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape letters. Its about a higher up demon named Screwtape who is writing letter to his nephew Wormwood. Pretty much the loving Uncle giving good advice on how to Wormwood can corrupt his charge. Really a good book.


    You know, I think I read that…a very long time ago…have to go digging through my physical books to see if I have it, but I think I would have gotten it from the library at my Jr. High.


    I think that potentially shoving You-Know-Who and his god’s head back up their collective righteous arse is a different matter than writing a serious metaphysical book!


    Well, serious metaphysical work is overstating it.

    What I mean by that is that it explores, in more depth, the logic of “the devil” and the inherent contradictions in popular belief. If he is there to punish the wicked, then why does he try to corrupt people and make them wicked. It seems to me, if he’s encouraging rebellion against god in mortals, why would he punish them for doing exactly what he asked them to do? Etc Etc there are lots of confusing points to answer. There are also key points to answer about immortality, end games, the nature of heaven and hell. And in that book, I tell them from a Christian centric mythology rather than a pagan one, like DoA.


    Also, you have to be somewhat circumspect when making fun of people to their faces.



    Going back, Volund seems quite opposed to Sam putting the Demi-Urge in Tartarus. Is this because Volume doesn’t want DU in there, or because he doesn’t want Sam to know that Tom is the new Warden?


    Most pornographic book ever written if you ask me.

    That whole planet(s) and everything involving the DU is crazy. I’m not a big Sam fan, but personally, I like him better than the DU. The DU sets up multiple religions in his name and then plays them off each other in mass slaughter? Not even Sam is that vicious. Plus that DU and his priests are total mana hogs, why do you think that planet doesn’t have much free mana? His priests are hoovering it up. Greedy 0.1% god.

    Now, that being said, his “son’ is not actually “his” son, but rather another entity all together, and despite what people think/thought, he was not talking about the DU. He was talking about Anselm’s god. God the Creator, the Alpha, the Omega, a very Zen like being for which there is little proof, but some would argue ample evidence and a very strong logical argument. But again, this is not the DU. The DU is a fragmented splinter of that exalted rabbi’s “father in heaven”

    Technically, the DU is just another god, and in fact, he used to admit that there were other pantheons. Remember, “Thou shalt not have any other god before the Lord thy God?” If there is only one true god, then how would it be possible to have another god before him? So he admits there are/were other gods.

    You see, in the early days, he was willing to admit that other gods were real, and if you wanted to pay homage to them, you could, but you had to put him first and foremost and give him the majority of your mana. Crumbs for the others.

    As his religion(s) spread, he changed his tune, first eliminating the secondary gods, then failing to acknowledge the other gods.

    Stainsberry and his spin off books will go into this in some depths, or so I am told.


    Zeravar, i Believe you meant to say Völund, the smith, Volume is something else.

    Funny story, actually. In the Bible, Satan is described as a roaring lion who prowls the earth, seeking whom he may devour. But if you actually read the stories, Satan doesn’t do much other than to tempt people into disobeying the dictates of Yahweh, who acts like a heavenly dictator with borderline personality disorder. God, by contrast, professes his undying love, kindness and mercy, but then commands his minions to commit brutal atrocities when he isn’t up for it himself. Some of the stories are so bad even Hollywood, with its passion for glorious biblical sex and violence, won’t touch them, especially the plentiful Bible stories about sexual slavery and human sacrifice.

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