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    Interesting I wonder if demons could form a sort of priest web of links and generate there own demon god.


    It can’t be that hard to convince people to spread the word of a demonic god[-o< . Simply get the men conveniently placed inside some lovely padded rooms:-# . They are kept nice and warm to such an extent that gravity, walls, and floors no longer hurt them. They are catered to such an extent that they no longer need to use their hands. Their are also many people hear and their wearing tinfoil hats who look promising. And since you don't seem picky why don't you also pick up the stonerso:) and doomsayers:-" as additional followers. One can herald your coming and the other can cultivate the weed supply so that it isn't so scarce here. Weed isn't that hard to grow, but for some reason I can't seem to find any in the wild. Hope these suggestions help you find some worshipers.


    Such great ideas!

    I’ve now found a path to becoming a god! Bwah hah hah hah!

    I should have started this Magic Mirror Site a long centuries ago!



    Now you are thinking like Lenamare!

    Good thing he doesn’t know or he’d rat Exador out in a heartbeat.


    Actually it sounds pretty consistent with the rules of the setting. A warlock’s link to his patron demon would be the same as a priest’s link to his god.

    P.S. A warlock in Tizzy’s service is a scary thing 😀


    [quote=Maou;521]Could somebody be both a demon and a god?[/quote]

    Would’nt be surprised if thats the case. There is even an missing super powerful Demon who might have thougt, why not try this god business…


    i see your point.
    might be interesting to see what they will do if they find out 😛


    i was wondering whether you have thought about introducing warlocks (or something similiar) to astlan.
    since some demons have lots of animus and mana (or special abilities) available, they might consider sharing some of it (perhaps similiar to a priest – god relationship) for a price.
    basically they could turn any indvidual into agents with lots of power with little need for training (which could prove an effective recipe for disaster).

    demons of astlan was great!
    characters, magic, the “bad guys” beeing the protagonists … there is nothing not to like (except maybe that its only 600 pages long 🙂


    Hmmm….that sounds like a good idea…I think I’ll have to look into doing that…

    Maybe Gastrope’…he’s pretty malleable and power hungry…maybe I could convince him to enter my service!

    I like it!




    Excellent reasoning. Yes, that would make sense.

    Actually, in point of fact, most of these methods for links are just different perspectives/flavors/variations on the same basic thing. It’s really a question of how deep the connections go, how two way they are.

    One big difference with the deity to cleric link vs the familiar link is how “personal” the link is. The familiar link, and the warlock link as you described it are very much a one to one link. The deity links are much more a group link. Much less personal and much more complicated because deities have so many followers and they offload to avatars and there are lots of people in the link Deity<->One or more Avatars<->Maybe High Priests<->Priests<->Worshipers

    And the deity links are more fluid. A worshipers mana feeds will change, dynamically, automatically, depending on who the local priest is, etc. So the deity links are vastly more complicated webs (much like the super links required for the city’s Wards vs the Schools wards) than what a warlock’s link would be.


    I would think instead of like a priest/god link, it would be more like a modified, consensual, partial possession. Kind of like the familiar bond described. Basically it would normally be a low level possession, infusing the warlock with a small part of the demon essence. This would allow the bond, and if done right possibly some of the demons abilities (increased senses, faster healing, more strength and stamina, and larger mana reserves for example). Also during this “low-level” possession the demon would be able to draw mana from the warlock for themselves. This type of bond, I would imagine, would also allow the demon to basically use the warlocks senses as their own, much like with a familiar.
    Then under certain conditions, like combat, the demon would be able to infuse more of their essence and mana into the warlock, allowing even greater abilities and spellcasting.


    Thanks for the suggestion!

    I’m going to run right out and try it…I just gotta get me some priests.

    Wonder where to get one? I don’t think they sell them at 7-11 or Walmart…hmmm…maybe Amazon? Will they be Prime eligible? Priests are heavy, I really need the free shipping!


    why not just lie?
    i mean Exador managed to dupe a god!
    how hard can it be for someone like that to get his own crowd.


    Well, I am sure you can get plenty of crazy people on Earth…but I don’t think Astlan has as many demented people.

    For one thing they don’t have prescription drugs to treat them…so they tend to wander around and eventually get in the way of an Orc, minotaur, harpy or something else that kills them, and maybe eats them.

    Yes, you could lie.

    And Exador better hope Tiernon never finds out.

    One thing that people are afraid of in Book II is if some “people upstairs” might come down to Astlan. if so, will they think it odd that there is this guy name Exador messing around in the situation, and he happens to look exactly like a guy named “Exador” that used to work for them, and that for some strange reason got lost on the way to “Tierhalion” (or whatever it’s called) after death?

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