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    [size=6]If that show makes sense to you Tizzy, you’d love the new “Twin Peaks” show on Showtime. As for me, I’d need to swig a bottle of cough syrup laced with LSD to begin to make heads or tails of it.[/size]


    Oooh, I checked it out last night.

    You didn’t tell me that Paul Muad’Dib was in it!

    Haven’t seen him in years, we used to go worm riding together! Lots of fun. I hadn’t heard from him in sometime, and I’d been getting worried, he was in a rather hostile situation, you might say, so I was afraid he might have bit the dust, or desert in his case, but turns out he just moved to this Twin Peaks town. Lots more water there.


    Tisdale sounds like a British beer. Sounds like something Boggy came up with. Is that the business you’re in together?


    Finally, found one that makes sense


    As I am sure you can imagine, I have to put up with a lot of crazy people around me down there in the Abyss.

    There are points in time where I just want to relax and watch something entertaining, yet soothing, relaxing and very very structured.

    Structure helps me focus and calms me from the craziness of the worlds.

    So when I first learned about Television Procedural Dramas–dramas/mysteries that follow very fixed story lines, logical, step by step, one after the other dramas that follow a set, rational, well understood order. You have mystery and uncertainty only in very select circumstances, but all comes down to one of a very select set of predesignated outcomes that are logically consistent with the events at hand.

    Relaxing, comforting, yes?

    So I tried these but the ones I tried…Law & Order: *, CSI: *, NCIS: * all were hugely disappointing with no coherent plots what-so-ever. Confusing, incoherent, unrelated sequences of events that had no correlation with each other.

    Needless to say, I gave up on the genre.

    However, today was “Prime Day” at Amazon, which as you may know, is on a plane adjacent to the Abyss. Anyway, T-A-G for once did something right. He got me the Televised version of a series of books he read, I guess, seconds ago in my time, years in his….called “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”

    I have to say, I FINALLY get procedurals, a show that is logical with an obvious, rational, well thought out connections between scenes, each episode flows with clockwork logic and precision from event to obvious next event. Amazing!

    Finally, a logically, self-consistent procedural that one can take comfort in its familiarity and rational logic!

    I highly recommend it.[thumbup] [thumbup] [thumbup] [thumbup]




    [quote=Puck;7079]Elementary [/quote]

    ???? [huh]

    My name is Tizzy, not Watson!



    Believe it or not, there’s a town named after you Tizzy.


    [quote=Dirk Flamberge;7081]Believe it or not, there’s a town named after you Tizzy.[/quote]

    Of course I believe it! It makes a lot of sense, clearly a very enlightened people!

    Where is this magnificently marvelous milieu? Pray tell?


    On some of the Earths, far north on the North American continent, The town of Tisdale dwells there. It should show up on Google.De for you, just type Tisdale and it might pop up first thing on the list, before all that social media nonsense about #Tizzietuesdays and someone called ‘Ashley Tisdale’.


    I shall examine post haste!


    Tisdale Saskatchewan, via Google Street Maps it is truly a booming metropolis! Albeit sort of like an unwalled version of Mugatroy….



    Oohh! They got an A&W gotta gets me some root glargh!


    Apparently the town was originally known as Doghide, after the river, and was renamed in honour of one F.W. Tisdale, a CNR Employee. Western Canada‚Äôs biggest gun shoot out took place just east of Tisdale apparently. Tisdale’s old Motto used to be the “Land of Rape and Honey” due to its significance in both rapeseed(canola) and honey production, and is home to The world’s second largest honey bee statue.


    [quote=Christopher Cope;7087]Tisdale sounds like a British beer. Sounds like something Boggy came up with. Is that the business you’re in together?[/quote]

    Well, I have brewed my own beer; however, I don’t use hops, I have another “herb” that I replace the hops with. I think it seriously improves the “flavor”


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